The Golden Fleece 2019

February 16-19, 2018, the Golden Fleece game contest on the history of world artistic culture was held. The theme of the competition: "XIX century: New time of Russia". Participants were able to plunge into the heyday of Russian culture and feel the historical context of the XIX century: emperors, government and public figures, travelers, industrialists and philanthropists, great reforms and modernization, political and cultural ties of Russia and the world, as well as romanticism and realism in artistic culture, Russian Empire and classicism in architecture, borrowing and rethinking European ideas by cultural figures and much more. What awaits the participants of the competition "Golden Fleece"?


Goals and objectives of the Competition

The competition is one of the projects of the “Productive Game Contests” program, which is part of the coordination plan of the Innovative Institute for Productive Education of the North-West Branch of the Russian Academy of Education. The goals and objectives of the competition are:

  • the development of student interest in the history of world artistic culture;
  • the development of creative activity of students, the expansion of their cultural range;
  • the expansion of forms of cognitive activity of students in the framework of the requirements of the federal state educational standards for the subject, meta-subject and personal learning outcomes;
  • activation of extracurricular work;
  • providing participants of the Competition with the possibility of alternative assessment of their own knowledge.

The Golden Fleece 2019

In Russia, the competition appeared in 2003 and has now gained great popularity.

Features of the competition

The form of the competition is similar to its "brothers" - competitions "Kangaroo", "Russian Bear" and others. However, he has several significant differences:

1 This is a family format contest. Assignments and response forms are given to participants on Friday, for the weekend, and completed response forms are collected on Monday
2 Each time the theme of the competition is announced in advance.
3 During the assignments, you can use various sources of information (including those published on the Internet), and also seek help from relatives and friends.
4 The content of the competition is focused not so much on memory and knowledge,obtained in the study of the school curriculum, how much is the participants' ability to work with new information, search for data, compare, analyze

The content of the Golden Fleece contest is based on the most significant historical events, biographies of prominent personalities, and achievements in the field of artistic culture. Over the years, the themes of the competition were: "Argonavtika", "Bella Italia", "Douce France", "Portraits of the Time 1861-1914", "European Cultural Capitals", "Literary Heroes", "XIX Century: New Time of Russia" and others .

The content of this competition in 2018 was devoted to Russian history and the culture of the XIX century. Participants were asked questions about the heroes, events, achievements of the national culture of that era, the political and cultural ties of Russia and the world, and the rethinking of European ideas by 19th century cultural figures.

Who can participate?

The competition is held on separate variants of tasks for 4 age groups:

  • 3-4 classes;
  • 5-6;
  • 7-8th;
  • 9-11 classes.

Pupils of 2 classes can also take part in the Competition. Participants from 2 classes perform tasks prepared for 3-4 classes.

Rules of participation

The competition is held for everyone without prior selection.

Participation in the competition is voluntary, it is forbidden to attract students to participate in the Competition against their wishes.

The decision to participate in the Competition is made by students and their parents (legal representatives).

Registration fee is 70 rubles from each participant. The right to free participation can be granted to orphans, students of orphanages, as well as students of schools at hospitals and sanatoriums.

Competition "Golden Fleece" 2019

Processing the results of the competition

After the Competition, the participants' response forms are submitted to the school organizer and sent to the Regional Organizing Committee.

After preliminary processing, the Contest materials are transferred by the Regional Organizing Committee to the Interregional or Central Organizing Committee to check the forms of the Participants' answers and summarize the results.

After summarizing the results, the Central Organizing Committee transfers to the Interregional or Regional Organizing Committee the results of the Competition for each OU participating in the Competition. The set of documents for the OS includes a summary list in which for each Participant the number of points scored, mistakes made, winners, places taken, and the percentage of Participants in the Russian list that showed the worst result are indicated.

If any facts of gross violation of the rules of the Competition are detected during the control, both individual students and classes or the whole educational institution can be disqualified.

The value of the competition "Golden Fleece"

The program is focused on the development of schoolchildren in extracurricular activities and enriching the learning environment.

Participation in productive game contests contributes to:

  • the formation of analytical skills;
  • systematization and consolidation of knowledge;
  • expansion of the information environment;
  • search for new ways to achieve results.

As a result, students have increased motivation, including the study of individual subjects, develop cognitive activity and individual abilities.

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