Crafts for Easter 2018. The most interesting ideas for kindergarten and school from improvised means

Good morning everyone! Just a little more and another Orthodox holiday will come, which will be celebrated by all residents of Russia, and not only. It is about Easter, namely, what crafts can be performed with children of preschool and school age to this day.

You can make such wonderful souvenirs and creations with your children right at home, because all you need is your desire and aspiration. Therefore, I suggest now to think on this topic and choose what you want to do, and then donate to someone or just decorate your house.

By the way, last year I already gave you some interesting ideas about what you can do, remember, we even made toys from bam-cherts with you, then they just went and were in fashion. What will I offer you today? Or maybe you yourself want to offer your ideas about this, do not hesitate, please write your feedback and comments,I am always glad to read them.

All that I could find on the Internet is freely available, plus I will show you my work today and demonstrate it.

DIY Handicrafts for Easter

We will begin, first of all, as always with the simplest and at the same time original and interesting souvenir that any kid will be able to fulfill. Perhaps you yourself have guessed what I want to offer, this is an option from plasticine, namely Easter eggs, after all, it is they who agree that they are an obligatory attribute on this day.

And if you still have not seen my article how to paint eggs for Easter, then you have lost a lot, there is just an incredible amount of ideas on this subject, and you can even make decoupage. This year there will be another note, so do not miss it, it is already in the works and will soon appear on the blog.

So, but today is not about that. See how easy and fast you can do this beauty with the kids, the work was done in the country of craftsmen.

Well, that's not all. You can make such a clearing that will decorate any festive table in this resurrection of Christ.

Or else here is such a bright composition of twigs and eggs. Instead of clay, you can take a salty dough, or for example a fashionable and elastic material, like baby dough for modeling.

You can even build a whole picturesque plasticine picture.

Or I don’t know how I’ve had such a venture from my childhood, which my mother and I almost always did, it is a product made of PVA glue and thread. A ball is taken and threads are stuck on it, which are placed first into the glue, then the glue dries out and the ball bursts. In general, it turns out another cool option.

Now it has become fashionable to decorate your home with such decorative things as a wreath. It looks wonderful and, of course, causes complete delight from others. You can also make such a creation from paper and cardboard using and using the technique of quilling.

Or use a more primitive option. Nice and tasteful!

You can also surprise everyone with verbules, but not simply, put them in a vase, as is customary, and decorate such a small, wonderful masterpiece. See how it looks beautiful and cool, but all you need are Easter eggs and a little bit of your imagination with imagination. And then you, too, so make it.

I propose to make such funny bunnies for one next door, let them give a smile and a good mood to your home! The ears and legs are made of felt, and the attractive face is made of colored paper.

You can modify this work a little bit, these are the steps you have to do:

Regarding the theme of eggs, you can also build an interesting basket with magic eggs, last time we did this from plasticine, this time try to make from ordinary ice cream sticks.

On this day, you still need to remember and do not forget that, like for any other holiday, you can make a greeting card. And that's what I found for you my favorite and good readers and subscribers.

We will need:

  • A4 white paper - 1 pc.
  • multicolored sheets
  • Punches preferably with figures
  • ribbon or ribbon decorative
  • scissors
  • glue
  • double sided tape

Stages of work:

1. First, decide on the background of the card. Take for example blue. Bend the sheet in half.

2. Then make weed and petals of green paper, you can use a special figured punch for this, but again, it is not known what kind of figures you have.

3. Now, as you guessed it, you will first need to position them in the background, so to speak, where and what you will put. And then take the glue and glue.

4. Next, cut out the white paper.

5.And exactly the same from yellow paper. And then cut it like this.

6. This cut you will need to decorate with a special device, but if there is no such, then use your imagination and make for example a wave.

7. Attach and glue the yellow background to white, white respectively on the base. To give completeness, you can somehow decorate, for example with a satin ribbon in the form of a bow.

8. And of course, decorate a glade of what you get with your assistant - a figured hole punch.

9. Do not forget to sign a wish or congratulation, as well as a short phrase, for example, Christ is Risen. In general, I think you liked this very simple and cool idea and you will take note of it.

Well, and finally, I want to give you another most common option, which many educators and teachers forget, these are coloring pages, do not forget about them.

The most interesting ideas for souvenirs this year

This time I wanted to find something this time, not what it is to conquer you and I honestly found it. I hope you will also like these ideas very much and you will want to please both yourself and your loved ones.

First, I suggest you make crafts using the trimming technique.Let me remind you that this is a method in which you have to cut a piece of paper into small pieces (squares), and then with a pencil to glue it onto the picture.

