Designer of his problem

Your summer cottage is the place where everyone can feel like a full-fledged designer! After all, it is not possible here, but it is necessary to decorate and decorate everything only in its own way. At the same time for this work fit absolutely any things that you have in stock. For example, you can make an excellent frame for climbing flowers from an old bicycle. And from the old car tires - beautiful flower pots.

Beautifully decorated tree will also look beautiful. Use oil paints and, for example, turn an old, rotten apple tree into a beautiful birch tree.

If you love to look for flowers, care for them, then make a few flower beds. At the same time be sure to plant a number of flowers so that they bloom one by one. For example, you can make a flower bed of tulips in this way, while lilac will grow on the background. The main thing is to ensure that flowers and other plants do not interfere with each other.

And from the old PVC boat you can make a great place to relax. For example, place it on a small hill in a vineyard, and you will have a cozy place in the shade, where you can spend hot summer evenings with your soulmate.

Even on the dacha, you can build the so-called "Alpine" hill. This is a small eminence of stone on which flowers and lawn grass will grow. Just dig a small depression, place large stones in it, top it all up with earth, carefully tamp. Now plant grass, then flowers, and lastly bushes. In this place, you can additionally build a small fountain that will look harmoniously against the backdrop of an Alpine flower bed.

Do not forget that you can also transform all the old things.

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