Collection autumn winter 2017-2018 by Naeem Khan

One of the most anticipated events of fashion week, held in New York, is undoubtedly the show of the famous American brand Naeem Khan.

Couturier and at the same time the owner of the fashion house, Naim Khan. Originally from India. His childhood and teenage years were spent in the metropolis of Mumbai, where the family led a successful business of sewing luxury women's clothing. Possessing impeccable taste, the couturier creates magnificent images that happy women try on in America, including Michelle Obama, Penelope Cruz, Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Brooke Shields and Queen of Jordan Noor.

American designer Naim Khan

The concept of collections Naeem Khan autumn-winter 2017-2018

Evening and cocktail dresses from Naeem Khan - this is a fabulous extravaganza! They seem to be created in order to become an ornament of red tracks. Each image harmoniously combines the luxury of the East and the restraint of the West, sophistication, elegance, sophisticated cut and an abundance of refined decorative elements such as:

  • the smallest beads, creating a flickering effect in the rays of spotlights;
  • handmade embroidery;
  • lace;
  • volume elements;
  • rhinestones and stones.

We invite you to plunge into the amazing and unique world of Naeem Khan and learn a lot of fresh ideas to create fashionable images. In the fall-winter 2017-2018 season, the designer presented three collections:

  1. (preliminary collection);
  2. (main ready-to-wear collection);
  3. (collection of wedding dresses).

Collections Naim Khan 2017-2018

The main accents of the PRE-FALL collection Naeem Khan 2017-2018

The preliminary collection turned out to be very bright, as if the designer does not want to let go of the summer with its rich, cheerful colors. Already at the stage of creating PRE-FALL models, the designer predicted that the main trend of the autumn-winter 2017-2018 season would be a floral pattern. As the highlight in most of the bows are large flowers of various shades, as well as gently intertwining branches of the vine, on which paradise birds are placed.

Fashionable dresses Naeem Khan 2018Fashionable images from designer Naeem KhanNaeem Khan 2017-2018

Transparent dresses in black and white from lightweight airy fabric, decorated with lace, look very stylish.

Monochrome Evening Dresses by Naim Khan

Connoisseurs of stylish classic bow will appreciate fashionable monochrome dresses made of luxurious satin, the laconic decoration of which is applique, embroidery or lush jabot.

White embroidery from Naim Khan

Universal gray is always in fashion. In 2018, Naim Khan offers two elegant and in the literal sense of the word brilliant look in bright colors and a stylish dress with black and gray colors with a pleated skirt popular today.

Evening images from Naim Khan

Love bright images, but without excessive variegation - feel free to choose monochrome bows in scarlet tones. Naeem Khan offers several radically different options:

Fluffy red dress Naeem KhanEvening dress Naeem Khan 2018Dress in red colors Naim KhanImages in scarlet tones from Naim Khan

The main accents of READY-TO-WEAR collection Naeem Khan 2017-2018

The ready-to-wear collection by Naim Khan is fashionable clothing that will allow you to look great in the autumn-winter 17-18 season not only at social events and receptions, but every day.

Of the trends that will invariably affect the fashion of 2018, it is worth noting:

  • monochrome images in red and black tones;
  • gold and silver;
  • inexhaustible floral themes;
  • animal print;
  • combination of black fabric and white finish;
  • bright color accents and geometric pattern.

2018 Monolukies

This season, many Italian, French and American designers have relied on stylish monochrome images, and the collection of the autumn-winter 2017-2018 season, which Naim Khan presented on the podium of New York, is no exception. To implement the idea of ​​a one-color image, the designer chose always topical black and red shades.

Dresses Naim Khan showing ready-to-wear 2017-2018Red dress from Naim KhanBlack dress Naeem Khan 2017-2018

Shades of "silver" and "gold"

2018 is unambiguously a year of metallic paints. Shades of gold and silver are popular in the Neil Art and fashion industry.Stylish outfits proposed by Khan - the perfect choice for the red carpet. Made of shiny fabric, dresses promise a great play of light in the rays of bright spotlights.

Gold and Silver in the Naim Khan Show

Flower theme

The floristic theme is represented in the prêt-a-porter collection in bright multi-color prints that flow from dresses and cuffs of fashionable coats to high boots. Bright and unusual boots can be called a highlight of the winter collection. Such shoes will make any image creative and uniquely fashionable.

Models with patterns in oriental style look no less stylish.

