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Cottage: comfort and beauty

Do you want to come to the country, as a holiday, and not as a mandatory fulfillment of labor service? Then create a pleasant atmosphere, filled with fresh flavors, bright colors, useful and functional things! Inspire photos of interesting ideas for giving that you can do with your own hands in this section of our site.

Beautiful cottage with his own hands

When setting up a summer cottage, do not forget that a summer residence is the place where it is pleasant and comfortable to have a rest all year round, in any weather outside. Celebrate family celebrations, significant events, and just invite friends and neighbors to relax in a pleasant company and emotional atmosphere. Look at the photos of beautiful country houses, which are made with your own hands. They are distinguished by rational use of space. This is a bright suburban areas where the garden is immersed in greenery and decorated with multi-colored objects:
  • chairs,
  • tables,
  • pillows
  • drawers
  • pots,
  • garden figures.
If you want your summer cottage to be not only beautiful, but also well-groomed, to have time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, then do not plant too lush plants, rare varieties of fruit trees, capricious care flowers.Only fresh greens, lettuce vegetables and spices, tearing that from the garden, you immediately use for cooking.The main criteria for the selection of country plants- a minimum of care, only watering and benefits.

Simple ideas to give

There are a lot of ideas for giving, which will help not only to decorate the house and landscape, but also successfully use the entire area of ​​the site. It is important that the vegetable beds are located separately from the areas with fruit trees, and the dining area is separated from the recreation area. The best option for country relaxation is an outdoor rocking chair or hammock where an adult with a child can fit. If you have enough space, then use the popular summer ideas:
  • small area for active games - country sports ground
  • installation of swings or inflatable pool for children,
  • gazebo with barbecue facilities.
Here are cheap ideas for the garden, which do not need a lot of money, tools and design skills. From the things that are unnecessary in the urban household, you get real beauty in the country with your own hands and wonderful photos.
  • No need to throw the whole furniture just because of the loss of presentation.Old dining table or table for drinksput in the garden, on the veranda or on the terrace, and on it - boxes or pots of flowers or seedlings. With the same purpose it is possible to use an old wooden reel for a cable.
  • If you are not going to grow greens "commercially", then fromold pots, pots and pipesYou can make the original vertical composition. Thanks to her, it will be convenient to take care of plants and water them - both with a watering can and a hose. Simply cut the pipes, attach them to a wooden fence and insert pots of plants. Another interesting idea is to use the old shoe section for planting.
  • If you have oldtool boxdo not rush to throw it away. It is convenient for planting miniature flowers or succulents, the juicy leaves of which are afraid of the sun, so that in the sun they can be transferred to a shady place or removed from the rain from the roof.
  • Do not rush to get rid ofold oval basins made of galvanized steelwhich are useful for planting basil or salad.
  • When the construction of the house remainedbricks or round pavement, they can be used for a fireplace for a patio.Just lay them in a circle in several rows without a solution, and in the middle - firewood. Then in the cool evenings you will be happy to warm yourself around the fire.
  • Ofglass bottles, which are filled with earth, it turns out a stable fence for beds and flower beds. Many summer residents use plastic bottles for seedlings, and recently planted seeds are covered with their cut tops, which protects them from birds.
This is not a complete list of ideas for the suburban area, which is easy to implement with your own hands. Word of Decor will be happy to tell about the cottage - stay tuned to the section. Do not be afraidexperiment and practiceour helpful tips!

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