Choosing a laminate for home

January 29, 2018

Choosing a laminate for homeLaminate (laminated flooring) is a plate made of fibreboard, on both sides of which is glued with resin-impregnated paper. Decorative paper with a pattern under a stone, tile, wood or other is glued to the outer side and laminated with special resins. This flooring is popular for its practicality and durability. But it should be borne in mind that the thickness of the laminate can vary from 6-12 mm and from this difference depends durability and sound - insulating properties.

How to choose a laminate for living space:


Choosing a laminate for homeThe kitchen in the house is quite a busy place, especially if the family is large. Here it is necessary to maintain cleanliness every day and not to do without wet cleaning every day. Therefore, it is advisable to use a moisture-resistant laminate coating on the floor with a textured surface that helps to avoid slipping. For greater reliability, the joints of the coating can be treated with special mastic. Coverage class here must be at least 33.


When choosing a laminated flooring for the bedroom and children's rooms, you need to draw on the quality of the resins with which the board is impregnated. It is on this depends the property of noise absorption, which is simply necessary in these living rooms. Some manufacturers offer laminate with a finished sound insulation layer, but you shouldn’t hope for it only - it’s best to use special materials for insulation and sound insulation before installing the floor covering. In this case, you can be sure that the floor will not creak under your feet, drafts will disappear and the impact noise will weaken.


Choosing a laminate for homeIt requires a waterproof type of laminate. Its difference from moisture-proof lies in the fact that it is made on the basis of PVC plates, which do not absorb water at all. With constant contact with water, the floor laminate coating of waterproof type does not warp and does not lose its properties and appearance. According to its technical characteristics, this coating is similar to ceramic tiles. The class of the laminate for the bathroom is 32 and 33.

Entrance hall

The floor in the hallway of the dwelling also suffers from sufficient load due to its high maneuverability.Wet cleaning in the hallway is carried out as often as in the kitchen, because here you should use a moisture-resistant laminate 34 classes.

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