Floral print in the images of Naim KhanThe phroistic theme of Naeem Khan 2017-2018Oriental themes in the images of Naeem KhanOriental pattern dress Naeem Khan

Animalistic in the models of Naeem Khan

Along with floral and oriental prints, the designer included several exquisite images with fashionable elements of animalistic style in the collection:

  1. long evening dress;
  2. fashionable raincoat;
  3. elegant jumpsuit.

Animal print featuring Naim Khan

Black and white images

White trim on a black background looks just great. Such elements can be safely used in their images by business women, thinking through a luxurious and at the same time restrained image for a solemn event.

Black and white onions from Naeem Khan

Geometric patterns and color accents

For those who are looking for something more. Than just a luxurious designer dress and ready to experiment with classic themes, Naim Khan offers dresses with abstract prints, geometric patterns and bright accents.

Dress with an abstract pattern 2018Dress with color accentsTrendy geometry from Naim KhanUnusual color schemes showing Naim Khan

The alternative image of the bride, a gray evening dress with an abundance of flounces and sophisticated models with a pattern in the shape of the wings of a bird of paradise were also given special attention by famous guests.

Gray color and ruffles in the images of Naim KhanDress Naim Khan "wings of a bird"The decor of the dress in the form of feathersFlowing gray dress 2018

The main accents of the BRIDAL collection Naeem Khan 2017-2018

Naeem Khan bridal gowns are elegant luxury worthy of real queens! It is thanks to the magnificent wedding and evening dresses designer gained incredible popularity. His models have grace and sophistication, harmoniously combining the strict lines of refined classical silhouettes, the most current fashion trends and extravagant notes.

The new Naeem Khan collection, created for the magnificent wedding celebrations of the fall-winter 17-18 season, is not just another fashion show held on the catwalks of New York. Based on the high interest of the stars in the creations of the couturier, it is highly likely that we will see some of the dresses presented on vip-brides,and given accents - in the most fashionable wedding salons in Europe and Russia.

So, in 2018, Naim Khan offers fashionable brides:

  1. bouffant skirts;
  2. volumetric floristic decor;
  3. straight silhouettes, emphasizing the beauty of the figure;
  4. retro images;
  5. short dresses;
  6. unusual solutions in trendy yellow color.

Luxurious wedding dresses 2017-2018

The image of a delicate and fragile young princess is a classic of wedding fashion. In the upcoming season will be relevant not only the usual fluffy maxi dresses, but also alternatives, slightly opening shoes or knee-length. We offer to evaluate in the photo how unusual and beautiful is the model with a bunk skirt, as well as dresses embroidered with the finest beads and decorated with laces and fur.

Magnificent wedding dress Naeem KhanBridesmaid dress with a fluffy skirtFashionable wedding dresses in 2018

A-line Dresses with Bulky Décor

A simple cut of such models is fully compensated by an unusual choice of fabric. Dresses seem to be covered with gorgeous white flowers. Large and small, surrounded by intricate curls and twigs of a vine, embroidered on a transparent basis with snow-white threads, volumetric flowers make the image of the bride really gorgeous. Couturier proposes to complement such an image with a long veil without unnecessary adornments, and instead of a complicated hairstyle, give preference to loose hair,symbolizing innocence and youth.

Wedding dress with volumetric decorWhite flowers on a wedding dressNaeem Khan Bridesmaid Dress

Straight silhouettes

Owners of a beautiful figure can safely choose an even fitting dress. In the collection of 2017-2018, Naeem Khan offers several variations in this style. These are laconic models with intriguing cuts, traditional dresses for this season with openwork embroidery, and truly brilliant images.

Straight fitting bridesmaid dressDress straight cut from Naim KhanElegant wedding dresses Naeem Khan

Theme "retro"

Those who are looking for a fashionable image to organize a thematic celebration, couturier offers a choice of several images. Notice how amazing the elegant dresses in the style of "Chicago of the 20s", in which the decoration combines embroidery and fringe. Adherents of strict classics will love the closed fitted dress of medium length with long sleeves.

Wedding dress in retro style Naim Khan

Short wedding dresses

If you want to surprise in a creative way - get the idea from a designer who is popular all over the world. Extravagant brides of 2018, according to Naim Khan, will choose short dresses in combination with high white boots. Boldly? Definitely. But how spectacular!

Short wedding dress Naeem Khan

Yellow Wedding Dresses

Although the traditional white color is the constant leader of wedding fashion, the dress of an alternate shade may look no less attractive.In the upcoming season, the saturated yellow color is at the peak of popularity, and therefore it was the yellow wedding bows that were presented at the fashion week in New York.

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