Cool wishes for a man on his birthday in prose

Happy Birthday wishes to a man in prose

Happy birthday to a real man! Let all obstacles be overcome with ease. You are enthusiastic, you have the strength and ability to achieve your goals, love, prosperity, family comfort, pleasant emotions and good mood!

Happy Birthday. I wish feelings of happiness and freedom, excellent sense of humor and optimistic mood. Be a strong man who firmly knows what he wants and with full confidence always achieves his goals. Be loved, respected, adored and successful.

I want to congratulate the most beautiful man on your birthday! It is possible to wish this day everything and much. I traditionally wish you health, happiness and good - but for a start, I want to add that I always have a beloved woman next to you, the children are pleased, and only harmony and mutual understanding reigned in the family. Always be happy!

We wish this day the fulfillment of all our plans, joyful meetings and unexpected pleasant surprises.May all the qualities of a real man, such as strength, confidence, loyalty to the word, courage and charm, remain in you forever. Let it be good health, and life will give a lot of bright days.

A birthday for a man is a new page, a new opportunity for self-improvement and self-realization. I heartily congratulate with this wonderful holiday and wish to bring all my affairs to a successful end, to remain self-confident and self-sufficient, to believe in a good dream and to give love to your close people.

Comic lyrics to a man happy birthday

I want to wish you, man, that your wife has a son, and then also a daughter. I wish that during the night conscience did not torture you, so that they would not age the year. I wish you to smile more often, never get annoyed, to appreciate, hope, love. I wish you enough strength for friendship and love, for work and success. I wish tears to flow down your cheeks from laughter and joy. Happy Birthday!

Do not be sad, do not be sad at the ATM, rather run out of money. You take off and beautifully celebrate your birthday. My man! Congratulations to good health.

Happy man I congratulate you all the most beautiful on you in this life, be always a good faithful boy, so that there is no time spent, there was something in life, you are proud, and most importantly do not get too drunk, to start a new beautiful day and head pills do not swallow.

Have fun and have fun, but don’t get carried away. There is still time for robots for the family and bring a lot of money to take care of it and never ask your wife for beer anyway, she won’t let you lose your nervous birthday ballast.

On Birthday, it is customary to give the most expensive gifts and generously pour in greetings, so we wish that the most valued by modern people is health. I really want you to have it for a long time, so that the young people envy him, and you yourself do not know the addresses of either pharmacies or hospitals.

I wanted to wish you, dear man, so that your heart sang hip-hop and rock-n-roll in your hearts when we are with you. I wish you, my happiness, so that with the onset of spring you will be at your senses in power, I wish you all the best, I wish the world to be saved. I wish you to find yourself hundreds of times in the world.Let the birthday of the clockwork will whirl you again, bring joy and success, hope, faith and love!

Today, everything is possible! Get drunk in the trash and even fall asleep not on the bed. Today you have to be the happiest person, because there are only close people around you. We will always support you in difficult times, and we will celebrate your birthday with you every year.

Cool congratulations to the man in your own words

Let your fate, my man, wears you in your arms. I wish you a birthday so that love protects you, so that you finally believe in coincidences. I wish that the night was not enough for love, passion, romance. I wish that the problems in the candy wrappers turned into the same instant. I wish you have an irresistible craving for adventure! I wish you to go round the whole world!

My dear man, on this beautiful day, let me congratulate you on your birthday and give you a piece of your heart and soul. Let your life be filled with only the most amazing minutes, beautiful memories and bold plans! I sincerely wish you a radiant star in the sky, which will guide you only forward and only fortunately!

Happy Birthday! May your life be long, like a fast train. And in this fast train of your life there will be a lot of dining cars, cars, hotels, cars, beaches!

May you wake up this morning and a fairy tale surrounds you. The bed itself will be covered, the toothbrush will brush the teeth, the microwave will warm up breakfast, the trousers will be ironed and they will come to dress. Do you think this is a dream? No, it's just your mother came to visit you. Happy birthday, man! You are already big, but still a child in your soul who needs care and attention! I wish you happiness, health and a good wife!

