Doll Roxy ("Winx") - the fairy of the Earth

The animated series "Winx Club" is very popular amonggirls of preschool and primary school age. He even looks at the boys with pleasure. This fascinating series tells about the adventures of six fairy girls who study at the school of sorceresses. The cartoon turned out to be very colorful. Events take place in the magical dimension of Magick. There is a constant struggle between good and evil.

Young fairies learn to work miracles. They regularly have to face the forces of evil. The main characters protect the world from witches and monsters. By creating the Winx Club, girls unite their strength and knowledge to fight evil.

They become best friends. Fairies have not only magical abilities, but their life is far from a fairy tale. Girls are disappointed, happy, help each other with advice and so on.

Dolls "Winx"

Roxie Winx doll

A cartoon series about beautiful fairies was watched by millionschildren living in different countries. Each issue showed incredibly high ratings. Soon, the products started to appear on the market, created based on the animated cartoon Club Winx. These are different coloring books, puzzles, stickers, online games and, of course, dolls of the "Winx Sorceress". The assortment of goods is really impressive.

Dolls "Winx" - a toy that is accuratecopies of characters from the animated series Club Winx. Now with the heroes you love, you can play, come up with a new story and go on an exciting journey.

Doll Roxy (Winx)

doll of Roxie Winx photo

Do not know what to give to your beloved daughter orniece? A great option will be a doll Roxy ("Winx"). Fans of the animated series Club Winx do not need to explain who she is. This doll is made on the prototype of the wizard Roxy, the last fairy of the Earth. She not only adores animals, but also knows how to talk with them. Therefore, this doll is sure to appeal to girls who love dogs and cats. The young sorceress is very brave and brave. She always comes to the aid of her girl-friends and small pets.

Roxy is a charming character with beautiful and long pink hair. In clothes she prefers a sporting style. Her dresses are dominated by green and purple colors.

Description of the doll Roxie ("Winx")

Roxie Winx doll

Her head rotates, and the body can beturn in different directions. That's not all. The Roxie doll from Winx also has moving arms and legs that bend. This allows you to easily and quickly change it into new beautiful outfits.

His hair is long and pink. They are easy to comb. You can make different hairstyles. Usually, the kit includes a comb, a mirror, and various minisaks. This should appeal to young women of fashion.

Wings Roxie of "Winx" can be removed at any time, and then put on. She also has removable boots.

Ability to change the doll and do ithairstyles - all this contributes to the development of fine motor skills. The game develops skills for daily care. Girls feed their dolls, dress them, comb them, tell them tales and put them to bed. In the process of such games, fantasy and a sense of beauty develop.

doll roxie winex description

Dolls from the "Winx" series are very beautiful toys, bright, elegant, similar to their prototypes from the cartoon. Included with them are various outfits, accessories and wings.

Roxie Winx doll

Winx licensed products have great demand and popularity. She is in third place in the popularity of toys in the world.


We talked about what features and advantages the Roxy doll from Winx possesses. Her girlfriends photos are also presented in the article. Glad the child by buying a Winx doll for him.

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Doll Roxy (Winx) - the fairy of the Earth Doll Roxy (Winx) - the fairy of the Earth Doll Roxy (Winx) - the fairy of the Earth Doll Roxy (Winx) - the fairy of the Earth Doll Roxy (Winx) - the fairy of the Earth Doll Roxy (Winx) - the fairy of the Earth