Collection autumn-winter of 2017-2018 by Gucci

House of Gucci is one of the largest manufacturers of fashionable clothes, perfumes and accessories. The history of this world-renowned leader of the fashion industry is quite long and difficult. Today he is in the circle of companies ranked as trendsetters. The images presented by the designers of the fashion house Gucci during the Milan Fashion Week are chosen by many world manufacturers of fashion clothes as a guide.

The world of Gucci is amazing and unusual. Each collection released under this brand has its own charisma, surprising and striking fashionistas with sometimes unexpected combinations and design solutions. The new collection of Alessandro Michele for the autumn-winter season of 2017-2018, which was called the “Garden of the Alchemist”, was just such a bright, unexpected and enchanting one.

Alessandro Michele, creative director of the fashion house GucciLuxury images from GucciGucci Evening DressesUnusual bows from Gucci

The concept of the collection Gucci autumn-winter 2017-2018

Michele himself said that his collection for Gucci of the autumn-winter 2017-2018 season is a “laboratory of anti-modernity”, because the designer’s designs were inspired by the images of women of the second half of the 20th century.In fashionable bows successfully combined:

  • ethnic motifs inherent in Western and Eastern cultures;
  • pretentious glitter and creative UFO image;
  • Magnificent Victorianism and the austerity of the “librarian” style;
  • the symbolism of ancient Egypt and the elements inherent in the style of Art Deco;
  • genuine leather and textile fabrics of various textures;
  • delicate shades and coarse elements of decor.

Thinking through her image in 2018, women of fashion can rely on two collections: preliminary (pre-fall) and main (ready-to-wear).

Gucci collections autumn-winter 2017-2018

The main accents of the PRE-FALL Gucci Collection Fall-Winter 2017-2018

The pre-fall collection is an explosion of colors and the most unexpected combinations. It seems that in 2017-2018, the bows of Gucci are woven from contradictions, although at the same time fashionable images are not without harmony and grace.

The main trends of the Gucci preliminary collection are:

  1. layering and unexpected combinations;
  2. combination of socks with open sandals;
  3. exclusive tights (bright monophonic or with GG logo);
  4. textile boots with embroidery;
  5. leggings with elastic, as well as their sports variations with stripes and stripes.


In 2018, Alessandro Michele proposes to combine leggings with skirts and dresses of any length,classic coats and fur coats, as well as dress at once 2 pairs of sports pants in contrasting shades.

Bright multi-layered bows of the Gucci winter collectionGucci Anti-Modern Collection 2018Extravagant multi-layered images of Gucci 2018Classic bows from the Gucci collection

Sandals + socks or socks

It seems that this trend is quite firmly rooted, because such combinations in the autumn-winter 17-18 season can be seen not only in models of the fashion house Gucci. Chanel, Prada, Jil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana and other eminent masters of the fashion industry also complement the most varied socks with fashionable sandals and shoes in their bows.

Despite the wide palette of colors used, when choosing a colorist golf and socks, Michele preferred neutral shades.

Sandals with socks showing Gucci

Exclusive Gucci Tights

Creating stylish images for the year 2018, Alessandro Michele chose two win-win options:

  • bright plain tights as a stylish color accent;
  • Classic flesh-colored models with a brand logo for multi-color bows.

They look very impressive in combination with skin and advantageously emphasize the slenderness of the legs pink frosted tights. The hue of Grenadine from the Pantone base dozens perfectly combines with the tone of Marina, and Autumn Maple with an elegant white dress.

Colored tights from GucciGucci logo tightsFashionable tights you gucci imagesTights from Gucci 2017-2018 year

Textile embroidered boots

Embroidered shoes in 2017-2018 at the peak of popularity.The trend of the season will definitely be high boots of bright colors with exquisite floral decorations. Such models are presented in the pre-fall collection of Gucci.

Textile boots Gucci with embroidery


In continuation of the theme of the multi-layered image of Gucci 2018, we can not fail to mention stylish leggings. Fashionistas can safely combine bright models of sports styling (with stripes and stripes) with a dress, a skirt and elegant sandals on a high stiletto.

Although such an idea will seem to many to be too extreme, it can be stated that she has already found her fans and not only among the shocking youth.

