Coupling Types

Coupling typeThe simplest of the deaf couplings include sleeve sleeves. (They are a hollow cast-iron cylinder with grooves for the keys, the coupling is put on the ends of the connected shafts. The shafts are attached to the coupling with wedge keys with heads. is fixed in the sleeve by welding from the end, and the second is attached to it with a key.

Couplings with elastic rings allow a slight deviation of the axis of one shaft from the axis of another, soften shocks and jerks that occur during the transfer of rotation from the engine to the gearbox. The mechanisms of cranes are equipped with an electric motor and a gearbox. To connect the motor shaft with the shaft of the gearbox, elastic couplings are often used, consisting of two coupling halves, which are fixed to the shafts with the keys. On one of the coupling halves around the circumference is fixed with nuts nuts, which enter the holes in the coupling half. The holes in the clutch make much larger sizes than the fingers, which makes it possible to put rubber or leather rings on the fingers. These rings soften shocks when starting and stopping the motor.A large misalignment of the shafts leads to the destruction of the shock-absorbing rings; therefore, the more precisely the shafts axes coincide, the longer the service life.

It is necessary to systematically inspect the coupling fingers, since due to the inaccuracy of the installation, the elastic rings can wear out very quickly, the fingers will hit the holes, develop them, pop up, bend.

Half coupling, worn on the shaft of the gearbox, also serves as a brake pulley. The choice of this half coupling for the brake is not accidental, but is prompted by the safety conditions. If, for example, the fingers of the load lifting mechanism are cut off, then the load will not fall under the action of its weight, but will be stopped.

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