Dishwasher Powder: Best Efficiency Rating

Manufacturers of detergents and cleaning products are ready to offer users a wide variety of products. In each category of goods can be identified both positive and negative reviews.

To choose the right dishwasher powder, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the list of the best products. Thanks to the rating, the consumer will be able to choose an acceptable option for himself.

Product selection criteria

The choice of tools for the dishwasher - one of the main and important stages in the process of preparing for the operation of equipment. Not only the result of cleaning plates, cups and small items, but also the duration of using the equipment without any repair of its components and parts depends on the quality and efficiency of products.

Powdered products are classic, they are used by many consumers.Their popularity is directly related to the relative cheapness, practicality in use and excellent effect during washing.

Dishwashing powder in PMM
Such substances are designed specifically for cleaning pots, plates, cutlery, cups, children's accessories and toys, and not the device in which the process takes place.

Experts recommend guided by the following rules for selecting goods:

  1. Select substances according to the class and type of unit for washing.
  2. Take into account the material of kitchen utensils (painted, glass objects or with decorative elements).
  3. Carefully study the list of components indicated on the package.

To purchase a quality product, you need to know the specifics of the composition of various brands and types of products, as well as the rules for their use. Depending on the type of kitchenware and the material from which it is made, you will need to choose products with different composition.

Priorities for environmental cleanliness

Most users of dishwashers prefer detergents, which belong to the Eco group. The prevailing opinion about the safety of such substances has contributed to an increase in demand for these products and, accordingly, an increase in the price range.This type of substance is regularly tested by authorized agencies that evaluate them according to European standards and norms.

In the course of the experiments it was proved that eco-funds have a lower concentration of active substances. Therefore, the occurrence of allergic reactions when using environmentally friendly products is minimal.

Powder wash result
The efficiency of cleaning plates, pots, cups, cutlery using the above substances allows to achieve similar results as with the use of products with chemical composition

Before choosing a product, you should determine the criteria that are most important in a particular product. In practice, eco-substances are distinguished by high cost, low washing performance and high consumption. In comparison with competing brands, such tools have a lower rating from consumers in terms of the quality of purification of ceramic, glass and porcelain products.

Features of the chemical composition

All washing chemistry consists of several active ingredients that help to perfectly clean the surface of products when exposed to high and low temperatures.The powder for the unit must be selected depending on the material of the dish to be cleaned. For a particular type of product, a special type of product is suitable. Therefore, before choosing, you should be familiar with the constituent components of the product.

Conventionally, funds are divided into the following types:

  • environmentally friendly (without any phosphate and chlorine-containing inclusions);
  • chlorine-containing;
  • phosphate-chlorine;
  • phosphate-containing.

The first type of product operates due to the presence in the composition of active oxygen and other natural components. They do not contain aggressive substances that can adversely affect the consumer in case of exceeding the recommended dosage.

Chemistry containing chlorine is suitable for cleaning cups, ceramic and clay products. However, this type of products is not recommended for washing fragile glass, crystal, silver and porcelain products. When cleaning plastic utensils using this tool, the surface may undergo a color change.

Cleaned dishes from stains
Due to the high effectiveness of the impact of the tools, these items can be easily washed from difficult to remove stains, for example, from tea and other brightly colored drinks - compote, wine

Phosphate-based products are designed for efficient and fast cleaning of products, provided water is used at a high level of hardness. Its low concentration inside the chamber allows it to soften water. This tool is suitable for cleaning glass and porcelain products.

Properties of active ingredients

For effective cleaning of kitchen utensils use powdered products containing a large number of components.

Rules of falling asleep funds in the dispenser
Each substance possesses special properties inherent only to chemicals, due to which it is possible to obtain high washing results during the operation of dishwashers.

The main components, active substances and their properties:

  • Chlorine.Disinfects, eliminates stubborn odors and resistant stains.
  • Phosphates.Substances that reduce the level of water hardness and enhance the action of the tool.
  • Alkaline salts.Silicate, sodium citrate, tripolyphosphates, trisodium phosphate - improve the colloidal structure of the product, contribute to more efficient and durable film formation around contamination sites, create a favorable environment for washing products, and prevent the occurrence of corrosive processes.
  • Sodium sulfate.Increases washing ability.
  • Bleach.Destroys colored spots by exposure to oxygen particles.
  • Polycarboxylate. Prevents re-deposition of residues of dirt on the surface of products.
  • Glycerol.Maintains the necessary viscosity of the product
  • Polyaspartate.It has a natural origin, prevents the appearance of limescale on the surface of dishes and inside the equipment chamber, has a water softening effect, improves the result of washing.
  • Tenzida.Facilitates washing away of dirt from metal, ceramic or even plastic dishes.
  • Surfactant.Superficially influences dirt and grease stains, effectively removing them.