You can get a bunch of plots of what you want to do, on the topic of Easter, this is of course all sorts of birds or a church with the symbols of Christ is Risen. Work found in the country of masters, take a look.

Or here's the plan handsome cock.

Mischievous and bright naughty chick. Eyes and beak can be printed on a sheet of paper.

You can arrange the crafts even as if it was a picture or some spring plot. For example, the little willows and Easter cakes with Easter eggs.

That's so lovely, how do you like it? And what will you do, share your opinion and your feedback at the bottom of this page.

There is also another idea that I saw yesterday on one of the channels, well, just lovely, honestly, look.

By the way, if you have disposable cups lying around and you do not know where to fit them, then you will definitely like this method. Of these, you can create vases.

Plus, and cute little birds themselves do as I suggested above.

For those who are familiar with paper sticks, which are made from newspapers, or rather with weaving technique,then you can choose just such a wonderful beauty.

Here they are funny Krashenki, but not real, but imitated.

For those who are passionate about this work of art, I can still offer just such a coaster, or you can say a wicker basket under the eggs.

Well, where could it be without the main heroine of this day, mommy chicken).

It is possible to conquer at a competition or exhibition with such work, everything seems to be simple, but it also looks interesting. Leave no one indifferent.

You can also please and take advantage of the idea of ​​packing chicken eggs, it is from them that you can make special coasters. You see what happened, but all of the available means were used for this purpose, something that everyone always has at hand. Out of all sorts of things, it always turns out original and unusual.

Moving on and you can use just such a model from plastic plates as a basis.

Or you can take porcelain or ceramic dishes.

In general, as you can see, everything is simple and easy, the main thing is a little bit of fantasy and you will succeed.

Another option is baskets. Yes, without them this day you will not manage. See what a masterpiece I have found from the packaging and strips of colored paper.

Or here's another thread, take a cup and paste it around.

Or you can do it without using glue, just like you and I did a souvenir on March 8, remember the casket.

If you want to find a more complicated thing, then maybe you will like this version of salt dough.

I like more songs so that there are a lot of toys and it was bright and attracted the eye.

Master class toys from foamirana Fridge Magnet

Are you familiar with such fabric material? I think that yes, what he is still cool, as well as felt, I'm in love with him. I propose to make such an article as a gift for the fridge. You can, in principle, and hang on a string, like a pendant.

We will need:

  • polystyrene egg - 1 pc.
  • scissors
  • cutter
  • Foamiran (1 mm) 2 colors - yellow and white
  • magnet
  • hair dryer
  • glue gun
  • factory eyes

Stages of work:

1. Take a hair dryer and heat the fabric, and this should be done quickly, and stretch over the egg.

2. So they pulled, and then put a hair dryer on it, held it for 11 seconds and turned it off, waited until the fabric had cooled.

3. Here such preparations will turn out.

4. Now cut a stencil in half with a cutter or clerical knife.

5.Put the egg in the yellow foamiran first.

6. And then cut off the white, excess fabric.

7. Cut the white and white in half, you can imitate the cracks as if, cut them in a zigzag, there are still such special wavy scissors.

8. Then prepare the eyes, make yourself legs, beak.

9. Well, now the most important thing is the assembly. Glue the yellow pattern carefully first.

10. Then proceed to the white.

11. After start making out the legs, eyes and mouth, glue the details with glue gun.

12. What a lovely baby turned out, wee-pee.

13. On the other hand, glue the magnet, you can take the vinyl.

14. It turned out two young freaks, you can make a boy and a girl, and pin more bows or other patterns to your taste.

Even as an option, you can do something else, for example, such a delight in the form of a flower with a pen.

Making Easter souvenirs for school competition

Any student approaches this question quite responsibly and he really wants his work to be the best. Options you can come up with a whole lot. But it would be better, of course, if you make Easter symbols. For example, such funny chicks, which are made of ordinary wool knitting threads.

You can take this step-by-step instruction as a basis.

You can use another option.In any case, the result should make you happy. Here they even made a chicken hen, and they also wove a plate in the form of a plate from the same yarn.

You can also make Easter eggs from threads, surprised? And I do not, after this viewing this video and you learn how to make.

For children of elementary school can make a naughty cockerel, which is made of paper cylinder.

Either I was still hooked by such a brilliant idea, to make chickens out of what they said it was. And I had cases of kinder surprise. Here is such a funny little family turned out to be yellowish))).

You can still do this little thing in the form of chicks from cardboard and thread.

