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The interior of a country house. Necessity or whim of relocation. Recently, many people prefer living in country houses in the lap of nature. Noisy gassed and bustling megacities "oppress" them. They sell houses and apartments that are available in big cities and move to townships, villages, and villages. Or live outside the city seasonally.

When moving there is a need to arrange a new home. The approach to the design of the interior of a country house requires much more skills and knowledge than the decoration and arrangement of the apartment. In addition, the design must be unique and unique, expressing the individuality of its owner. House design requires the design and development of all systems at the same time. It is necessary to calculate and foresee everything - from the location of communications to the location of technical and "auxiliary" premises.

Stages of creating the perfect interior

The ideal interior design of a country house includes the following steps:

  • Interior concept development.
  • Development of style and color solutions of the interior.
  • Measurements.
  • Drawing up a measurement plan.
  • Disassembly and assembly plans.
  • Wiring plan
  • Plan the proposed placement of lighting devices.
  • Development of ceiling plan.
  • The plan for the sweep of the internal surfaces of the walls.
  • The layout of the doors.
  • Plan of the stairs.
  • The plan of electrical and gas equipment in the kitchen. If possible, prepare a sketch of furniture for the kitchen.
  • If you plan to “lay” the fireplace, then you need to develop a sketch of the future fireplace.
  • It is necessary to carry out the specification of plumbing, doors, tiles, coatings.
  • Drawing up sheet of finishing materials.

The interior design itself can be made in any style, depending on the desires and preferences of the owners and those who plan to live in a country house. It can be classic and hi-tech, minimalist and eclectic style. Perhaps a mixture of styles, which in the end result gives the original individual version of the interior design of a country house.

Interior styles

Conventionally, styles can be divided into “parts”: transnational and styles of different countries of the world.Transnational styles- this is fusion, classic, luxury, vintage, romance, minimalism. As well as urban style, marine, loft, modern and others.Classic style -subdivided into baroque, empire, rococo, classicism.Styles of different countries and ethnic style- exotic in the interior, oriental, Japanese, French, Italian. As well as African, English, Spanish, American, Scandinavian and others.

The choice of interior

Any owner of a country house wants to create a special cozy and comfortable atmosphere in his house. You can make dreams real by creating an individual original design that would suit all family members according to their style decision. The main factor in determining the style of the interior, of course, are the characters, interests and preferences of the owners and people living in the house. Some like the classic style and the use of natural materials, others - modern, where the preferred "introduction" of plastic, metal and glass. From the types of the above listed styles it is clear that there are many options. It is necessary to take into account the financial possibilities and all the wishes of the owners of a country house and only then proceed to the choice of the ideal style that suits the requirements.For conservative people, the classic style is ideal, in which elements of “ancient” ancient architecture are necessarily present. Massive natural wooden furniture with a patina, a fireplace - the integral attributes of the classics. The color palette is represented by the following colors - white, gold, pastel colors and shades, blue and green colors of curtains and furniture upholstery. The functionality, simplicity and elegance of Japanese minimalism has become very popular lately. The minimum number of things in the most spacious space. Harmony without unnecessary details is the main idea of ​​this style. The pattern on the interior partitions repeats the pattern on the walls, erasing the border between them. The ceiling is usually white and smooth. Preference should be given to the natural colors. Lamps should be quite a lot, since in the style of a special role is assigned to lighting. For those who prefer and appreciate the warmth of village houses, at the same time combined with practicality and convenience, the country style will suit. Distinctive features of this style are the details and elements of folklore, coarse texture finish, bright colors, leather and even animal skins. Style for modern, walking with the times, and young people - high-tech.A distinctive feature of this style is the use of the latest and most advanced materials and technologies. The style is characterized by a predominance of metal, plastic and glass structures. Furniture resembles geometric shapes. Upholstery monophonic. The premises, decorated in this style, resemble office.

General recommendations

An important role is played by the color decision. Colors can not only transform the living space (visually expand or narrow the room), but also psychologically affect the human body. When choosing a style, it is desirable to choose the interior of a country house intermediate option, which can be transformed on the basis of their changing requirements. Home improvement requires a large amount of work, but the possibility of applying your imagination is also greater. Pay special attention to interior details: colors, vases, curtains, lamps ... They must match the chosen style of the interior and its color palette. Think about the placement in the house of additional rooms and spaces, such as, for example, a sauna, swimming pool, fireplace room, billiard room, playgrounds, sports rooms with exercise equipment, mini-cinema and others.It is great if the interior of the country house harmonizes with the facade of the building and the surrounding landscape and is not overloaded with unnecessary details and elements.

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