Cosmetic mirrors

March 18, 2018

Cosmetic mirrors - an indispensable accessory for every woman. Cosmetic mirror today is one of the main accessories of each woman, it contributes to the correct application of makeup, which allows you to hide the flaws and emphasize the details of the exterior. Cosmetic mirrors and their varieties. To date, there are two main types of such mirrors: - with lighting; - no backlight.

Cosmetic mirrors

The most popular currently used mirrors with lights, which are equipped with LEDs. Such LEDs have a long lifetime, which is approximately 2500 days of continuous use. The structure of the light emitting LEDs brighter than conventional lamps, in addition, they have small dimensions, which in turn allowed the body to do much less.

Currently, there are various models of mirrors, in most cases they are equipped with a battery, but there are also combined models that can operate both on battery and on mains.Today there are cosmetic mirrors that have a unique design and operate on rechargeable batteries. They are produced in a special case, as a result, they can always take them on the road or on a journey. Such devices are multifunctional and are equipped with an intelligent dimmer and a button to adjust the brightness of the light radiation.

Косметические зеркала

Conventional mirrors without illumination are simple designs, and they are mostly much cheaper than counterparts equipped with lighting. All models of cosmetic mirrors have a certain curvature of the surface, due to which the increase in reflection is carried out, which in turn makes it possible to see the smallest details. Thanks to these features, the mirrors are comfortable to use and can be easily customized to care for your appearance.

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