Distinctive features of the project

Let's try to identify the main features of the project, its structure, its significance. Special attention will be paid to the peculiarities of project activity in educational institutions.

characteristics of the project


To start with, any new idea, based onwhich will be drafted, should be relevant not only for a specific person. It is the demand for ideas that will determine the significance of the project, its practical use.

Currently, the project activityspecial attention is paid not only to the level of professional and higher education, but also to secondary schools. The final result of the whole project depends on how relevant the direction chosen for the work is.

goals and objectives of the project

Goal setting

How to determine the goals and objectives of the project? This question is the most important. Before embarking on the development of the project, in whatever field of activity it is carried out, it is necessary to formulate the goals and objectives of the project.

If we are talking about a school project, then as amentor for a working group or an individual work teacher. It is he who should help his students formulate a specific goal of the project, identify tasks that will be solved as they work.

main features of the project

Work algorithm

The distinctive features of the project are thatit is necessary to think over the mechanism of action, to outline a preliminary work plan. The success of the project is directly related to the correct choice of the algorithm of actions. Studies that were conducted on the territory of different countries showed that all modern leaders in politics and the economy have exactly the project thinking.

At present, the educational institutions of all levels of education are faced with the task of forming project thinking in the younger generation. Having outlined the plan of action, you can proceed to the selection of techniques.

distinctive features of the project

Program of Action

First of all, in order to identify the characteristicsigns of the project, it is necessary to carefully study the theoretical aspects of the issues under consideration. This stage can not be neglected, otherwise the information considered in the work will be irrelevant.

The main features of the project are availabilityA special program of actions, which indicates the expected (expected) results. In addition, among its distinctive parameters, it is necessary to mention the existence of an estimate of costs. Research does not involve a quantitative indication of costs, and for the project this stage is an important and indispensable moment of activity.

characteristic features of the project

School project

Despite the fact that in general schoolsAccording to the new federal standards, project activity is mandatory for each student, there is still no clear idea of ​​what the signs of the project are, what it should include.

This term is acceptable in the case whenwork is being done to solve a particular problem. The project is aimed precisely at finding a solution, for achieving the result that was originally set in the work. It can include some elements of abstracts, reports, independent research activities, if the project objective requires it.

Training with the help of projects

Currently, the project technologyIt is applied practically in all school disciplines. Considering the tasks that the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation sets for the modern school, the development and thought-out of its own project allows students to self-develop, and also has a positive impact on professional choice. Distinctive features of the project:

  • independence;
  • demand;
  • realism.

In information technology design workis carried out not only on the basis of programming languages, but also with the use of a variety of application programs: spreadsheets, presentations, databases.

Professional self-education of the younger generation involves the application of project methodology.

Importance of projects

Knowing the distinctive features of the project, the schoolteachers try to create for their pupils such situations, when it is necessary to use logical thinking to solve the set tasks. This contributes to the development of the personality of children, develops their independent activity, the manifestation of creative abilities. The project implies several types of activities:

  • collective;
  • group;
  • individual.

sample project

Example project

We bring to your attention a version of the project that can be performed with children. For example, you can design, calculate, and then implement landscaping of school territory:

  1. So, the main goal of such work will be improvement of the school site.
  2. As tasks, we can distinguish the choice of planting material, the selection of decorative elements.
  3. In order to calculate the costs, acostings. It includes the cost of purchasing seeds, paint, material for beds, fertilizers, land. Given that the participants will be schoolchildren, the article concerning payment for works on improvement, you can not include.
  4. In addition, sketches can be made, indicating the initial version of the territory and the planned result after completion of works related to its improvement.

Any project activity, no matter which branch of knowledge it touches, wherever it is conducted, allows us to form independence, develop logical thinking, and gain new knowledge and skills.

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