Congratulations on the Day of Locksmith Russia

Good day! Modern residents receive the benefits of civilization: water, gas, sewage. And all communications through which these very benefits reach the consumer require constant supervision and periodic repairs. People who are responsible for the quality of the services provided, perform their work at a high level.

The quality of our life with you depends on this. On February 26, it is customary to celebrate the holiday of all municipal workers who provide comfortable living for residents of large and small cities.

Congratulations on the Day of the Locksmith in verses

Congratulations locksmith you
With your holiday now!
And we wish you health,
Master you, we know that!
Let matters be argued
Happiness, joy, warmth,
We wish you and always
Let the star of love shine on you!

Happy locksmith, dear friend,
We heartily congratulate you!
All celebration is celebrated around,
What and we wish you.
Let the work wait,
No one, believe us, will condemn,
Let you always get lucky
After all, you bring benefit to people!

Tool, machine, auto
Who will bring to work?
On a professional day because
Oda we sing to him! -
Locksmith, you, buddy, class:
The hands are firm, faithful to the eye,
The heart is hot and the soul
Kind good!
In general, what else is needed? -
To find in the heyday of days
Very star award
With a bunch of money with her !!!

And the heart knows the simple truth:
Until the last days, wherever I am,
She lives in me and exists
My working profession.
Other days are circling and caring,
Other dawns are burning in September -
And still plumbing work
No, no, yes, and remind yourself!
Ah, youth! Rough palms,
Locksmith set - the highest grade!
I'm coming in the fall. Dawn behind the river is sinking.
Honey smell. Yellow sky
I’m walking a long-forgotten path.
Shirt. Jeans. Breathe easy.
A lone tractor stands in the field.
Unhappy guy beside him.
Looks like a kid stuck here for a long time,
Grieving without food and without drinking ...
Come on, give me the key here, brother,
Let's see what you got there?

Short SMS greetings on the Day of Locksmith

Happy locksmith congratulate you
I sincerely wish you success,
I wish you good luck in everything
When we come to you for help again!
I wish you health and strength
So that there are fewer abrasions and injuries
To enjoy their work
And they returned home with a smile!

Aggregates, Structures, Steel and Machines -
Any mechanic will fix the problem,
There is no fitter in the world the bravest men
So let good luck never leave you!
Happy locksmith! Let there be no flaws,
Let all your work bears only benefit
We wish to work, without dust, without success
And let you recognition for this year!

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