Dish with your own hands

May 6, 2011

Dish with your own handsYou can make a decorative dish with your own hands from various materials - clay, wood or papier-mâché. You can take as a basis the finished dish and decorate it with the help of various techniques, for example, decoupage or patterns painted with paints. Such self-made dishes will be able to decorate the interior of the kitchen or living room and will add a special flair to the room decor. Decorative dishes can be hung on the walls or placed on stands in the closets, in addition, they can be used for its intended purpose - to store various items.

In this article we will look at an example of making a decorative dish for a bathroom. A round bamboo dish is used as a base, and the remains of ceramic tiles are used for decoration. You will also need tile grout and PVA glue. Such a dish will perfectly fit into the interior of the bathroom and will serve for the storage of bath trifles - towels, combs, sponges and other gizmos.

Dish with your own hands

On the surface of a bamboo dish, mark with a pencil a curved strip or any other pattern along which a mosaic of pieces of ceramic tile will be laid out.Then we prepare the mosaic itself - with the help of a hammer, we grind the facing tile left over from the repair of the bathroom into fragments of arbitrary shape. Splitting a tile is best laid down with its decorative side down. It is necessary to determine the desired fragment size and chop pieces of approximately the same size. Then these fragments are fixed on a bamboo platter with glue or glue gun within the segment outlined in pencil. Laying out the pieces of the mosaic should be with the same gaps and the edges of the pieces should not protrude beyond the bounds of the dish. You can lay out the pieces in any order, or you can follow a certain pattern. Then it is necessary to dilute the trowel mixture (white or colored). It is rubbed between the pieces of the mosaic, trying to penetrate as deep as possible. Separately, dilute a small amount of grout with the addition of PVA glue. It should be thicker than usual grouting, i.e. dilute with less water. This mixture should be applied to the edges of the mosaic strip, smoothing the sharp edges of the tile. Since PVA glue is added to the mixture, it should not crumble.After the mixture dries, the remnants of it are removed from the dish and mosaic with a soft cloth or napkin. After complete drying, the dish is ready to use.

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