Civil Aviation Day 2018

Society can do without aircraft and aircraft. But without them, there will be no rapid movement from one point of the country to another. And on the road from Moscow to Vladivostok will take half a vacation. Civil aviation is able to promptly bring medicine and vaccine, deliver rescuers to the earthquake zone, transport perishable products. In Russia, aviation is needed especially - because its open spaces and distances are huge!


Decent work

Pilot is one of the most difficult professions. It requires good health, bright head, quick-wittedness and perfect coordination of movements. And still important are serious knowledge of physics, mechanics, aerodynamics. The pilot of the aircraft is composure, calmness and complete self-confidence. Aviation is not limited to a team of pilots and flight attendants. This is a whole branch of the national economy, with a dispatcher, mechanics, tankers, meteorologists, electronics engineers, and aircraft designers. These people deserve respect and honor. And they should have their professional day.

Civil Aviation Day 2018

Appearance history

The epoch of the USSR left us the tradition to celebrate professional dates. In 1923, the first state in the world of workers and peasants created aviation. It happened on the ninth of February. It was the ninth that became the professional day of pilots and attendants. Established the day of the Council of Labor and Defense. His decree "On the organization of the Aviation Council" became the basis for the annual celebration. From 1979 to 1988, every second Sunday of the last month of winter walked Aeroflot Day. The pilots of the Russian Federation also have a common date - “The Day of the Aviation Fleet of the Russian Federation”. It is celebrated every third Sunday of the last month of summer (in August). There is also International Aviator Day: December 7th.

How to walk?

Civil Aviation Day is not a public holiday of the highest level (such as May 9 or March 8). This is not a day off, there is no tradition to arrange a parade and festive fireworks. But the first persons of the country often turn to aviators and congratulate them on their triumph. Their speeches are simple and clear: they desire well-being and well-being, they promise maximum attention and funding for air transport. The main events will be held in flight teams.The authorities will surely arrange a cool corporate party with an invitation to pop stars or cinema. Ordinary workers will celebrate more modestly, but fun. It's okay if the fun is organized at home.

Our expectations

In 2018, the holiday will be held according to all norms and rules. The subject of many programs on TV will be appropriate. Soviet cinema has made a lot of interesting tapes that can be easily turned on the central TV channels:

  • "Crew".
  • Mimino.
  • Kandahar.
  • "Valery Chkalov".
  • "Poem about the wings."

Civil Aviation Day in 2018 in Russia. What date

Rarely without airplanes do cool Hollywood action movies. About planes and civil aviation workers sung many songs. Suffice it to recall the “Stewardess by the name of Jeanne” or “Under the wing of an airplane.”

Conveniently, February 9, 2018 is Friday. After the party two days off. Although most airline workers work on a special schedule, which does not recognize holidays and weekends. Even New Year's Eve is an ordinary working day. And it doesn’t matter at all what date the Civil Aviation Day is. Any pilot or air traffic controller is worthy of attention and respect for himself throughout the year.The lives of hundreds of people will depend on our kind and warm words.

If you love and appreciate your aviator, then you should not wait for mid-February, when the holiday comes. Make small gifts and surprises for any reason.

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