DIY repair of upholstered furniture

June 16, 2011
DIY furniture

DIY repair of upholstered furnitureIf the old sofa or chair does not look as attractive as before, you may need to repair upholstered furniture with your own hands. Most often during the restoration of upholstered furniture, it is necessary to replace the upholstery, because in the process of operation it is she who gets the most. You can drag the furniture at home, having studied the technology of banners. Immediately it should be said that this process is rather laborious and time consuming, but the result will undoubtedly please you.

In short, the technology of repairing upholstered furniture looks like this:

  • disassembly of the sofa or chair into components
  • removing old upholstery
  • pattern of new upholstery elements
  • replacement foam
  • fixing a new upholstery on the details
  • assembly of a chair or sofa

From the tools you will need: a furniture stapler and staples for it, a cross-shaped and flat screwdriver, pliers, a hammer, a stationery knife, scissors, round pliers, a needle with strong threads, a piece of chalk. Sometimes you may need a drill, nail puller and glue.

upholstery and repair of upholstered furnitureAs a material for upholstery, you can use velor, flock, courtesan, tapestry or chenille. Foam for upholstered furniture can be of different thickness, density and rigidity. For the seat and backs usually take foam rubber with a thickness of at least 40 mm, and for the sidewalls and 20 mm is enough. The density of foam rubber for furniture is 25-30 kg / m3. In addition to the upholstery material and foam rubber, you also need a dense cotton fabric or canvas for laying between the foam rubber and upholstery material to prevent dust from entering.

The calculation of the material is carried out taking into account the fact that the upholstery fabric and canvas are required equally in the amount determined by the details of the old upholstery, and the amount of foam rubber is determined after measuring the places of its laying on the seats, back and sidewalls. All materials must be purchased in greater quantities, by 10-15 percent. In this case, it will be possible to avoid a lack of material as a result of measurement errors. Also worth remembering seam allowances.

DIY repair of upholstered furniture

manufacture and repair of upholstered furnitureFirst, disassemble the sofa or chair into its component parts - by unscrewing the fasteners, detach the sides, and then the back and the seat.After that, they fasten the upholstery of the sidewalls - remove the brackets using a flat screwdriver and round-nose pliers. Remove the old upholstery should be carefully, trying not to break, then to make a pattern of new parts on it. A layer of foam rubber or batting is laid under the upholstery: if its condition is normal, then you can not change the soft layer. Otherwise, it is carefully removed and removed the remaining brackets and fragments from the part of the sidewalls. Then a layer of new foam or batting is placed on the sides, and a layer of canvas on it. Make a new pattern of upholstery and tightly tighten it on the sidewall, securing furniture stapler.

Then proceed to the restoration of the backrest and seat. They remove the old upholstery and filler from the seat, inspect the springs (if any), change them if necessary. If the wooden frame is loose, then it is strengthened with furniture screws. Then the canvas is placed on the spring block and secured to the block in several places with the help of a needle and thread. Then lay the layer first hard, and then softer foam rubber, fixing it on the frame. Then pull the canvas fabric, securing it first on the front of the frame, and then, tightly pulled on the back. Then, in the same way, they stretch the new upholstery fabric, pulling it tightly to prevent folds.

Upholstery back is done as in the case of the seat, but without the use of rigid foam rubber. Also, the foam layer is fixed only at the top of the back of the sofa and is not displayed on the bottom edge, because otherwise it will be difficult to fold the sofa. The repair of upholstered furniture is being completed by assembling all the elements of the sofa or chair that were re-tightened.

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