Cross stitch pattern for pig - symbol of 2019

With the winter holidays approaching, in an effort to please and appease the patron of the coming year, many present their close friends with themed gifts with his image. The tradition to decorate textile items with the images of the “spirit of the year”, inherited from our ancestors, has not lost its relevance today. And in order to facilitate the task of choosing the original thematic pattern, we bring to your attention the most interesting variants of cross stitch patterns for the pig of the 2019 symbol.

What can be decorated with embroidery

Some mistakenly believe that creating the symbol of 2019 for a pig by means of cross-stitch is an obsolete type of needlework. In fact, the options for the use of technology for decorating the interior weight:

  • registration of the title page of the photo album;
  • decoration of covers of notebooks and books;
  • the creation of covers on the bottle;
  • the design of caskets;
  • creating designer bags;
  • making Christmas decorations.

Regardless of the choice of application, all these elements of the decor will combine one thing - in their energy they will be a hundred times greater than store counterparts.

Presented in the article the embroidery patterns of the pig of the symbol of the year 2019 will help you come up with and implement unique thematic crafts.

Pig Embroidery Patterns

Embroider the symbol of the coming year is a good tradition, which can be continued, using later the selection of the schemes of his “followers”: rat, bull, tiger ...

Piglet with butterfly

To begin with, we give the simplest embroidery scheme of a cute pink pig. Such work can be done even by novice craftswomen.

embroidery pattern pig symbol of the year 2019

To translate the idea, you only need a canvas, needle and floss threads of four shades: light / dark pink, burgundy and black.

There is nothing difficult in creating such a picture from interlaced crosses. The main thing - making the first steps in needlework, you need to follow three simple recommendations:

  1. The floss threads consist of 6 thin “hairs”. To work depending on the desired effect of the bulk of the picture using 2 or 3.
  2. To get the most out of the process,Use a quality canvas in a wide square weave, in which the number of threads in height corresponds to the number of threads in width.
  3. Needles is better to choose with blunt tips. Their sharpened tips easily enter the openings of the canvas without splitting it into separate threads.

At the initial stages, when you only master the technique, you can do without a hoop. But, if you plan to create full-fledged elements of decor, "woven" from the correct and even stitches, it is important to ensure the tension of the fabric. It is impossible to make it without a hoop.

Using hoops is especially important when creating small images like this.

embroidery pattern pig symbol of the year 2019

Peppa Pig

The main character of the British series, has millions of fans in all corners of the world. We are sure that there will be people in your surroundings who will appreciate the touching present with its image.embroidery pattern pig symbol of the year 2019

This work is a little more complicated than the previous one regarding the number of shades of thread used. This picture shows 14 pieces.

The technique of execution is quite simple. A cross is formed by two diagonal stitches that intersect at the center. To get a neat pattern, diagonal stitches are applied in rows: first the lower one, moving from left to right, and then the upper one, going in the opposite direction.

Be prepared for the fact that in some cases through one hole will have to pull the thread several times. Do not be afraid to do this. The canvas easily withstands such tests, and the fabric is not pulled down.

In the process of cross-stitch embroidery, the knots do not make special knots. The thread is fixed by itself at the stage of forming the first cross. The free end of the thread does not slip due to the fact that it is pressed against other stitches. In the same way, if newing is needed, threading the thread, hiding it under other stitches. This process is clearly described in the diagram above. If difficulties arise, then at the initial stage you can make nodules like those created when sewing the fabric manually.

Piggy cleaners

More experienced craftswomen can take as the basis the schemes for embroidery of pigs taking water procedures. Cute pigs splashing in the water, do not leave anyone indifferent, causing only affection.

embroidery pattern pig symbol of the year 2019

By the way, the widespread statement that pigs like dirt is wrong. These animals are very clean and also love order. And their amazing ability to find puddles and fall out in the mud is due to the fact that in this way they protect their body from overheating, and at the same time defeat by parasites.A layer of dirt that has stuck in the process of bathing forms a crust as it solidifies, and when it dries out it disappears along with the pests, exposing the clean skin of the animal.

And how do you like such a pig in a lather?

embroidery pattern pig symbol of the year 2019

Making a picture with such a handsome one is not at all difficult. The main thing - strictly adhere to the recommendations:

  1. When preparing the canvas, fold it four times, defining the center of the blank. This point corresponds to the center of the circuit in the form of two lines intersecting at a right angle. Each cell on the sheet corresponds to one square on the canvas.
  2. Embroidery is convenient to start from the center point, moving consistently towards the edges. The first thing to do is make crosses and half-crosses, and only after that do additional elements in the form of lowercase stitches and French knots.
  3. It is better to create an ornament, leading the embroidery in horizontal rows. You must first move in one direction, applying the lower stitches, and then return in the opposite direction, forming the upper ones. To make the crosses volumetric, it is important to monitor the tension of the thread, making them moderately free.
  4. At the stage of transition from one fragment to another, you should try not to make long threads.2-3 cm. The thread is better to cut, and in another section to start on a new one. Otherwise, the work will bristle.

Forming a cross for a cross is important not to skip squares, if it is not provided by the scheme. Otherwise, the integrity and completeness of the image of the finished work is violated.

If during the work a mistake was accidentally made, the situation can be corrected by dismissing the stitches. But this jewelry work should be done through the same needle, without using scissors.

Curious pig

No less interesting will look the work in the form of a colorful picture with a pig, peeking through the narrow plank picket fence.

embroidery pattern pig symbol of the year 2019

You probably will be interested to know the fact that pigs are really quite curious animals. And in a number of tests they demonstrate high results in the parameter of observation and ingenuity. They are easily trained, willingly identify any objects, but at the same time they do not perceive their mirror image, as identification of their own "I".

But back to our scheme. This work is more advantageous in that it has a more colorful design and at the same time assumes a simple technique of execution.

Diagrams of pigs with interesting color transitions

And finally, we offer a couple of options that are quite complex in the performance of work, which only the most diligent can master.

embroidery pattern pig symbol of the year 2019

embroidery pattern pig symbol of the year 2019

Tip: To facilitate the process when using a large number of similar shades, some craftswomen simultaneously use several filled needles.

The result fully justifies the effort. Especially if the work is beautifully framed. Children's drawings can be framed in a frame made of cardboard, but more “adult” works should be arranged in wooden frames.

The shape of the frame can be any: square and rectangular, oval and round. Ideal - if the silhouette of the frame will completely repeat the composition. The size of the frame should be such that it does not reach the edges of the image.

Before you place the embroidery in the frame, you need to pull it on the mat. Plain cardboard is perfect for this purpose. Embroidery exactly spread on the surface of the base and bend the edges. The finished product is left only to be placed inside the frame and covered with a plywood sheet from the wrong side.

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