On your big holiday today, I hasten to wish for the example of your fate to dispel the centenary myth that happiness is only an instant, let this moment stretch into your whole life, and life itself will be harmonious and indecently long - to the most respectable and record anniversaries.

Happiness joy wish my man dear happy birthday congratulations my beloved let your fatigue after robots disappear and a new sip of inspiration life will bring you live as you like but do not forget love and care surround me love me tolerate me even though sometimes I am not tolerable and angry I probably happen to be dangerous!

Happy birthday to the man cool in prose

From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on your birthday! Be strong as a rock and dare like a real warrior. Let all your life competitions end only in victory. Do not look back, because all the best is waiting for you ahead.

On this wonderful, sunny day, I want to wish you smiles, light, warmth, harmony in life, good luck and good luck. Always remain the same cheerful, wise and cheerful person. I wish you happiness in your personal life and career advancement.

Happy Birthday! You are a man with a capital letter. You are a support for a family, you are a support for friends. I wish you always remain as reliable, loyal, sensitive and positive. Just be happy!

Happy birthday, wonderful man. I wish the steel aging, iron patience, strong nerves and excellent health. May there always be bright and good forecasts in life, let success be constantly achieved in activities, may there always be a place in the heart for happiness and joy.

Happy Birthday! I wish strength and courage, resilience to the vagaries of fate, dedication in solving any, even the most difficult tasks. Let the charm knows no boundaries, and life experience comes easily and naturally.

Funny words of wishes for a man happy birthday

You're today a birthday boy, today is your day! You are not alien to the joys of this world, and the date of today's holiday has a direct bearing on them. Earlier, being small, you were waiting for your birthday as a day of miracles, when suddenly everything was done the way you want, new desirable toys appeared. Now you matured, making sure that the Birthday is the most sincere and kind holiday! Even if at work you could not join the team, he will congratulate you on your day. Well, your closest, most faithful and loving friends of you are always there! Happy Birthday, and be happy, dear Friend! A great and good future is definitely waiting for you! In a year, you will celebrate your birthday in Milan, and you will remember today's birthday! With hatching!

And this day has come! You are strong and brave, this is your day! It doesn’t matter what day it is, and what the weather is like, all that matters to you is that it was you who was born on that day! Happy Birthday, let everything in your life be like in the chorus of Yegor Letov and the group "Civil Defense": "And everything goes according to plan." I wish you have your personal plan and follow it.And also happiness and health to you! Life success, faithful wife and loving family! Stay true, courageous and courageous! May you be respected at work, loved by relatives and loved ones, may your plans always be fulfilled, and your dreams will be subject to you and reachable to you! Just listen to what you like, live the way you want, happy birthday!

Dear friend, Happy Birthday! On this day I want to wish you happiness, love, preferably with a beauty and so that she does not change. Moving up the career ladder is imperative that the authorities have a good, understanding. Understanding you in life, strong male friendship and no betrayal. Well, health, heart and male. Again, happy birthday. Today is your day! Mark your holiday exactly as you want! And let it be a shame in the morning! After all, no wonder they say: the best holidays are those, after which a little ashamed! And let all envy you only white envy! Be happy dear friend!

Dear friend! On this day, the number was born a terrific person who pleased not only his parents with his appearance. In the future, he built an excellent career, and many people want to congratulate this man on a significant day.Congratulations on your birthday! Let your plans come true, your dreams will be reached, and you will remain the same kind and cheerful friend! Happy Birthday my dear friend! You have achieved a lot in this life, and more than once you will achieve the highest success and amazing results. You are brave and courageous, and this is your day! For you, friendship, this is still an important concept, it makes you proud. You look brutal, but in your heart you are a romantic, capable of the most beautiful and romantic acts! Happy Birthday Buddy!

Dear colleague, dear boss, the finest family man and friend Congratulations on your birthday! We wish you a successful career, happiness in your personal life, obedient children, good father-in-law with mother-in-law, new beginnings, creative breakthroughs, good health and all the best. You deserve this day, so spend it, as it should. Let them treat you only well, let your friends be faithful and reliable, let you be cheerful and responsive. Happy birthday, dear friend, comrade, colleague and dear boss! You are respected at work, you are looked at as a reasonable, rational and courageous boss, you deserve it! Happy Birthday!

