Do you know how to cough a baby?

Despite all the efforts of young moms, kids are beingfrom time to time get sick. Colds in a baby can be accompanied by fever, coughing, runny nose. All this worries the child and his parents. The treatment of infants and older children is different. In the smallest, the mucous membrane and skin are still very tender, and the immune system has not been fully formed.than to cough a babyIn this regard, most drugs they just do not fit. Than to treat a cough from a babe? How to help your child?

There are different types of cough that have slightly different origins. Depending on this, the mother must choose what to treat the cough for the baby.

  1. Deep, protracted cough can be cured whenaid mustard wraps. It is done quite simply. Take a tablespoon of mustard, as much honey, flour and sunflower oil. Stir thoroughly and bring to a boil. After that, put the mixture on a soft cloth and apply as a compress on the back and right side of the baby's chest. On top you can tie a towel. It is best to do the procedure at night.cough in infants than cure
  2. Just appeared cough in the baby thanto treat? Finely chopped onions are placed in a glass jar and add sugar. After a while, juice will start to stand out. It should be given to the baby on a teaspoon up to five times a day.
  3. To get rid of a wet cough, tea from chamomile will help. Add some honey if the baby does not have allergies. This tea is given to the child on a teaspoon four times a day.

How to cure a cough from a babe quickly and withoutconsequences? It is best to seek help from a pediatrician. The district doctor should know all the characteristics of your child's organism. He will be able to recommend the most optimal remedy. In any case, always give the baby a warm drink. It can be compote or mors.

Very often, the disease in children is not accompanied byonly a cough, but also a runny nose. In that case it will be useful to do inhalations. Close in the bathroom and turn on the hot water for 15 minutes. During this time, steam should form in the room. Pour a little tincture of eucalyptus into the water. Then put the baby in the bathroom. Stay there for 15 minutes. After that, wrap the crumbs well. Such procedures are especially useful before bedtime.

How to cure a cough from a baby

How to cough a baby, we have already found out.And what if the baby is worried about fever? First of all, call a doctor. High temperature is dangerous for a person, especially such a small one. Before the arrival of a doctor, you can alleviate the condition of the child. Do not wrap the baby, leave a minimum of clothes on it. If the temperature is above 39 degrees, immediately knock it down. To do this, dial water into the tub (temperature 37 degrees). Put the baby there for 10 minutes. He will relax and calm down. You can add calendula, chamomile or coltsfoot to the water. These herbs have an anti-inflammatory effect.

How to treat a cough in a baby, how to relieve itcondition of the child before bedtime? Dilute a few drops of propolis in water and let the child drink. You can also lubricate the propolis throat. However, not all parents succeed.

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