Most products contain enzymes (proteases, amylase, lipase), which break down fat molecules, proteins and polysaccharides, and also perfectly cope with dried food debris, for example, after cereal, potatoes, chocolate.

Powder composition
In addition to these substances, the composition may include other components of natural or synthetic origin, which have a reinforcing effect of cleansing products.

When using the recommended dosages of the powder, such substances are completely washed out in the process.rinsing and do not have a negative impact on the body, although only testing can show accurate data.

Recommendations on the selection and use of products

To extend the service life of the equipment, it is recommended to use chemicals only in accordance with the instructions for the device and the powder. In order not to damage the filters, hoses and other elements of the unit, it is prohibited to use products intended for cleaning dishes manually.

Self-made mixtures can also harm, disable the details of the device. Therefore, the chemistry should be selected according to the manufacturer’s clear recommendations.

The quality of the product plays an important role in the efficiency of the equipment. Visually, products should be packed in sealed boxes or plastic bags. The flowability of the agent depends on this, since the ingress of moisture creates conditions for caking of the substance and the formation of lumps. In the future, this chemistry is undesirable.

On the manufacturer's packaging must be indicated:

  • details of the enterprise where the manufacturing and packaging was carried out;
  • information about the supplier;
  • date of manufacture;
  • composition;
  • shelf life;
  • contact safety measures, etc.

It is necessary to buy products depending on the type of dishes. Enzyme-containing substances are suitable for the purification of any products at minimum temperatures of 40-50 degrees.

Washing the crystal glasses in the dishwasher
Chlorine-containing products should be carefully used when washing fragile glasses, glasses, cups. Crystal, nickel silver and silverware should not be washed with such an aggressive substance.

Substances with an alkaline composition and oxidizing components are suitable for almost all types of products. However, it should be borne in mind that the products have a bleaching effect and can change the color of dishes.

It is necessary to use means strictly according to its intended purpose. It is necessary to fill in the chemical mixture in a special compartment in the volume specified in the instructions (usually 30-40 grams for one process). In the case of a half load, the amount of powder will need to be halved. If the recommended dose is exceeded, increased foaming inside the chamber is possible, as well as a high probability of residue on the surface of the products.

It is recommended to pay special attention to the composition of the powders in order not to spoil the plates, pots, cutlery and other products during their cleaning in the dishwasher.

Popular brands of powdered products

Due to the large assortment on the market of household chemicals, it is not so easy to determine the choice of a specific product. The cost of the components, the efficiency of purification, consumption - the main parameters to which you should pay attention when buying a product.

The presented rating is based on the results of testing by specialists of laboratories for compliance with the declared quality indicated on the packaging for the composition and effectiveness of washing.

I place - Somat (Henkel)

Let out means in a container, convenient for use, with the ergonomic handle and the batcher. A volume of 2.5 kg is enough for 80 or more times. Ideal for both washing at high temperatures and at low.

Somat product packaging
Packed up products on 1,5, 2,5, 3 kg. The average price for 2.5 kg is 600-700 rubles, and the minimum for a 1.5-kilogram package is from 549 rubles.


  • small consumption;
  • the presence of the dispenser;
  • high level of purification;
  • low price;
  • neutral flavor;
  • the presence of enzymes.

Powder is produced in two different versions - with the effect of soda and in the classic version. Soda effect allows you to eliminate the most difficult and even dried out over a long period of time food stains.


  • increased foaming in eco mode;
  • insufficient quality washing pots, pans and pans.

For best results, it is recommended to use the tool with a rinse of the same brand and salt.

For not too dirty plates and cups, it is recommended to pour 30 grams of detergent mixture into the device, and for more complex stains - 45 grams.

II place - FINISH (Reckitt Benckiser)

Produced in 1 - and 2.5-kilogram containers. The cost ranges from 429 rubles per kg.

Means is intended for clarification of metal, clay, ceramic, plastic and glass products.

Dishwashing FINISH
In its composition the main active ingredient is sodium tripolyphosphate (from 15 to 30%). Improved cleaning effect due to oxygen bleach.

The StainSoaker component allows you to launder the most resistant stains from the products without subjecting the dishes to pre-rinsing or soaking. It copes with the marks on the surface of products from lipstick, tea, compotes, ensuring a perfect result. The powder has 2 variants of smell - the original (neutral) and citrus note of lemon.

The tool must be poured into a special compartment in the device in the amount of up to 40 grams under the condition of full load.