Gucci leggings with stripes and stripes

The main accents of the Gucci collection READY-TO-WEAR autumn-winter 2017-2018

The ready-to-wear collection is an incredibly large selection of models, in which both the proverbs of classical images and extravagant young people will find a lot of fresh ideas and stylish images.

Fashion show Gucci, held in Milan, gave the audience a lot of vivid emotions, because the autumn-winter collection 17-18 was very unusual, bright and interesting. Thinking through the stylish images, the couturier focused on the unusual stylistic mix. In the female models one can distinguish such design solutions as:

  1. fabrics with floral prints and metallic sheen;
  2. classic cage in a wide variety of color combinations;
  3. fashion ethnics;
  4. youth denim and leather jackets with metallic décor;
  5. abundance of ryushes and flounces in evening images;
  6. coats, dresses and shoes with the texture of reptiles.

Fashion maters are recommended to men not to be afraid of shocking and to pay attention to practical and genuinely masculine materials - denim and leather.

Gucci floral prints

In the autumn-winter of 17-18, the theme of flowers will be particularly relevant. Many designers have included models with prints, applications and embroidery in their collections, but the images from Gucci are particularly elegant and attract with an original combination of shades and textures.

Floral prints in bows GucciFashionable bows from Gucci for 2018Gucci show autumn-winter 2017-2018Fashion show Guchchi garden alchemist

Large cell in women's bows

In the upcoming season, Michele offers women to complement the stylish image of a fashionable cell. A variety of color combinations are possible, from a bright red and blue gamut to restrained and muted shades.

The Gucci collection of autumn-winter 2017-2018 presents:

  • youth shirts;
  • stylish jackets;
  • dresses;
  • pantsuits;
  • plaid coat.

No less stylish looks and bright oblique stripe, complemented by animal painting.

Fashionable cell in Gucci's looksShirts and checkered coats Gucci showingFashionable check coat by GucciGucci cage and strip display 2017-2018

Ethnic motives of the Gucci collection

Inspired by women's images from different cultures, fashion designers Gucci added ethnic motifs to the collection: elements of clothing, designs and decorative elements.

If you are close to a fashionable ethnics, we suggest to evaluate unusual bows in the photo and to use the interesting ideas proposed by Michele in 2018.

Ethnics in the Gucci show 2018

Gucci denim and leather

The youth audience will definitely pay attention to such elements of the collection as:

  • leather pants;
  • jackets-leather jackets in biker style;
  • long raincoats under the belt;
  • short denim shorts.

Genuine leather and jeans are also widely represented in the men's part of the collection. These include cropped jumpsuits, tight pants, and lightweight denim jackets. It is worth noting that the designer himself on the day of the show gave preference to torn blue jeans.

Gucci Leather Pants and Leather CloakGucci Leather and DenimGucci youth fashion for 2018Kozhea and jeans in male images from Gucci

Evening Dresses by Gucci

Along with creative and sometimes outrageous models, Alessandro Michele offers women luxurious evening dresses. In a trend, soft cream and pink shades, rich lilac, purple and lilac colors, a classic combination of white and black, as well as a delicate softened version of Marina.

Gucci Evening DressesLuxury dresses from Gucci 2017-2018 yearElegant spinning outfits from GucciLuxury female images of Gucci

Reptile skin

In 2018 you should not dwell on accessories under the skin of a snake or a crocodile. Gucci proposes to go much further, presenting two stylish bows in the animal style and hints of exotic in the collection.

The undoubted trade of the upcoming season will be a combination of prints on clothing items, accessories and shoes.

The texture of reptile skin showing Gucci

Exclusive umbrellas

Do not forget in the fashion house GG and about accessories. The highlight of the show was the original umbrellas and wide-brimmed hats.

Gucci umbrella fashion 2018Gucci umbrella fashion show 2017-2018 yearUnusual umbrella from the Gucci showGucci Wide Brimmed Hat

Gucci's epatage bows

Not without outrageous. So, Michele offered some quite bold images that aroused an active interest among the guests of the show. How much fit tight male overalls with gremlins in real life will be in demand, but for now we can appreciate the creativity of design ideas in the photo.

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