Cupid is a cucumber that everyone can grow

Many summer residents are growing on their gardensections of cucumber. This vegetable culture does not require special skills and skills, even a beginner can get a good harvest. And before planting it in your garden, it is necessary to decide which sort will be the most suitable. Among other things, hybrids are now popular, which were bred in special conditions, and their indicators are artificially raised to a high enough level. These include cucumber Cupid F1.


Cupid - cucumber, which is famous in the first placetheir short maturation and resistance to many diseases. Also, it is not prone to branching, so it does not require additional support devices and garters; in the node, one or two ovaries are formed.

In its appearance, this variety resemblesspindle, zelenians have a regular oval shape with small spines and white pubescence. In its weight, one cucumber rarely grows more than 100 grams, and its maximum length is 15 centimeters.

cupid cucumber

The plant belongs to the female type of flowering and parthenocarpic type, that is, it can independently produce pollination without the use of insects.

This variety perfectly tolerates the most dangerousdiseases affecting the vegetable culture include false and real powdery mildews, cucumber mosaic virus, root rot and olive spotting. Also, it does not die from short-term frosts, which makes it very popular in the middle zone of Russia, where many plants are killed by sharp changes in temperatures and night colds.

Use in fresh form, use forsalads or canning - all these methods are great for the Amur variety. Cucumber has a wonderful taste, does not bitter and does not become soft during salting or pickling.


Perfect for growing both in closedgreenhouses, and in the open ground. But it is worth considering that cucumbers in the greenhouse mature much earlier, the harvest can be collected several times a season, all this is due to the fact that they can be planted in the greenhouse already in early spring. As for the open ground, in this case, agricultural work begins in late April and can continue until mid-July.

Many gardeners recommend planting two or three plants per square meter of land, such a scheme is necessary to maximize growth and fruiting of each bush.

To cucumbers took root as quickly as possible and the ripening of the fruit began earlier, it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature regime of the soil, at least 10-12 degrees.

As for the planting itself, the seeds need to be deepened into the soil no more than 3-4 centimeters, so that the plant will as soon as possible.

cucumber amour f1


Cupid - cucumber, which does not require special care andadditional treatments, due to its good resistance to many diseases. But do not forget about such elementary actions as regular watering the soil, removing weeds, fertilizing biological and mineral fertilizers.

It is worth remembering that if the plant does not sufficemoisture, then, most likely, the harvest will be bitter, and all the taste qualities of the variety will come to naught. In order for water to stay in the soil for as long as possible, it must be mulched. Also, cucumbers grow best in light soil, so from time to time it is necessary to produce loosening.

cucumber amour


Variety Cupid can boast of its highproductivity and popularity among businessmen who gladly use it for sale. Cucumbers in the greenhouse and in the open ground grow equally well, because of what you can collect up to 11 kilograms from a square meter of land. I also want to note that the first harvest can be obtained after 36-40 days after planting. Cupid - a cucumber, which is collected at intervals of 2-3 days, because due to its selection, it is distinguished by a slow enough but thick growth of fruits.

cucumbers in a greenhouse

Summarizing, we can say that the variety is differentexcellent resistance to both diseases and growing conditions. All these qualities are positively characterized by cucumbers Cupid. Opinions of farmers say that when they are planted, everyone will be able to get a crop. Also, a nice bonus is the low cost of seeds, one bag weighing 0.25 grams costs about 40 rubles, which can not but please the economical summer residents.

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Cupid is a cucumber that everyone can grow Cupid is a cucumber that everyone can grow Cupid is a cucumber that everyone can grow Cupid is a cucumber that everyone can grow Cupid is a cucumber that everyone can grow Cupid is a cucumber that everyone can grow Cupid is a cucumber that everyone can grow Cupid is a cucumber that everyone can grow Cupid is a cucumber that everyone can grow Cupid is a cucumber that everyone can grow