Destroy the mold in the bathroom.

Mold in the bathroom is quite unexpected andAn unpleasant phenomenon, which is very common in apartments and houses. Usually it first manifests itself in the butt joints, and then passes to the walls, ceiling, ceramic tiles and furniture located here.

The bathroom is just an ideal place forthe appearance of mold, since there is increased humidity, poor ventilation and almost complete absence of light. Its disputes live even in the air, so getting rid of mold is very difficult. But still it's possible.

In addition, that the mold in the bathroom is veryspoils the appearance, so it can still cause severe damage to human health. Diseases such as asthma and rhinitis may well be due to it. Therefore, if you found only the beginning mildew in the bathroom, start immediately to get rid of it. There are many ways, but we will consider the most affordable and effective.

How to get rid of mold in the bathroom

Before you start the fight, carefully examineventilation. If it is working, then just clean it. But if it does not work, you must fix it, otherwise all your works will be in vain. Better yet, install the fan and turn it on when taking a shower or bath.

If the mold in the bathroom is present on the tile, thenit can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and then keep it clean. If seams between tiles are struck, then the struggle should not be postponed in order to avoid its penetration under the tile. The grout is completely cleaned, processed and rubbed with a new grout. But if the mold penetrated deeply under the tile, then it remains only to dismantle it and treat the surface with chemical means.

You can try the drying method. With a construction hair dryer or heater, thoroughly dry the surface and after a few days you can not turn on the shower so that there is no moisture.

At the junction of baths and walls are very often usedSilicone, on which the mold feels fine. Therefore, it is recommended to use trowelling materials on which it is not formed. They cost, of course, more expensive, but if you compare the result, then it's worth to fork out.

And now consider the means by which we will fight with mold.


The old toothbrush is moistened in "Belize" andwipe the affected area. If the area is too large, then pour "Whiteness" into the sprayer and sprinkle the bathroom. After that, we take a rough enough brush and wipe the treated places.


Surface treated with baking soda and leave until the morning. Then rinse with water.


Mold in the bathroom can be tried to vinegar. To do this, in a liter of water, add three to five tablespoons of vinegar and a teaspoon of borax. Brush dipped in a solution and washed the necessary places.

Copper sulfate

In the water we brew copper sulphate and spray itcomposition of the affected surface. The remedy is very toxic, so use a protective bandage on your face. If the solution remains, do not pour it into the sewer system - it will roost.


This remedy is very versatile and can help to solve the problem of mold in the bathroom. We put the agent on the desired surface, leave it for a while and rinse it with clean water.
To tile in the bathroom always stayeddry, do this: wipe it dry and polish for car, which contains a wax. After that, the water will simply bounce off the tiles. This treatment is effective for a year. Then you can repeat it again.
All listed tips on how to deal with moldin the bathroom, will be useful if the room is constantly clean and orderly. Do not store wet cloths there and do not dry laundry if possible. If you comply with all these rules, your bathroom will only have to be envied.

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Destroy the mold in the bathroom Destroy the mold in the bathroom Destroy the mold in the bathroom Destroy the mold in the bathroom Destroy the mold in the bathroom