Muz-TV Award 2018

According to the official organizers of the ceremony, the Muz-TV award 2018 will once again delight the audience with a vivid show program, the organization of which even the world-famous Grammy could envy.

Muz-TV Award 2018


Long history of success

Muz-TV Award 2018

One of the most popular channels of Russia, Muz-TV, made its debut on the air of national television back in the 1996th year. Despite its name, its main product was political broadcasting in support of the current government headed by Boris Yeltsin. Over time, the channel’s ideology changed and gradually its broadcast filled entertainment programs.

Starting from 1997, it was broadcast on the same grid as “2x2”, however, such a TV broadcast format did not last long, and in 1999 Muz-TV became a full-time round-the-clock channel.
During the year, the channel's broadcasting was limited exclusively to the metropolitan region. The situation changed in 2001. Since that time, Muz-TV has been broadcast on most of the regions of the Russian Federation.

In 2001, at the PROMAX & BDA festival, this channel was awarded a prestigious television award, and a year later it became part of Igor Krutoy’s media holding ARS Records.Currently, 75% of the shares belong to Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov.

In 2010, Muz-TV merges with UTV channel into a single UTV media holding. Thus, a new entertainment channel for young people called “U” was launched, which broadcasts new HD-format.

Award History

Muz-TV Award 2018

During the peak of the channel’s popularity, namely in 2003, Muz-TV establishes its own award, which to this day is one of the most prestigious awards in the sphere of Russian and foreign pop music.
In each of the existing nominations, the expert council selects the top five performers, who dispute the title of the best among themselves. The voting and determination of the victors is held on the official portal Muz-TV.

The honorary awards are presented to the winners as part of the solemn ceremony held on the stage of the Olimpiysky sports complex in the presence of thousands of audience consisting of the most devoted fans of Russian and foreign performers.

The program of the ceremony has the format of a bright music show, in the final of which real monsters of the world pop industry perform in front of the audience.Over the 15 years of the project’s existence, the stars of the musical Olympus, such as The Pussycat Dolls, 30 Seconds to Mars, Cristina Aguilera, 50 Cent, Katy Perry, Tokio Hotel, Sum 41, have performed on the Olympic stage. , Jennifer Lopez and many others.

Interesting facts of the ceremony "Muz-TV" 2017

Muz-TV Award 2018. Date, nominees

The fifteenth anniversary Muz-TV ceremony, as always, was held at the Olympic Sports Complex in the capital. The honored guests of the award were:

  • Polina Popova (Miss Russia 2017);
  • Kelly Ann Hu (American model and actress);
  • Andrea Bocheli (Italian performer of popular and classical music).

Four celebrity representatives of Russian show business, Dmitry Nagiyev, Maxim Galkin, Ksenia Sobchak and Lena Kudryavtseva, acted as presenters.

Voting took place in two successive stages. In the process of the first expert jury of the award, the main nominees were selected in all 15 categories. Each of them includes six or more applicants.
At the second stage (as mentioned above), a general vote was held, in which, in addition to the professional jury, active users of the Muz-TV portal took part. It is worth recalling that the Internet voting started on April 13, 2017, which was previously announced on the air of the channel.

Winners in the category "Muz-TV" 2017:

  • best performer: Timati (Russia);
  • best performer: Svetlana Loboda (Ukraine);
  • best pop group: “Degrees” (Russia);
  • best album: “Have you loved?” (Ani Lorak);
  • Best Duet: Nargiz and Max Fadeev (“Together”);
  • Best Hip-Hop Project: Mot (Russia);
  • best rock singer: Nargiz (USA);
  • best male video: "I like" (Egor Creed);
  • best female video: “Kiss” (Nyusha);
  • the best concert program: “I” (Philip Kirkorov);
  • the best single: “You are The Only One” (Sergey Lazarev);
  • The best song in a foreign language: the group "Silver" (Russia).

Date of the Muz-TV ceremony 2018

Muz-TV Award 2018. Date, nominees

Favorite by millions of Russians, the music channel continues the tradition of awarding the best domestic and foreign performers. Due to the fact that the year has just begun, applicants for the possession of the premium are still unknown. At the same time, the event organizers have already announced the date of the event. According to information published on the portal of the channel, the award is scheduled for June 8, 2018. In addition, the participants of the final concert became known, who were invited as honored guests. Thus, Sergey Lazarev, Nyusha, Ani Lorak and Dmitry Bilan will perform in the final of the show program.

The venue of the Muz-TV channel ceremony will traditionally be the Moscow Olympiysky Sports Center. The only change in the format of the show will be its new name - “Muz-TV Award: Transformation”. Given this innovation, we can confidently assume that the organizers of the show program prepared a special surprise for the audience.

Official ticket sales at the Olimpiysky Sports Center started last year - December 25, 2017. Therefore, in order not to miss the most ambitious music event of the year, you should hurry, because there is not much time left to it.

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