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Dealership with the company Asta Manufactory: Nowadays, almost every person wants to quit his most likely uninteresting and repetitive work and start his own business. Work should bring not only material wealth - it is obliged to bring pleasure. And what could be better than a ready-made business plan, raw materials, components at competitive prices from a decent organization?A little bit about Asta MThe stretch ceiling factory Asta Manufactory (aka Asta M LLC) was founded in 2003 in the city of Yekaterinburg, but after a short period of time, all production facilities were transferred to the capital of our vast country. Since 2006, wide-format printers have appeared in the production of the company, which has led to the appearance of such type of products as art stretch ceilings. The essence of art printing is to transfer to the surface of the product of any image (as a standard image from the catalog, and from the customer’s own file).Over the years of practice, the specialists of the company installed hundreds of thousands of square meters of stretch canvas. A distinctive feature of this supplier is the availability of all necessary documents that indicate the environmental friendliness of products.

Offer for dealers from Asta Manufacture

For many years, the regional representatives (both dealers and franchisees) have been expanding the horizons of Asta M company. Mutually beneficial cooperation is the key to developing a successful business. Asta Manufactory is one of the largest sellers of stretch ceilings in Moscow and will always be glad to new individuals representing its brand products in their regions. If you do not know anything about suspended ceiling structures, do not rush to refuse this tempting offer. The fact is that before starting a business, the dealer and his future team of employees must undergo free training:

  • for beginners;
  • for managers;
  • for installers.

Upon completion of the course, you will already have a knowledge base with which you are not ashamed to start your own business. Moreover, for the entire period of cooperation, the specialists of the company will provide you with consulting assistance as emergency situations arise.

Why precisely Asta M LLC?

  • Installer-manufacturer with ten years of experience and a huge number of regional representatives can not inspire confidence.
  • All products of the company are certified, which prove the relevant certificates of quality.
  • The dealer receives everything necessary for a successful start (advertising materials, canvas samples, documentation, and the opportunity to order a site from the IT department for its representative office).
  • Delivery of orders produced by all modes of transport (auto, railway and even air). A parcel delivered with materials on time affects the reputation, so in the ASTA group of companies this is taken seriously.

In order to start your own successful business in your own region, just visit the official website of the factory and learn more about the terms of cooperation for dealers and franchisees. Then just leave your contact details on the page and after a short period of time a representative of the factory will contact you discuss in more detail all the nuances and conditions of future fruitful interaction.

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