Congratulations to colleagues on Tourism Day

Good day! Only tourist can fully understand the complexity, beauty and unforgettable taste of travel. Would you like to sincerely congratulate your colleagues on their professional holiday, but have not yet found the right words?

No problem! Come to the section of our site with congratulations on the Day of Tourism to colleagues and choose the most suitable wishes in verse or prose.

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Congratulations on the Day of Tourism in verse and prose

Funny postcards Happy Tourism Day

Congratulations to poems colleagues Happy Tourism Day

How often do we select routes?
At the same time, we rarely take a rest!
What is rest for people is work for us!
But we have special benefits!

Colleague, congratulations on the day of tourism,
And to relax you, after all, I wish.
To many countries you have seen different
Permits to not only sell!

Congratulations, colleagues, I have you

Happy Tourism Day, with a beautiful day!
For people every moment, every hour
We are looking for a tale, and we will find a place!

Travel agencies today in price,
It is necessary for all to have a good rest,
By burning - less than doubly
For the price you can choose a tour!

I wish you in the life of victories,
Dear colleagues,
Light from different corners of the world
Gives happiness and a lot of love!

Happy Tourism Day, we do a good deed -

We give people emotions and impressions.
Happy Tourism Day, colleagues, raise glasses,
There is no more honorable work, no doubt!
Show people the world, all its wonders,
So that their eyes sparkled with joy.
For this, it is worth working in tourism -
We are giving happy people to our Motherland!

Our task is very important:
Save from the routine of good people.
Give us a lot of happiness assigned to us
And with the mission, we will understand his.
I wish, colleagues, customers wagon,
To the queue got tourists crowd.
And there were percentages - like a dream come true,
So that our safe is buried in tourists' money!

Happy tourism day dear colleagues vita!

I wish you to flourish, catch luck!
Travel agencies, dear, congratulations!
From work, I wish you a return!
Let the customers all go happy,
Profit let the river flow!
Let the high seasons not pass!
And there is a lover of travel!

Funny and short congratulations to colleagues on Tourism Day

Let us pay homage to the moment

Joy not hiding:
We are not just travel agents -
We are good luck mediators!
Let last minute trips
In the heat of winter and summer to snow
Sold as cleverly!
Happy Tourism Day to you, colleagues!

How many different roads on earth

They tied countries, continents!
And one has only to go beyond the threshold
Waiting for adventure and bright moments!
And we, colleagues, help those
Who goes to the unknown distance!
We solve hundreds of tourist problems
That tourists did not know the trouble!
Colleagues, Happy Tourism Day! Let fate
Leads expensive flat, not thorny!
The trouble dashing does not touch never
Good health! Love mate clean!

You are great innovators routes,

in animation - supercreators,
on excursions - experts,
and in communication are very easy!

Beautiful sms colleagues Happy Tourism Day

Congratulations on the day of tourism
All involved in this life,
To rest, trips
Weekend party.
All tour operators
Peaceful and glorious,
You hot life
Together we wish.
Let the business grow,
Vouchers fly away,
And it will be in your power
And love and happiness!

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