Good day! The library is an important attribute of school life, so do not forget to congratulate all employees of this field of activity on the day of School libraries and give them your sincere words of wishes and congratulations.

Let the hearts of librarians or lovers of books for a moment zastuchat faster, and your kind words will illuminate the soul of these lovely people. All greetings on our webpage are written in a beautiful prose form and filled with a special unique meaning. Be sure that with their help you will be able to congratulate any student, teacher or librarian on the Day of the school library.

Undoubtedly, this holiday will decorate your best words and wishes. Give joy to people, your work colleagues, school students and just good school librarians. Let them feel for themselves all the waves of positive and good from your gorgeous words and wishes! Celebrating School Libraries Day - the fourth Monday of October.

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Postcards Happy School Libraries

Congratulations on School Library Day

In school, you can not do without libraries
Even the Internet does not help here,
Writing il abstract write
Nice librarian in the selection will help.
Happy holiday school libraries congratulations
In all success, personal happiness, we wish
May every day pleasantly surprise you
Let the good angel protect.

From school we remember the smell of libraries
Books with yellowed sheets
And we never forget about those
Who to prepare lessons helped diligently.
Congratulations to all librarians,
Let all your dreams come true
Let you always get lucky in everything
Good health, prosperity to you, good.

We draw information to the lessons in libraries,
The librarian helps us in this,
Knows the card index
Life will always be fabulous.
On the day of school libraries, congratulations,
Long live happily,
Let the cherished dream come true,
May the sun of happiness shine on you forever.

We thank the librarians for their hard work.
On the holiday we sincerely want to congratulate you,
We cannot imagine the learning process without you,
Let luck be with you, every hour.
Let life flow like a full river
May happiness always smile to you
Let work brings inspiration,
Let it be a great mood.

Without a book of life, you have no idea
Love to read unobtrusively instill,
By the principle of living: "The doctrine is light, and the unlearned is darkness,"
All-knowing librarians honor and praise.
Today is your holiday, congratulations
All the best in life wish,
Good health, good luck, warmth,
Let life be always a fairy tale.

Beautiful Greetings for School Libraries

Each of us for his academic age
Was a visitor to school libraries,
Any topics in the books found,
And geeks from there went out.
We congratulate school library workers,
I wish you patience with all your heart,
Carry light to the masses of knowledge
Succeed to give all the answer.

All questions will be answered
A row of books from thick school libraries,
If the essay to write or abstract,
The library will definitely need to run.
Let the school library,
For a long time in memory will remain,
Let the lyrics and classics,
You will long dream.

School library, just a treasure for us, friends,
From the twos helped to save many,
You will find the answer to any question there,
And by all means you will find a practical advice.
Happy library day to you,
I wish you success in your work,
May you be lucky in everything always
Let your path illuminates the lucky star.

Today we celebrate the day of school libraries,
Do not forget us the temple of books forever,
Here we spent the school years,
All the answers to the questions found.
Congratulations on a beautiful holiday,
All the best from the heart we wish,
Let luck be with you always smiling
May fate favor you.

We still remember the smell of school libraries,
Slight rustling of yellowed files,
Answers to questions we always found
Notice there were no computers back then.
We congratulate all the library workers,
We wish you happiness in your personal life,
Good luck, peace, joy, kindness,
Let the dream always come true.

School library - salvation for us,
Our class likes to visit her,
Who is interested in classics, who needs the formula,
You will always find the answer to any question.
Today is a special day
Congratulate the library staff, we are not lazy,
May fate always smile at you
Let life flow like a full river.

SMS Greetings Happy School Librarian in verses and prose

School library -
House of interesting books.
I wish every child
To comprehend the truth.

To understand that the tablets,
Iphone phones
Better books will never be
Paper, intertwined!

Today we celebrate at school
Libraries day
Librarian congratulate
With flowers, we are not lazy.

Today is a wonderful holiday - International School Library Day. The library plays a very important role in school. It is she who instills in children a love for the classics, for reading in general. Congratulations to all school librarians on this holiday. We wish you health, good luck and interesting literature.

Come to the library!
There are many interesting things
Any information
Mysterious and unknown.

School librarian
Always glad to see you
He knows what to advise,
Your choice is obvious to him.

On this holiday - on the International Day of School Libraries, I propose to congratulate all librarians. Thank you for always coming on any issue, and you will instruct, guide, and direct you to the necessary book rows. Thanks to you, children develop and are interested in something new.

We congratulate the librarians,
And we wish them only good,
They are wonderful books,
Books are their best friends.

They rub dust with love
On numerous shelves high,
By genre neatly formed books,
While in school there are lessons.

Funny Greetings for International School Library Day

We have a library:
Books, textbooks - full.
File cabinet students
The book can take home.

We can just for leisure
Choose something to read,
Essays about science
We can quickly write.

We wish to develop,
To attendance grew.
Books only replenished,
To study kids.

To make children grow
They need to know a lot.
In the school of books they scored -
They will study at home.

In the library a lot
Literature collected.
For any student
There is a benefit there.

International Day
School Libraries
Give her a huge
Textbooks pack.

In the books of knowledge is power,
In the library we go!
Romance, riddles of the world
On the shelves of books we find.

Will be able to pick up a textbook,
Allowance or magazine.
Our librarian knows everything,
More than once he helped with this.

Let the library grow,
Will be full of files.
So that teachers and children
Found a book that they wanted.

There is a library at school
In her knowledge of a treasure.
To answer in the lesson -
We can take the book there.

Children, save up knowledge,
After all, without knowledge - nowhere.
Books often you take
And read for yourself.

On this day, we want to congratulate
Library staff.
At work, do not miss them,
When writing file cabinets.

Computer or tablet
The book will not replace.
After all, the book collected knowledge of light,
Run to the library!

You will discover many genres:
Classics, novel, science.
You librarian can
Book choose for leisure.

Even a difficult report
You write excellent
Find the right stuff
On the shelf of a large book.

International Day of School Libraries October 27 prose congratulations

Dear librarians of school libraries, we want to thank you for your hard work and because you instill in your work a careful and caring attitude to the book. May God grant you family well-being, happiness and prosperity! Happy International School Library Day!

On the International Day of School Libraries, let each of them have wonderful,Friendly and sincere meetings at which famous writers and masters of the word will be able to inculcate the love of literature even to the most zealous loafer and fidget in school! Let libraries be filled with new material and flourish!

Many sincere thanks to the librarians who work in school libraries, for giving us the happiness to have the desired book, reading each sentence and repeating to ourselves each phrase of the hero! We wish you stability, let every day be happy and successful! With a professional date!

We congratulate the students and the librarians on the International Day of School Libraries, for they cannot imagine their lives without beautiful, interesting and informative books! Let the great horizons unfold before schoolchildren, like a book binding, and libraries always be in demand!

We congratulate the intellectual, self-confident and self-reliant schoolchildren on the International Day of School Libraries! Let all the useful and vital information stored valuable treasure on the library shelves, leave in your mind hundreds of great ideas and generate only good aspirations!

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