The features of using FINISH in the dishwasher are shown in the video:

III place - CLARO (Austria)

Inexpensive and effective means for cleaning various types and degree of pollution of kitchen utensils. Produce products in cartons of 2.5-3 kg. The price for one package is from 750 rubles.

The mixture consists of three types of granules, which are responsible for a specific function:

  • green - clean persistent stains, remove food debris, greasy deposits;
  • whites - provide an excellent washing result due to oxygen bleach;
  • blue - contribute to the rapid drying of products and give shine to the surface.

The composition contains phosphates (up to 30%), phosphonates, enzymes and other active substances.

CLARO Triple Action Tool
Among the advantages of significant savings, since there is no need to use additional funds for the machine. Its components perform the function of anti-scale, as well as water softening.

Top-class product that is suitable for all types of dishwashers. To wash 10-12 sets of plates, cups, glasses, etc., you must use 40 grams of the substance.

IV place - SODOSAN (Germany)

Environmentally friendly powder for any type of dishwasher from the German manufacturer. The tool is positioned as an ideal product for use by people prone to allergic reactions. Also actively used to cleanse baby dishes. The cost of production is from 655 rubles per kilogram package and from 1500 rubles to 2.5 kg.

Hypoallergenic means without any fragrances perfectly removes fatty, dried-on food residues, marks on the glasses and cups of lipstick. In addition to high-quality cleansing, the active ingredients prevent the formation of scale on the dishes, as well as give it a shiny appearance.

Sodosan soda powder
The product contains soda, organic polyaspartate and alcohol sulphate, which do not adversely affect health.

It is not recommended to use for washing silver, porcelain and crystal products. For 1 cycle, it is necessary to use 15 g of the product, provided that the plates and pots are moderately contaminated. For more resistant stains, the amount can be increased by no more than 20-30%. A volume of 1 kg is enough for up to 66 procedures.

V place - ECOVER (Belgium)

More expensive in comparison with the previous product, but no less effective organic powder.Available in the form of a concentrated substance in small packages of 1.36 kg and for a longer period of use - 10 kg. The cost of an economy package of 1.36 kg is 1090 rubles.

The tool is made on the basis of mineral and vegetable substances. The product does not include components such as phosphates, phosphanates, bio-accumulating materials.

Ecological product ECOVER
The powder has a pleasant odor and good physical properties - perfectly removes fat deposits, old stains. Does not leave soap stains and has a small expense

Since the substance is highly concentrated, it is used in small doses - from 20 to 50 mg, depending on the number of items and the degree of contamination. The substance is completely biodegradable, without adversely affecting the environment.

The video shows how the ECOVER backfill happens:

VI place - AMWAY (USA)

Powder high concentration category "Eco". Perfectly copes with cleansing of all types of stains. Packing 1.4 kg is designed for 70 or more cycles. The cost of funds - from 1100 rubles per pack.

It has a pleasant citrus scent. The product is not allergic, therefore it is suitable for washing children's toys, bottles, plates, cups and other products.

Eco products AMWAY
Substance perfectly removes fat, dried particles from cereal, eggs, vegetables, film from starch and prevents the occurrence of scale

The product contains oxygen bleach and active enzymes that easily remove strong contaminants.

Not recommended for cleaning aluminum and silver products. You can pour the substance on the bottom of the machine or in the dispenser compartment.

The amount of powder should be determined taking into account the degree of contamination of the products. For the standard mode, if the device is fully loaded, 10 grams is enough. The safest and recommended dosage is 20 grams. Subject to increased water hardness, use a special salt.

VII place - AlmaWin (Germany)

The means of German production based on organic detergents, designed for modern models of machines. Suitable for use in the mode of saving resources during operation of the device. Products have a high price - from 1089 rubles per pack 1.25 kg. For frequent use, family packaging is provided - 3 and 5 kg.

Besfosfatny composition does not degrade the properties, and the combination of bicarbonate and sodium silicate with soda provide water softening.The sodium citrate component prevents the formation of deposits on products during the switching on of high temperature regimes.

Universal powder for AlmaWin dishwashers
Vegetable surfactants perfectly clean the surface of pots, plates and table items, and oxygen-based bleach allows you to improve the properties of the product when washing in water from 50 degrees

The tool has a light eucalyptus flavor.

Packaging 1.25 kg is enough for 50 cycles subject to the use of products in the recommended doses - 15-25 grams.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The budgetary alternative to factory-made ready-to-use drugs will be an improvised remedy made from the available components:

When choosing a product for a dishwasher, you should take into account its characteristics, recommendations regarding the use of products for cleaning, the level of water hardness, the material of dishes and the nature of contamination of products. Production of suitable composition and parameters will allow to achieve the best results. Therefore, the quality of cleaning products directly depends on the choice of powder by the consumer.

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