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Determine the level of education


All students are different, some study at “4”, but this is not enough for them and they strive to get a grade of “5”, others have enough of “4”, and still others, having received a grade of “3”, do not seek to correct it. The desire of students who seek to get a grade of "5" is understandable: the incentive to this is an increased scholarship. But are there any other incentives to get excellent marks? This issue we consider in this topic.

According to the survey results,16 students (9 girls and 7 boys) of students from the 3rd to the 5th course took part. obtaining a red diploma. It is worth mentioning: more than half of the respondents, first of all, pointed out that studying for them was rated “excellent”, as a certain norm worked out from early childhood.

However, pupils who studied in schools on the top five of the school do not always become excellent students in the institutes. An important role is also played by internal and external factors.The external factors mainly include the influence of parents, as well as the influence of other relatives and friends. An important role is played by teachers who help students earn "5", thereby strengthening their confidence, the desire to learn excellent.

An important role will also be played by the education of the parents of the student. Those whose parents have higher education mainly study for the “excellent” grade. This can be explained by the fact that parents with a higher level of education instill a love of learning, provide a setting for excellent study, this allows such children to learn better than children whose parents have a lower education. Parents with a higher level of education do their best to help their children with their studies, help them perform various tasks, make essays, help them order a term paper or write it themselves, which is not the case with parents with a low level of education. By the way, all educational programs are clearly regulated by the law on education (273-FZ).

The habit of studying “excellent” plays a huge role, according to the results of 10 respondents out of 16 students studied “excellent” and kept it in universities, 4-ro students studied “satisfactory”, and going to the university they started to study "excellent".Only 2 out of 16 students attended school for a grade of “3”, but by going to the university they improved their grade to a grade of “5”.

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