Drawings on the nails for the New Year 2019: photo design

New Year's Eve is a time of special outfits, make-up and manicure. It would be desirable to correspond to the atmosphere of general fun, to repeat its joyful ease in its image and everywhere around it.

The New Year breaks into our home interior: a Christmas tree occupies half of the living room, garlands of lights shine on the cabinets and windows.

Traditional paraphernalia is also used in festive images: we choose sweaters with snowflakes, in the make-up we generously add sparkles, and we draw funny snowmen and Christmas balls on the nails. Thanks to such tricks, winter celebrations remain for us the most welcome in the year - a large-scale preparation and immersion in the beauty of Christmas with a head can not but like.

But back to the important point of "decoration" - manicure. What should it be so that the feeling of pre-New Year euphoria does not leave you the whole winter vacation period? The best way to deal with such a task these days is the New Year's drawings on the nails of 2019 - in fact, it is easier to convey the spirit of the holiday through images.With this review, you can easily choose how to decorate your pens.

Tired of children's snowmen? Choose abstract nail art in traditional colors. Want to snowflakes, do not know which ones? We will tell you what snowflakes (and other elegant beauty) will be in vogue exactly on the eve of 2019.

Christmas abstraction

A great manicure option for those who want a beautiful, New Year's, but not ready to completely "give" their nails under Christmas trees, icicles and cartoon Santa Claus. Abstract art on the nails will emphasize your festive image, but will not catch the eye even outside the festivities.

New Year's drawings on nails 2019 photos

This season, bet on minimalism. Cover your nails with clear lacquer or flesh-colored lacquer. On top of it, paint smooth stripes at a small angle with glitter and sparkle, and decorate the free space of the nail with one or two rhinestones.

For the decor, use lacquers in bright Christmas colors: red, green, gold, white. The pattern can be fastened with a high-gloss coating with glitter or translucent holographic glitter-confetti.

Christmas tree in the style of "minimal"

Manicure Christmas drawings on the nails

Minimalism continues to rule the fashion trends in the field of manicure, which can not but affect the Christmas trends.If you decide to draw a Christmas tree on your nails, we advise you to choose the most simple design with a minimum of decor.

Option one: cover your nails with green lacquer - with a slight metallic sheen, glossy with small gold particles - and on one of the nails draw a Christmas tree consisting of a continuous zigzag line. “Hang” on the tree a pair of sparkling toys or rhinestones.

New Year's drawings on the nails

Option Two: on a colored base with stencils, apply a few triangles, which together form a Christmas tree silhouette. For decoration, choose a star-shaped tinsel, and place it on top of the spruce. In this version, by the way, it is not necessary to adhere to the festive palette, choose colors to your taste.

Folk art

Traditional folk patterns - and especially white ornaments on a red background - are strongly associated with the New Year holidays. If you breathe unevenly to the folk patterns (most of the European nationalities, perhaps, have such ornaments), this trend is created for you.

nail art for beginners

Draw patterns on nails with stylized flowers, leaves, snowflakes, stripes - like on your favorite sweater.

And it does not matter if it is gray - in the New Year's manicure you can avoid pallor with the help of a varnish with silver sparkles. Be inspired by the folk art of the Scandinavian countries. For example, the Norwegian traditions will give you a particularly rich set of solemn patterns.

French with pictures

New Year's nail design with a pattern

If this New Year you are thinking of combining the traditions of festive with manicure, this means that it will be a matter of french - the classic of nail art. But the solemn french should be significantly different from the classic. Replace the pink base with a flesh-colored lacquer, and cover the tip of the nail with a thick layer of colored spangles.

On top of this beauty, draw a multipath snow-white snowflake, or a small Christmas tree. You can make up the upper part of the nail with scarlet varnish and draw a holly leaf, traditional for the Catholic Christmas, with a red berry and an elegant bow.

New Year's drawings on short nails in 2019

The fantasy on the theme of snowdrifts will look cute: to the white tip of the nail - a snowdrift - draw a blue ice-strip with blue icicles. You can also add a french dressing of gifts or handsome deer, which is quite easy to transfer to the nail with a stamping.

Garlands and Christmas tree toys

Christmas decorations have always been one of the main symbols of the winter holidays. Why not draw a couple of balls on the nails? Or to stretch through all 10 nails with a winking light garland? Both options of a list will ideally fit into your holiday.

simple Christmas figures on nails 2019

If you choose jewelry, do not skimp on the sparkles, or glossy, with the effect of liquid glass, lacquer, to maximize the beauty of Christmas balls. If your choice fell on a garland, it is worth making it as realistic as possible.

Achieve shine and winking of light bulbs, if you glue in their place small multi-faceted rhinestones. It is important to choose not transparent, and multi-colored pebbles. Instead of rhinestones, you can use pieces of colored foil - the main thing is that it is very bright.

Bright fireworks

drawing on nails new year 2019

Completing the selection of drawings New Year's fireworks. Loud claps and the sky flooded with lights every New Year gives us a feeling of triumph and children's joy, causes a happy laugh - so why not keep these feelings longer?

Paint your nails bright spots salutes, using a variety of techniques. Even minimalism will do: you only need to portray the fireworks in the form of even stripes diverging from one point.Complete the picture with rhinestones and use varnishes with glitter to fully convey the beauty of the New Year's salute.

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