Christmas markets in St. Petersburg in 2018-2019

Thousands of tourists from all over the country and even other countries come to the northern capital to celebrate the New Year. On the eve of the holidays, the city with its old beautiful architecture is changing and enveloping the inhabitants and guests with a real fairy tale. Tourists and St. Petersburg available various entertainment. In addition, the New Year and Christmas fairs in St. Petersburg in 2018-2019 will be held with the already familiar luxury and wealth.

In addition to traditional holiday markets, original fairs will be organized. You definitely will not return home hungry or empty-handed. Souvenirs and traditional gifts, national dishes and goods from other countries will strike you with a variety. In addition, you can take part in master classes and competitions, watch theatrical activities, take pictures with Santa Claus. Entertainment is provided for guests of different age categories.

Traditional fairs

Some holiday markets and bazaars are traditionally held annually on New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve. They are striking in their scale. To make sure, go to the following fairs:

  • On Pioneer Square. The most famous Christmas fair is held on Pioneer Square next to the Theater for Young Spectators. Every year, merchants from Russia, the Republic of China, India, Belarus and other countries offer their products in this place. Every year the number of wooden houses increases.
  • On Yelagin Island. On the territory of the Central Park of Culture and Rest, which is located on the Elagin Island, souvenirs made of wood, cloth, glass, fur products and other natural materials will be sold. Residents of the city and guests can enjoy gingerbread and other dishes, warm up with mulled wine.
  • On Moscow Square. Pavilions will be opened in this place where you can buy products from all over the country (honey, feather scarves, wooden products, etc.). At the fair you can not only taste the dishes of national cuisine, but also learn more about the traditions of Russian culture, as well as visit the museum of ice sculptures.
  • On Ostrovsky Square. During the New Year holidays, Ostrovsky Square is transformed.You will be available a variety of souvenirs and gifts. You can listen to the balalaika, watch performances by local artists and arrange a photo session with Santa Claus. If it becomes cold, you can look at one of the cafes to drink a cup of flavored mulled wine.
  • In Petersburg Passage. Bright and beautiful fair in the northern capital is traditionally held in the shopping arcade "Passage", which is located on Nevsky Prospect, 48. In this place you can find designer interior items, original gifts, antiques. In addition, there will be contests and master classes for guests.

Fairs usually operate from mid or late December to Christmas, so if you wish, you can visit several places to plunge into the fabulous atmosphere.

Fair at Pioneer Peter

In search of an original gift

If you want to find original gifts for friends and relatives for the New Year and Christmas and have fun, then visit the following fairs in St. Petersburg in 2018-2019:

  • Christmas Madewish Market. On the territory of the creative space “Tkachi”, which is located at the address: Embankment of the Bypass Canal, 60, the Christmas market is held annually.In this place, you can easily pick up designer gifts, as well as watch cartoons or a movie, take part in master classes and taste delicious dishes.
  • "New Year's gift". The best presents can be bought at the New Year Gift exhibition, which will be held at the St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex. It is located at: Ave. Yuri Gagarin, 8. In this place you can also update your wardrobe or buy products at competitive prices.
  • Book alleys on Malaya Konyushennaya. The book market will traditionally operate on this street in December. In total, more than 20 thousand books in the genre of fantasy, detective stories, romance novels, adventures from domestic and foreign writers will be presented. The public will be entertained by street musicians and entertainers.
  • In the center of "Expoforum". One of the largest fairs will be held at the Expoforum Exhibition and Convention Center, which is located at 64/1 Peterburgskoye Highway. Pavilions with accessories, foreign and domestic sweets, themed gifts will be installed on 4 thousand square meters. You can also try various cocktails and treats.

All New Year and Christmas Fairs St. Petersburg in 2019

You definitely won't go home empty-handed. In addition, you can recharge the festive mood and get a lot of positive emotions.

Where else can you go?

New Year's fairs in St. Petersburg in 2018-2019 will be held throughout the city. Among the holiday markets, which will be held in different areas, you can easily find the perfect option for yourself. You can spend time with benefit and interest at such fairs:

  • WinterFest. Will be held in the passenger port on Vasilyevsky Island. Here you can buy handmade products and traditional gifts.
  • In the "Gallery". In the Gallery shopping and entertainment center you can buy stylish accessories, Christmas toys, Christmas tree decorations. You can also make unusual photos with sculptures of reindeer, bears and other animals.
  • "Christmas in the village of elves". You can plunge into the real kingdom of elves by visiting a fair in the Peter Raduga shopping and entertainment center. Unforgettable impressions guaranteed.
  • "Flannel market". If you want to update your wardrobe, go to the “Flannelka”. Last year, it was held on the Fontanka Embankment, 20, but the venue is subject to change.

Christmas markets St. Petersburg

Study the city posters, choose a festive fair and go for bright emotions and New Year's mood.

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