Days of military glory of Russia in 2019

About what days of military glory of Russia in 2019 will be celebrated in the country, spelled out in federal law, which came into force in the spring of 1995. Since then, this list has not changed, as well as the main points on the organization of events on the dates indicated. Thus, the main burden for payment of expenses falls on the federal budget, although the state will not give up on voluntary donations.


Days of Russian Military Glory

The day of military glory is a date that is significant for the state. The date when the victory was won in the battle that changed the course of hostilities. There are almost two dozen such dates in Russia, many of which fall on the years of the Great Patriotic War.

Month Date (year) Event
January 27 (1944) Complete lifting of the Leningrad blockade
February 2 (1943) Battle of Stalingrad
23 Defender of the Fatherland Day
April 18 (1242) Battle on the Ice. Day of the defeat of the German knights by the Russian soldiers of Alexander Nevsky on Lake Peipsi
May 9 (1945) Victory Day
July 7 (1770) The defeat of the Turkish fleet, the Battle of Chesme
10 (1709) Poltava battle. The victory of Peter the Great over the Swedes
August 9 (1714) The first naval victory of Peter the First fleet over the Swedes. Cape Gangut
23 (1943) Kursk battle
September 8 (1812) battle of Borodino
11 (1790) Victory over the Turks at Cape Tendra
21 (1380) Kulikov battle. Dmitry Donskoy and the Tatar-Mongol army
November 4 National Unity Day
7 (1941) Great October Revolution
December 1 Victory squadron Nakhimov over the Turks at Cape Sinop
5 (1941) Battle of Moscow
24 (1790) The capture of Suvorov Turkish fortress Ishmael

In Russia, commemorating dates of military glory began not so long ago. A full list of dates was adopted and registered in Federal Law No. 32-FZ “On Days of Military Glory and Memorable Dates of Russia” on February 10, 1995, and a month later, on March 13, it entered into force.

Days of military glory of Russia in 2019

The second part of the name of the law provides for the concept of "memorable dates." This list includes the following dates and events:

  • January 25 is the students day;
  • February 15 - the day of memory of the Russian military, who served outside the country;
  • in April, several dates at once: the 12th is the day of cosmonautics; The 26th is a memorial day for victims of accidents and catastrophes, and participants in the aftermath of these disasters and accidents; The 27th is the day of parliamentarism;
  • in June: the beginning of the Second World War (day of memory and grief) on the 22nd and on the 29th - the day of the underground fighters and partisans;
  • July 28 - the baptism of Rus;
  • August 1 - the day of the dead in the period of World War I;
  • September 2 - the end of World War II;
  • September 3 is the day of the fight against terrorism;
  • November 7 - the October Revolution;
  • and three dates in December: the 3rd is the Day of Remembrance of the Unknown Soldier, the 9th is Heroes of the Fatherland and the 13th is the Constitution Day of the Russian Federation.

The difference between these two definitions is that public events are held on memorable dates, and in the days of military glory also in the military. In addition, in the division of powers. For example, the Ministry of Defense is the agency responsible for conducting May 9 and February 23. The main burden of financing expenditures falls on the federal budget, but the regions also contribute, as do all volunteers.

Days of military glory of Russia in 2019

Order of the days of military glory

In addition to organizing holiday events held on these dates, the law provides for other forms of memorialization. For example, the propaganda of events that caused the date to be given the status of "military glory", the creation of museums, the improvement of monuments, memorials and steles,publications in the media, the preservation of territories in which certain events took place, the assignment of heroes' names to streets and squares, settlements, ships and ships, and so on.

Perhaps, one of the most significant, beloved and large-scale holidays in the country is May 9th. This year the country celebrated the seventy-third anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Traditionally, military parades are held on this day, they bring wreaths to the monuments to the Unknown Soldier and the eternal flame, and in the evening they let in a fireworks display. But not so long ago the action "Immortal Regiment" was added to the program of events. Since 2011, Russians have taken to the streets with portraits of their relatives and ancestors who participated in the war.

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