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What do you dream about a friend?

Most often, a friend appears in dreams when someone is very lacking in individual character traits possessed by the heroine of a dream. The appearance of a companion in a dream symbolizes a certain inferiority of personal relationships, in which there is definitely not enough trust. If you have dreamed of a long-time friend or former colleague, this is the premonition of trials in dealing with loved ones.

Depending on the circumstances, a friend can symbolize both a waste of time and empty promises that distract from the main thing. If a dream with a heavy plot, and a close person indicates a way out, then you will receive unexpected help in the future. Renewed links will soon help solve the problem.

A quarrel with a friend foreshadows a conflict until the interruption of communication. Have you gotten into such a dispute before the assault? The desired goal is constantly slipping away, you can reach it only at the end of life, having put a lot of effort.

Psychological interpreter

What did a girlfriend dream about according to Gestalt psychology:

The emotional life of the dreamer in psychoanalysis is often associated with the images of loved ones, and when someone has a dream to see a girlfriend, it can symbolize both pain from feelings of nostalgia and depression or loneliness, complicated by psychological dependence.

If a companion appeared in your dreams, who came to share your sorrow, and she was upset or in tears, this is the harbinger of future troubles. If the dream-woman sees a friend in a dream regardless of the situation, painful gossip, disapproval and even condemnation of others are waiting for her.

But for a man, the image of a pregnant life partner is allegorical and associated with positive impressions. At the same time, childhood friends in a dream indicate a deterioration of health: you feel the past more joyful than the present.

Romantic dream book

If a friend had a dream, what does this mean for you:

An adult man will surely enjoy the romantic interpretation will take what a girlfriend dreamed of: a close feminine image symbolizes a thirst for experimentation, personifying both a welcome meeting, and a strong feeling of love, and pleasant intimacy.However, if a woman from a dream is pregnant in reality, this is interpreted as a prediction of a noble act, when your decision will drastically affect her fate.

A hint to personal change will be an offended friend: in a dream, she appears only when your behavior hurts loved ones. Correct the attitude to relatives or soon lose them.

If a stranger has dreamed up in a friend's face - a dangerous symbol of betrayal: the partner goes to the side or next to the dreamer a potential lover has arisen.

Family Dream

What dream did dreaming girlfriend:what is the dream of a friend

To dream a girlfriend means that in real life you will get support from the side where it seemed to be impossible. A dream in which you see that you have had a big fight with a friend with the use of battering means that for the rest of your life you will strive for something unrealizable that is realized only at the end of your life path.

The dream of psychologist Z. Freud

What dreams of a friend in a dream?

Losing or gaining confidence. Friends are a very intimate affair. When something bad happens in your relationship with others, the theme of trust can manifest in different ways in your dreams.

In your dreams, didn’t you have to say to your best friend in surprise that you didn’t see any bouquet of flowers, and meanwhile he was behind your back? Or did you share this bouquet with her, knowing that she would run away with him anyway and leave you without a single flower? Are you afraid in real life that a friend has an eye on something especially valuable to you?

Jewish dream book

What does it mean if a girlfriend had a dream:

You had a dream about a Friend - Warning: you tell too much about yourself to your friends.

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

Dreamed Girlfriend, to what:

Girlfriend - A young woman dreams that she has lost her best friend - let this woman not worry: in fact, she will not lose her friend; This woman's friends are always ready to help her. A young woman dreams that a friend has beaten off her lover - in reality this woman will experience strong anxiety about relationships with relatives. A woman dreams that a friend gives her money - in real life, this woman will be in need of money, but will try not to borrow.

The value of sleep by day of the week

Whether a night vision is fulfilled depends not only on its content, but also on what day of the week and what time of day the dream has occurred.

In addition, that means what he saw, will tell the alignment of the dream by Lenormand. A more accurate understanding of the dream will help the lunar calendar of dreams.

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A comment

Sleep I see my girlfriend with whom I have not spoken for 1 year after a quarrel, and she again complains about me, although it is she who is to blame for our quarrel
Yegorova E.V.
A comment

I was visiting a deceased friend, who told me about her life. The fact that she has a two-room apartment, inherited by her, but water flows and she is forced to put containers. complained about a rival who put things on her shelves. she is waiting for a man, but he does not call her
A comment

Dreamed of a sun burst. On the ice I stood friends Dasha and Vika.
For the next moment we saw the galaxy and then the solar system and the explosion of the sun. After I saw Dasha, but not as a body but as a ghost, she was very serious and said:
I am not alive.
I started crying and the next moment I saw Vika and woke up. (
A comment

I saw in front of me my only girlfriend, she smiled at me and laughed, and I looked at it blankly, I did not understand anything. BUT I HAD MISSED MORE AT ALL, AS SHE LOOKED AT ME, ITS ITS LOOK WAS AS SO CLEAR AND EXPRESSIVE, PERFECT. AND HER LOOKING UP AT ME IN PAMETY.
A comment

I don't communicate with my girlfriend for more than a year. She dreams of me periodically. The initiative to end our relationship was a ball on her part. She just stopped answering my calls (works in another city).
A comment

My friend, we had a fight, she betrayed me, I dreamed as if we were friends and kissing as if she was a boy, but that was her face, and that we were kissing with us. help me
A comment

Julia, what happened to your friend?
Why are you currently in such a relationship?
in general, if an ex-girlfriend dreams very often, it means that you miss her very much ..
A comment

what is the dream of a friend with whom she had a fight for a long time, but she dreams almost every night. and dreams that we are on good terms

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