Decorative satin slippers

Posted by06.05.2017

Slippers are not only great slippers. They can become a real decoration of your home and perform completely unexpected functions! This is, of course, not about ready-made slippers; we will leave them for everyday wear. We will pay attention to the "decorative" satin slippers. We will do them, of course, with our own hands. It's very easy!


We need cardboard, satin ribbon, glue and scissors. First, let's draw on the cardboard the silhouette of the future product: the sole and the tip. Size choose yourself. Tiny slippers will be an excellent decoration of the apartment, and in the craft of a little more you can store something. When we have decided on the size and have painted everything, we cut it out and start wrapping it with a ribbon and weaving it as shown in the photos. We fix everything with glue. You can use ribbons of two or more colors if you want to create a bright and funny souvenir.
Ready-made decorative slippers can be decorated with roses from the same satin ribbon, rhinestones with buttons and beads.Hang them up, and they will be an excellent place to store hairbrushes near the mirror or keys near the door.

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