Cool texts congratulations to the man for his birthday

Dear friend! Dear father! Dear son! Dear brother! Dear uncle! All these words apply to you, because you are: you are a birthday today! You are dear to our family, you are treated with respect, they believe in you and love you for who you are! Be happy, and we will try not to let you down, and do everything possible to make you truly happy. Your friends appreciate and love you, well, we, your family respect you and are ready to take care of you1 You are the real example of the head of the family: intelligent and reasonable, calm and responsible, able to make decisions! Happy Birthday! May good luck always and everywhere accompany you, and we, your family, will certainly help you with this! Happy Birthday!

Dear friend! Congratulations on your personal day! Birthday is a bright and pure holiday! He comes from his very childhood! Suppose that, as compared with the early years, you now celebrate the holiday in a completely different way, the list of your gifts that you receive has changed significantly, but you have remained exactly as you were before. Brave and strong, kind and generous, brutal and romantic. Happy Birthday my dear friend! Your day is fully deserved by you! You are a very good person,and you deserve simple human happiness! Be really happy! May good luck be with you, and be truly strong and courageous, brutal in appearance and romantic in your soul!

Birthday ... Again this day. Common to others. Great for you. Significant for us - your loved ones, friends, or just acquaintances, if you refer a very small circle of people to the criteria, only those who passed with you as they say, copper pipes with hexagonal glasses and fire water all born on Earth in their natural view leading. In fact, all this does not matter. To you, on this very day, we wish for one thing - to be a strong soul, for a serious showdown, a weak heart, for love intrigues and a healthy liver for our meetings with you !!! Viva !!! Viva !!! Viva !!! Happy Birthday Buddy!!! And be really happy !!! You really deserve it! My dear birthday boy, I congratulate you on this truly wonderful day. With all my heart I want to wish you all the best. Family well-being, spiritual harmony, unlimited happiness and success. May all your dreams come true.Remember that in any difficult situation you have relatives on whom you can rely. I believe that with such a good person everything will be fine, because everything in our life is boomerang. Do not be sad that the past years are behind you, because this is a wonderful experience, which is like a trampoline, from which you need to push off to fly as high as possible. You are a true and faithful companion, happiness to you and great human love! Happy Birthday!

Here comes your birthday! I wish you always remain strong support for your family. Be a role model for your children and loved ones, because you are a real man, not deprived of courage, courage and fortitude! So always remain the same, charging everyone with your energy and strength. May life be gracious to you, and fortune always lies on your side. Let your true friends and loving family surround you. Successes you at work and in all life. More money and financial well-being. Moods are great, more joy. Do not know the sorrows and sadness in life. And, of course, strong and strong health to you and all your relatives! Ms Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best! Stay the same kind and generous! Achievements of your cherished dreams, health, good luck. May fate be gracious to you.Excellent work with a good team. Stay the same great father, husband and friend. Material well-being and wide road. Love you strong and true. Let admiring feminine views surround you. And you, like Casanova, changed women "like gloves," giving them their attention and compliments. You deserve it. Happy birthday to you!

Congratulations on the birthday of a man on you in prose

We congratulate you on your birthday, let the success always and everywhere accompany you, may your family always remain your faithful support, and the house - a place of harmony and comfort. Be healthy, happy and happy.

With all my heart, congratulations on your birthday. I wish you inspiration in any business: at home or at work, in training or traveling - always have a great mood and a desire to go forward. Forces of life, strong health, happiness of a human and only a great mood!

Happy birthday to you. I want to wish a wonderful man, a strong and strong man impeccable health, great luck on the way, incredible inner strength and constant optimism in my soul.I wish to always achieve important goals, be loved and love my family, live happily, with dignity and wealth.

Congratulations on a great date. We wish this birthday, only the most light and kind. We wish you constant elation and vivacity, always positive communication and a lot of joyful events. Let luck always holds you by the hand. We wish you success in your work, personal growth and well-being.

I congratulate you on your birthday and sincerely wish that health, money and luck were always available, so that there would be a lot of indecentness in your life and success. Remain a solid man and a simple open person.

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