And if you want to make a splash at all, then make a product out of plaster. I think that the commission and the jury will mark such a cool souvenir and thank them with a gift.

There are also thoughts of souvenirs and gifts made of beads, but I will say this, too, great work and skill, I remember as a child I was fond of this kind of occupation, now my hands are not enough to sit down. But just for you, I found an easy way to weave, or rather, it will be for beginners, you just have to put beads or beads on a string, and then glue the eggs to the surface.

Of course, this will greatly facilitate your actions. After all, weaving is also possible, but for this you need to understand the diagrams and all the symbols. And here, any beginner can handle it, so catch it.

The main thing is to take a very good glue, for example, PVA, and one more thought, because you can not wear a thread, but simply stick each bead separately, but it is more difficult.

As for the schemes themselves, all of a sudden you are a master and know how to weave, then I suggest making such a grid.

It turns out just great, class!

Or do you like mosaic technique? I have a scheme from her).

And how do you like this piece, uh, breathtaking.

And if you still have any questions, it is better to take this model and do the work with this author of this master class.

Of course, if you are fond of needlework or knitting, you can also make a souvenir, like this one. If you need a scheme, then I will gladly send it to you, it is taken from one journal. What are all the same cute and jolly easter come out, or kulichik for needles.

But, by the way, you can make knitted lilies of the valley, because in the spring it already smells!

If you draw well, then make a picture of paints.


Or with the help of glue and cardboard, as well as all kinds of cereals such an Easter masterpiece.


And here's another such thought, if you have multicolored pasta in your house, then you can also do this kind of work. What a delight, isn't it ?!

We create easily and quickly crafts for Easter from paper

In my opinion, it is such works that are most popular, because it is these materials that everyone has in the house. The first thing that comes to my mind is egg coasters. And what, they drew, cut out, after they gave the kids to paint and ready another children's wonder-masterpiece.


Well, and as always, not to do without my favorite vytynanok. This is just a custom or tradition. See what Easter bunnies can come out, plus decorate them with satin ribbons, who needs a template at the bottom of the article, I’ll send it for free.

In general, it will be cool and cute.

You can also take any sheet, fold it and glue a cone out of it, and it will turn out like a bird.

With our smallest representatives of the kindergarten, I propose to make a paper craft out of paper using a circle base.

And those who are older will like the hatched nestling.

Good job and in the form of applications, you can do this in the classroom work with students of primary school.

Of course, you can combine the two types of activity: Izo and Technology.

By the way, you can just take the usual colored pencils and do the following: I also have a template for this stand, so I need to write to anyone.

You can make a product in a very original way without using glue, but instead take a stapler and fasten parts, see what happens.

And how do you like this idea of ​​the stand, it looks really cool, but imagine how happy your kids will make it.

I can still offer to print such a template-blank.

Or this black and white version on your printer.

A great option will still be a souvenir on a stick.

Or here is a green meadow with birds.

I still looked at such a simple idea, like a magnet on a fridge, which can be decorated with rhinestones or materials for scrapbooking.

Well, in conclusion, I want to show the stages of the work of voluminous crafts.

Step-by-step instruction for children of cotton pads and sticks

We will probably start to create immediately a small and very charming little yellow shalunishku called Chick.We will need a bunch of cotton buds, or rather their tips. You will need to paint the part yellow with the help of dipping in gouache, and leave part of it white. This craft, that is, the basis of the clay, and then just stick the sticks into it.

Important! Eyes can be drawn by yourself or find a picture and display it on a printer.

For the next job you will need your good mood and of course the materials.

We will need:

  • cotton pad
  • disposable spoon
  • colored paper
  • glue
  • felt-tip pen

Stages of work:

1. First of all, make blanks, that is, cut out the colored beak and comb from colored paper. In this photo, everything is visible and shown.

2. Next, draw the wings and then paste them on a cotton pad. At the center, insert a spoon and cover with a second cotton pad. Draw a muzzle and voila, such beauty can sit in your pot with your favorite flowers and crow).

What more interesting things can you do? My chopsticks were sticking out from under the ice cream, so I connected them together and glued my eyes and beak, it turned out to be a wonderful animal. By the way, about the legs, too, do not forget.

The most likely the easiest option would be such a product, which can also be made with a child of any age, you need to paint the wheels with gouache or watercolors, and then build such beauty.

You can arrange it in the form of an appliqué, and with the use of cereals, it looks great too, and the picture of a bird is pecking at the grain.

In general, choose your own taste and color, and do not forget to write your feedback and suggestions.

Or this fun composition, which is taken from this site

See also what the little ones turned out, the truth is white.

