Cracks on the heels: causes and treatment of cracks on the heels at home

on 24.03.2016

Ugly heels with coarse skin of brown color with deep notches are evidence of improper skin care of the feet or a signal of the development of a serious disease. How to get rid of cracks on the heels, what treatment is most effective, we will try to discuss with you in our article.uchod-za-pyatkami

The main thing in the article

Already winter has passed, and soon the sun will delight us with its warm rays. And that means down with fur coats, sweaters and boots. Long live summer clothes and lightweight shoes. But, unfortunately, many of us are saddened by the appearance of our heels. Fortunately, when we are still only seeing skin roughness, which can be quickly reanimated by simple hygienic procedures in 1-2 days. And if there are already cracks? Not so easy to get rid of them. Moreover, the formation of cracks on the heels is an open gate for penetration of the infection.And even if small cracks have formed, they still require immediate treatment.

Causes of cracked heels

Why does the skin crack on the heels? When heels are healthy, they have a pinkish tint, soft and smooth skin. In order to maintain such a healthy look, they need to provide the right care, regardless of the season. Otherwise, the first coarsening of the skin appears, then the corns, calluses, warts and, as a result, cracks.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you at least once faced with such a problem, then you know that the skin around the cracks is hard and rough. Over time, cracks become inflamed and deepened, forming an inflammatory process that causes pain during movement. There are two reasons for the formation of cracks on the heels:

  1. Exogenous.
  2. Endogenous.

Exogenous causes

  • Among the exogenous causes in the first place emit a fungus. Fungal infections enter the body from the outside: swimming pool, sauna, public shower on the beach, etc.
  • Avitaminosis also contributes to the formation of cracks. That is why in most cases we find the heels hardening in early spring. Vitamin A deficiency is the main cause of cracking on the heels.

Moreover, with vitamin deficiency, which is accompanied by a lack of vitamins, including retinol, which is a source of healthy skin, cracks can be found not only on the heels, but also on the hands and fingers. In this case, comorbidities, as a rule, are renal pathology, gastrointestinal problems, and the endocrine system.

Important! To prevent the formation of cracks, you must regularly care for the skin of the feet. Hygiene heels - this is not an ordinary rinsing procedure. The skin on the heels tend to harden, forming cracks, especially in the winter. Therefore, provide the feet with the right care with the use of moisturizing and nourishing creams, periodically arrange them with warm herbal baths, peeling.

  • Another reason that provokes the formation of cracks is cramped and uncomfortable shoes, as well as synthetic socks that prevent air penetration.
  • It should also be noted that the formation of cracks contributes not only to the spring vitamin deficiency, but also open shoes in the summer, high air temperature, urban dust and dry air.

Endogenous causes

Among the endogenous causes that result in dry skin, emit:

  • diabetes and endocrine diseases.
  • Deep heel cracks can also form in people who are obese, as a result of heavy strain on the lower limbs.

Therefore, when the first symptoms of dry skin and small cracks on the heels, you should immediately consult a dermatologist and establish the true cause of this pathology. Early treatment will help you prevent the development of more serious diseases.

Heel crack prevention

A beautiful view of heels with a pinkish tinge, soft and beautiful skin is a dream not only for women, but also for men. As mentioned above, cracked heels give them an ugly and unkempt appearance. Moreover, it is a kind of signal that the body fails. Damage to collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for the smoothness of the skin, leads to painful sensations during walking, causing the skin to burst and inflame, forming deep cracks.Dry heels

  • As a preventive measure, experts recommend regularly carrying out proper hygienic procedures for the care of the skin of the heels, with the use of pumice and skin softening creams.


  • In addition, our heels need warm baths. Therefore, once a week they like to indulge in pleasant water procedures with the addition of sea salt and herbal extracts to the water. After the procedure, be sure to dry the skin of your feet with a soft towel and apply a nourishing cream on the heels.

Our heels require special care in the winter, when the skin of the feet does not have the ability to take air baths, as a result of which the process of dry skin is accelerated, which results in coarsening and cracking.

Methods of treating heel cracks at home

If the cracks in the legs have already formed, then naturally, you need to immediately begin the treatment of this pathology. First of all, you need to contact a dermatologist, who will establish the true cause of cracking. If you regularly carry out proper hygienic procedures, it means a malfunction of the internal organs. In any case, treatment should be started as soon as possible in order to avoid infection in the body.maxresdefault (1)

  • The treatment process begins with the removal of hardened skin and clearing the edges of the cracks.After that, the skin on the heels is gently polished with a roller, and a healing ointment is rubbed into the cracks.
  • In the case when the cause of the formation of cracks is associated with diseases of the internal organs, the treatment of the heels should be combined with the treatment of the disease that caused increased dryness of the skin of the feet.Pes_de_Anjo
  • For the treatment of heels you need to pick up the cream, which contain vitamin A, E, F and B5. In addition, the diet should contain carrots, yolks, seafood and butter.

How to get rid of cracks on the heels of folk methods: recipes

Among the effective folk recipes, I especially want to highlight masks and compresses prepared at home. We offer recipes for some of them.

