Christmas puzzles for the New 2018

If you want the New Year's 2018 meeting to be fun and interesting, then the New Year puzzles will be very useful. They will allow guests to show their intellectual abilities and spend time interactively. Easily diversify the prepared New Year program. Easily dispel boredom and cheer up. Riddles will be appropriate at any New Year's holiday. It doesn’t matter if you meet the New Year in a family circle or with friends, get ready for a holiday in kindergarten or corporate at work, and easily pick up puzzles for children and adults.

Christmas puzzles for children for the New 2018

Children especially love puzzles and will be happy to reflect on New Year's themes. You can use the New Year puzzles for the matinee in kindergarten or school, but do not forget to prepare a fun program for the kids at home. Dilute contests and action games. Several options for interesting puzzles for the youngest and older children:

  1. Near the Christmas tree gathered,

Together they took their hands.

How much joy brings

New Year's ... (Round dance)

  1. He brings gifts,

Dances with us leads,

White beard overgrown,

And is called ... (Santa Claus)

  1. Small midges

Fall into the palms,

White, fluffy,

Silver in the sun. (Snowflakes)

  1. I come on holiday often

I bring the kids happiness

And adults are waiting

When the sky soars ... (Salute)

Relevant to the new 2018 year will be riddles and about dogs. The yellow Earth Dog will be glad to attention to itself and will surely bring happiness, good luck and well-being. You can invite children to solve simple puzzles about their pets:

  1. Ears on top

Smart looking eyes.

All neighboring cats -

A quick thunderstorm.

  1. White tail, black nose

Our slippers carried

In the corner under the bed -

Not willing to give.

  1. In his booth he lives

Bones he often nibbles,

Barks and bites.

What is the name?

Christmas puzzles for the New 2018 for adults

Not only children, but also adults love to show off their knowledge. You can make an intellectual pause no matter where you celebrate the New Year. You can easily check the level of mental abilities in a playful form among the guests, who looked at you at the light, or from colleagues, friends.

If you are engaged in the organization of New Year's corporate party, be sure to include mental warm-up in the program. Pick up riddles for the New 2018 with answers for any team. In order to attract guests or employees to participate in solving, come up with prizes. It can be symbolic gifts - figurines of dogs, candies or souvenirs.


Ask adults to solve the following riddles:

  1. Always on the table.

Loves his whole country.

Sometimes they even sleep in it.

Guests all want it! (Olivie)

  1. On all knees will put,

Dance people make

Everyone will walk quietly,

Because it is very slippery. (Ice)

  1. Will he loudly shoot,

But do not run away.

Who suddenly raised his hands up?

It's just ... (Fireworks)

  1. This holiday is having fun,

Drink, eat a year in advance,

Call this holiday

Very simple ... (New Year).

  1. The most necessary, most important

Guest for the New Year in the family.

In every way entertains everyone

And do not ask Olivier. (TV)


You should not be limited to riddles in verses, you can offer guests and other options, such as thoughts on logic. The New Year theme is perfect, but it can be diluted with more universal riddles that are suitable for any holiday.

Riddles can be read or written on small leaves and thrown into some container, such as a jar. After the guests in order to offer to pull out a piece of paper and give the correct answer. If a person has coped with the task, he is entitled to a prize. This can be any trinket, souvenir or a tasty gift (sweets, chocolates).

Riddles can be:

  1. One of the most desirable gifts for women, including the New Year. Hint: 15 cm in length. (100-dollar bill)
  2. Who will stay sober at the New Year banquet? (Christmas tree)
  3. Name a word of 5 letters, if four of them are known - n, z, d, a. (West)
  4. Is gold blue? (Happens, beloved on New Year's Eve morning)
  5. How many eggs can you eat on an empty stomach? (Only the first egg will be eaten on an empty stomach, so the correct answer is one)
  6. Circling, easy to sit down. (Snow)
  7. Always in front of us, but remains invisible. (Future)
  8. Who is the most beautiful and elegant on our holiday? (Christmas tree)
  9. A truck was carrying champagne to the village. On the way, he met three trucks going to meet him. How many trucks lucky champagne to the village? (One, the rest went from the village).
  10. Name the word that contains 40 vowels. (Magpie)

Comic riddles for the New 2018

Giving real fun can joke puzzles, if you meet the New 2018 in a large company. Sincere laughter and joy in the eyes will surely attract the mistress of the year - the Earth Dog to your home. You can use such jokes at corporate parties.


You can raise your mood by choosing the following options:

  1. Has a perfect figure: curvy breasts, wasp waist and very slim bottom. (Glass)
  2. When it rises, it reaches the sky. (Rainbow)
  3. Before - hangs, in the process - stands, on completion - wet. (Umbrella)
  4. Who tirelessly walks all New Year's Eve? (Clock)
  5. What hand do you need to stir the coffee? (It is better to use a spoon).
  6. How is alcohol measured on New Year's Eve? (In drawers)
  7. If the booze is over, what does the snack turn into? (In food)
  8. New Year's morning is not without it. (Brine)
  9. How fast should a dog run so that the jingle from a frying pan tied to its tail cannot be heard? (From zero, that is, the dog must stand or sit).
  10. How to understand that before you the real Santa Claus? (Offer a drink, the fake will refuse).

Riddles will help you pass the time at the New Year's feast, spend it fun and memorable.Prepare in advance and select the options you like to surprise guests or children with interesting riddles.

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