You can also make a picture, together at the little chicks and also from cotton pads. Does it really look cool? Yes, and unusual and beautiful!

Original products for kindergarten

Of course, for preschoolers we need ideas that are easier. so that the kids themselves can cope with the task and could hit everyone.

What could be easier and faster if you teach them such a funny toy-fun, they call it another walker. One day, by the way, we did these little animals, remember? When it came to puppet theater, I gave you ready-made templates.

We move on and we see a little yellow and naughty souvenir from colored paper, in the form of an ordinary sun, but it turns into a chicken that has come out of the shell.

And here they took and added another one-time plate and that's what happened.

Ha, and when I saw this face, I blossomed at all, I never cease to be surprised that so many hand-made articles were invented from the usual little hand of our kids, well, just do not count it.

It is possible, together with the children of the preparatory or senior group, to engage in visual activity and make just such a hen (rooster), which will have colorful wings.

And for children of the second younger and middle group, this is such a simple masterpiece. Just for one thing, you can repeat what this bird is, and where it has eyes and other parts of the body.

Or here's a funny design of the baby's feet and paints.

You can also make an application on ordinary paper plates.

Here is another unusual pencil.

You can even make in the technique of origami, though there will have to fold only one sheet. For young talents the most it.

Well, finally, this kind of work is like felting or dunking anything, such as a sponge for washing dishes or soft balls. And this can be done with the usual clothespin. It looks bright and stylish, just beautiful and original.

I also liked the idea of ​​a fun little family that you can do with children collectively.

You can connect paper products with threads by the way, or use cereals instead of threads.

I was still won over by this work, so simple and at the same time original.


And I propose to make such beauty the common or joint work in school or kindergarten.

Felt toys for this holiday

In general, felt toys have become in demand not only among children, but also among adults, because it is always easier to sew such a present than to take some other material, felt in this regard is unpretentious material, which is easy to work with, because it does not crumble. And the patterns are obtained even from beginners.

I had a separate article on this subject; from it, if you are fond of this type of occupation, you will find a lot of useful things, I am sure you will find it useful.

In this post I will show you the finished products. How do you like this little family?

But, nevertheless, I want to show one master class, which may be useful to you someday.

We will need:

  • felt
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • buttons and rhinestones
  • glue
  • cotton wool or synthetic winterizer
  • lace
  • vinyl magnet

Stages of work:

1. Draw a sample of the egg, or you can print it on a printer.

2. Then attach the stencil to the felt and draw it with a pencil. Cut the resulting parts with scissors, you need to make two eggs.

3. Then take and cut the template into three parts, as shown in this picture.

4.Attach a center piece of green felt and circle, and then cut.

5. Sew on the egg is a green ornament.

6. Sew, and decorate, you can say decorate with lace or some other decor. It looks amazing right away.

7. Then draw a letter in pencil and sew the inscription, probably guess what, of course, XB.

8. Then sew the buttons, sequins or you can take for scrapbooking beads, in general, what you have.

9. Edge walk seam, but you can still lay inside the padding polyester or cotton, well, then go to the next step.

10. Take the glue moment and stick a vinyl magnet, such a gift will be you or your friends on the refrigerator.

You can certainly do it on sticks.

And also in the form of a pendant or keychain.

In general, such beauty will not leave anyone indifferent, that's for sure.

Master class from improvised means Easter tree at home

I want to tell you right away that you can make such a craft pretty quickly if you use this step-by-step instruction.

In fact, the work will be quite creative and your children, too, will not stand before this business.

Do not forget to wash the eggs well with water and soda.For 1 liter of water, take 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

Use a toothpick to pierce, and acrylic paints to paint.

Decoupage, I hope you learned from the past of our lesson how to do it.

And what a magical tree will be in the end. Perhaps it will be so.

Or you would prefer to make and decorate it in other ways.

In any case, it looks spectacular and fascinates the views.

Such an invention would be suitable for the smallest, so that it was completely safe for everyone.

Video on how to make an egg out of pasta

I'll tell you honestly, I was shocked when I saw this awesome video, imagine this is really true, such a miracle, well, just fly away from ordinary noodles. Cool! Share this information on social networks, just click on the button at the bottom of this article.

Well, in conclusion, I already wanted to say goodbye to you. I came across such a masterpiece made of papier-mâché, this construction hooked me very much, I show it to you.

All the same, sometimes you wonder how almost from nothing this happens.

At this I have everything, I finish this post. See you in the following articles. Write reviews, comment, come to visit more often, you will find a lot of interesting and completely new things that you don’t guess.

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