Carrot mask

Carrots are known to be rich in vitamin A, which is very beneficial for the skin. To prepare the mask you will need:

  1. Carrots - 100 grams
  2. Sunflower oil - 0.5 liters

Peel the carrot and grate it. Add sunflower oil to carrot porridge, mix well with a wooden stick or spoon and place the mixture in a glass jar. Insist for 10 days, then strain through a thick sieve. Rub the mixture into your heels overnight.I would like to warn you that as a result of applying the carrot mask, the heels will turn orange. But the effect is simply overwhelming. (In the end, you cannot wear open shoes anyway if your heels are cracked)sweet-treat-carrotjpg-a75ca5aeb2e8d26d

Mask from Althea

To prepare a mask for you, you will need:

  1. Altea root - 1 tbsp.
  2. Potentilla root - 1 tbsp.
  3. Sunflower oil - 0.5 liters.

The mixture must be boiled in a water bath for 1 hour. Cool, wipe everything with a blender and rub into the cracks for the night.z_791207c9

Potato mask

  1. Potatoes - 1 pc.
  2. Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp.

Cook the potatoes in a uniform. Then, together with the peel, grind it with a blender and add sunflower oil to the puree. Apply a warm mass on the heels, apply cellophane and wear socks. In the morning rinse your heels with warm water and apply a moisturizing or wound-healing cream.potato

Foot bath from cracked heels

Doctors recommend taking baths for the feet, not only if you have cracked heels, but also as preventive procedures that also effectively relieve fatigue of the feet. For example, a contrast bath.

Contrast bath

This is the simplest bath that improves blood circulation, helps to get rid of small cracks and has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

So, prepare 2 pelvis. Pour cold water (not ice water) into one basin, and hot water into the second basin. First, we lower our feet in hot water, and after 2 minutes - in cold. Repeat the procedure until the water has cooled.Soothing foot soak

Boric acid bath

Heat water to a temperature of 38-39 degrees and add 10 ml of boric acid to it. Take this bath for 20 minutes every evening. After the procedure, do not forget to dry your skin dry and smear with moisturizer.

Herbal bath

For those who have cracks bleed, and heels are painful, it is recommended to take herbal baths. Prepare calendula and sage. Pair the herbs in equal amounts and let the broth rest for 15 minutes. Pour the finished tincture into a bowl of hot water and take a bath for 20 minutes.

Sage stimulates blood flow, and calendula is a distinguished antimicrobial agent.

Does Glycerin Help Crack Heels: Recipes

We often hear that glycerin softens the skin well. It's right.But does it help with cracked heels? It will be much more correct if you do not allow the formation of cracks. But if they are already formed and the reason for this is improper care of the skin of the feet, then glycerin will help you to heal the cracks and soften the skin. We offer you effective recipes using glycerin

Glycerin blends

  1. An effective recipe for glycerin mixture is suitable for those who have deep cracks on the heels.
    So, you need to prepare peach, castor and almond oil. Connect them together and stir well. Add 10 drops of glycerin to the mixture. Beforehand, thoroughly steam your feet in a herbal bath, dry out and apply a healing glycerin mixture on the skin of your feet. Wrap your legs in polyethylene, wear warm socks and with a mask like 3 hours. You can leave for the night, but 3 hours will be enough. After that, rinse your feet and apply cream on your heels.
    If the cracks on the heels are small, then you can do without oils. To do this, simply steam your feet, dry them with a towel and grease them with glycerin.
  2. Good effect has an apple pap at cracks.5728e19a-5f82-4557-8005-029e0f4c135fYou will need 2 apples. They need to grate and pour with milk.Add milk to the formation of consistency of thick porridge. Move the apple gruel to the pan and bring to a boil. Apply the cooled mass on the heels, wrap with polyethylene and put on socks. An hour later, wash the gruel, rinse your feet with contrasting water, dry and rub into the heels of glycerin.

Effective creams from cracks on the heels

Today, store shelves are filled with a variety of creams, which are characterized by moisturizing and nourishing properties. But, such creams, most likely, can prevent the formation of cracks, and not cure them. If you have already formed cracks on the heels, then for the effect you need to use a cream that acts on the skin softening. Among the most effective I want to mentioncream "Doctor" with urea. He is great fights with corns, cracks and calluses.img-14125103768833In addition, I would like to recommendfoot cream from the Green Pharmacy series. It consists of walnut oil and plantain extract. This cream perfectly fights against small cracks and is especially popular for preventive purposes.g6V17Cream "Dawn" with florasilinom,mainly intended for the care of udder dairy animals. At the same time today it is popular in human cosmetology, in particular for the treatment of cracks on the heels. The cream contains a complex of bioactive substances and petrolatum. The combination of these two components contributes to the effective healing of cracks in a short time.

What ointment from cracks on the heels to apply?

To get rid of cracks, doctors recommend using a medicinalointment "Radevid". The preparation contains vitamins A, E and D2, thanks to which the skin softens and the cracks on the heels effectively tighten.img-14392868232789Ointment "Radevid" is recommended to be used in case of deep cracks caused by avitaminosis.

Another ointment that promotes healing of cracks -ordinarysalidol. Buy a jar of solid oil ordinary and rub into the skin of the heels after applying the herbal bath. The effect is 100%.


As you understand, the formation of cracks on the heels is easier to prevent than to get rid of them. Therefore, first of all, properly care for the skin of the feet, provide yourself with a balanced diet and you will not have any dry skin.On how to properly care for the skin of the legs will tell you the famous doctor Elena Malysheva.

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