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Common mistakes of etiquette

UMBRELLA NEVER DRYES in the opened state - neither in the office, nor in the guests. It must be folded and put in a special stand or hang.

A MAN NEVER carries a woman's bag. And he takes the women's coat only to bring to the locker room. BAG DO NOT put on your knees or on your chair. A small elegant handbag, a clutch bag can be put on the table, a bulky bag can be hung on the back of a chair, or put on the floor if there is no special chair (these are often served in restaurants). A WOMAN CAN NOT take off a hat and gloves indoors, but not a hat and mittens.

NEVER come to visit without a bell. One British lady said that when there are unwanted guests she always puts on her shoes, a hat and takes an umbrella. If a person is pleasant to her, she will exclaim: "Oh, how fortunate, I just came!". If unpleasant: "Oh, what a pity, I must go." I will add about the guests: you should not offer to take off your shoes, this is a bad form. The guest should guess about it himself (if the carpet is white and fluffy, and it is slush on the street.)

HOME CLOTHES are pants and a sweater that are comfortable but have a decent look. Bathrobe, pajamas are designed to get to the bathroom in the morning and in the evening from the bathroom to the bedroom.

FROM THE MOMENT, LIKE THE CHILD settles in a separate room, learn to knock by calling on him. Then he will do the same before entering your bedroom.

The TOTAL NUMBER of DECORATIONS under the international protocol must not exceed 13 items, and this includes jewelry buttons. Do not put a ring on top of gloves, but the bracelet is allowable. The darker the street, the more expensive the decoration. Diamonds used to be considered an ornament for the evening and married ladies, but recently it has become permissible to wear diamonds during the day. On a young girl, diamond studs with about 0.25 carats are quite appropriate.

PAYMENT RULES for an order in a restaurant: if you utter the phrase: “I invite you,” it means that you pay. If a woman invites a business partner to a restaurant, she pays. Another wording: “Let's go to a restaurant,” - in this case, everyone pays for himself, and only if the man himself offers to pay for the woman, can she agree.

MAN ALWAYS the first to enter the elevator, but the first one who is closer to the door comes out.

In the car, the most prestigious place is considered to be behind the driver, a woman takes him, a man sits down next to her, and when he gets out of the car, he holds the door and gives the lady a hand. If a man sits behind the wheel, the woman is also preferable to take a seat behind him. However, wherever you sit, a man must open the door in front of you and help him out.

TALKING TO CONSIDERATIONS that you are on a diet is bad form. Moreover, it is impossible under this pretext to refuse the dishes offered by the hospitable hostess. Be sure to praise her culinary talents, while you can not eat anything. You should also deal with alcohol. Why you can not drink - this is your problem. Ask for a dry white wine and a little sip. THEMES-TABU for small talk: politics, religion, health, money. Inappropriate question: “God, what a dress! How much did you pay? ”How to respond? Cute smile: "This is a gift!" Transfer the conversation to another topic. If the other person insists, gently say: "I would not want to talk about it."

EVERYONE who has reached the age of 12 relies on “you”. It is disgusting to hear our “elite” say “you” to the waiters, or chauffeurs. Even to those people with whom you are well acquainted, in the office it is better to turn to “you”, to “you” - only in private. Exception - if you are peers or close friends. How to react if the interlocutor persistently "pokes" you? First ask again: “Excuse me, are you contacting me?” If it didn't help, look around in bewilderment: “Excuse me, do you mean me?” The next stage is a neutral shrug: “Excuse me, but we did not switch to“ you ”.

DISCUSSING ABOUT, that is, simply gossiping is unacceptable. It is not allowed to talk badly about relatives, in particular, to discuss husbands, as is customary in our country. If the husband is bad - why are you not going to divorce him? And just as it is impermissible to speak with contempt, with a grimace about the native country. "In this country, all the goons ..." - in this case, you also belong to this category of people.

PLASTIC PACKAGES are allowed only upon returning from the supermarket, as well as paper branded bags from boutiques. To carry them with you as a bag is zhlobstvo.

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