Cool gifts for the new 2018 year

Cool gifts for the New Year 2018 are things that emphasize the presence of a great sense of humor and deep trust between the donor and the receiving gift. Everyone who wishes to present to his friends, colleagues and acquaintances is faced with the following questions: What is fun to give for the New 2018 year? How to surprise those who know you far and wide? Look for detailed and clear answers in the following lines.

How to choose cool gifts?

When choosing fun gifts you should consider:

  • Age and sex of the person;
  • Degree of intimacy with the host offering.

So old people do not need to give things that are reminiscent of the rapid flow of time (comic hours). Girls should not present the little things that hint at sex with their appearance. Also, you never need to try to give something cool to your own superiors. There is a high probability that the leadership may misinterpret the feelings expressed in the gift and dismiss the donor or significantly impair his life (deprive him of the premium).

There are a lot of ideas of funny gifts for the New 2018, and among them you can always choose something funny and worthy.

Cool gifts for the new 2018 year

Creative gifts for girls

Girls love to laugh. Also, young people can be slightly (moderately) scare. In order for the beauties of the gift to have pleasant emotions, you can present:

  • Rubber caterpillar, spider or mouse;
  • A hoop that simulates scissors sticking out of a head;
  • Rubik's cube for the blonde;
  • Set of a black cat (hoop with ears, bow, tail);
  • Soap bubbles in a rose-vase;
  • Rubber women's slates in the form of a person's foot;
  • Comic straitjacket.

Funny gifts for middle-aged girlfriends

Middle-aged friends will like ridiculing their “female” functions and tasks:

  • Apron with inflatable breasts;
  • Call with the words "Feed the cat";
  • Satin bandage with feathers;
  • Transparent piggy bank, in which you can not see the coins;
  • Ball-antistress in the form of an octopus;
  • A magic wand that holds special metal objects in the air;
  • Patch lips.

Interesting gifts for older women

Older women will find items that are “useful” in the household or help them to take care of their appearance:

  • Cube hydrometeorological center, which shows the weather outside;
  • Orthopedic pillow in the form of a brick;
  • Comb, which is enclosed in the body of a butterfly;
  • The holder for toilet paper in the form of the camera;
  • Napkins with toast;
  • The lamp in the form of Tetris;
  • Giant hairbrush.

Fun Gifts for Guys

Cool gifts for the new 2018 year

Guys can give almost any thing. Even exotic trifles will take a youthful and fresh look at life positively and with humor. For example,

  • Large severed arm of rubber;
  • Vampire fangs with blood capsules;
  • Toilet paper with drawings depicting money or poses from the Kama Sutra;
  • Nagging machine;
  • Skull shaped foxwood;
  • The mask of Darth Vader;
  • Stickers to create a kind of "bloody" hands.

Unusual gifts for middle-aged friends

Middle-aged men will like things that beat respectability and habits. These little things can be:

  • A safe cigar that lets out a cloud of smoke if blown into it;
  • A cigarette that splashes water;
  • Guy Fawkes mask (Anonymous);
  • Round glasses (the same as in the popular video);
  • Spray lighter;
  • A glass of "beer", which does not pour out;
  • Coughing ashtray in the form of human lungs.

Funny gifts for older men

Presents-jokes for men of the older generation should not hint at vulgarity and cause strong unrest. The representatives of the stronger sex age over 60 years will like:

  • A set of vegetation on the face (mustache, podushiki, sideburns);
  • Telescopic (folding as a radio antenna) plug;
  • A sticker that mimics a broken window;
  • Spyglass that soils the eye;
  • Bullets that "stick out" of a shot car;
  • Comb in the form of a combat dagger;
  • Chesalka for the back.

Fun trivia for colleagues

Colleagues need to present small, but cool little things, such as:

  • Keychain-shocker (with a little tension), which is handed in at the handshake;
  • Comic certificate (freeloader or bourgeois);
  • Gum in the form of ink stains;
  • Car Keychain Shocker-Flashlight;
  • Syringe pen with red or blue liquid;
  • Voodoo doll for office;
  • Sticker on a suitcase with transported "currency".

Cool gifts for the new 2018 year

Cool gifts for a loved one

As a cool addition to the main present, a beloved man can be presented with:

  • Antistress-expander in the form of a female breast;
  • Apron with a "naughty";
  • Love cubes, with the help of which you can choose a lesson for the evening;
  • Playboy panties with a long pocket;
  • Opener for beer, which makes erotic sounds;
  • The sticker on the car with the original inscription (“I am on the tank”, “Mechanical wiring is contused”)
  • Equalizer with a cool pattern, which is mounted on a belt or in a tourist tent.

The sympathy and laughter of his beloved woman will cause:

  • Erotic form for scrambled eggs;
  • Flower bouquet, funny with the "naughty";
  • Glowing handcuffs;
  • Fool's whip;
  • Cowards Eve;
  • Diploma "Real Wife";
  • The giant pin is 30-40 cm long.

Ludicrous prizes for next of kin

To laugh father or brother should be purchased:

  • A set of paper balls that explode from hitting the wall or pressure (attempts to crush with your foot);
  • Faux fur beard;
  • Dietary spoon with a hole;
  • The nail that “passed” through the hand;
  • Umbrella with a picture, which shows a hand with a "middle finger";
  • Glasses for drinking cocktails with rim in the form of tubes for drinks;
  • Freddy Kruger gloves (from the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street").

Cool gifts for the new 2018 year

Mom or sister will please:

  • Candy with comic flavors (garlic or fish);
  • Fridge magnet in the form of used chewing gum;
  • Giant glasses;
  • Talking hamster (toy);
  • Cosmetics kit for a terrible makeup (brushes and water-based paint);
  • Witch cap;
  • Keychain rabbit made of natural fur.

Grandfather and Grandmother amuse:

  • Huge thermometer;
  • The mask of Brezhnev;
  • Candles on the cake that can not be blown out;
  • The nose and glasses of Baba Yaga;
  • Ink that disappears;
  • Match "burning" tablecloth with an aqueous solution;
  • Orange glasses by John Lennon.

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