Children's sanatorium "Youth" (Sochi): photos and reviews

Sochi is famous not only for its rich infrastructure, which, after the Olympics, amazes even those who have seen tourists, but also children'ssanatoriums, and alsonumerous miraculous drinkingsources located in the region. Legends about their healing power were composed long ago. Many hydrogen sulfide Matsesta sources have no analogues in the world. It is the unique combination of their impact on the body with natural natural healing factors, along with the use of the newest equipment in sanatorium-and-spa therapy and has become the basis for effective sanitation in many children's sanatoriums.Sanatorium Yunost Sochi

Treatment of children

Sanatoriums for the younger generation in Sochiallow not only to eliminate problems with children's health. Such profile diseases as illnesses of the nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems, the motor apparatus, the gastrointestinal tract, immunoallergic pathologies, respiratory problems and skin anomalies are treated here.

Each of the sanatoriums in Sochi offersspecial spa treatment, where the unique methods of healing are harmoniously combined, which are peculiar for this area. These include many methods of climatotherapy: balneological in the form of hydrogen sulphide or iodide-bromine baths, as well as special therapeutic exercise. Many health facilities are federal, as, for example, FGBU sanatorium "Youth" (Sochi).

general information

Permits to this medical institution are providedboth within the framework of the state task, and under agreements made with legal entities and individuals. Constructed directly on the beach in Sochi, the sanatorium "Yunost" has been functioning since 1982. It works year-round. It treats diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, diseases of connective tissue, blood circulation, mastoid process and ear.Sanatorium Yunost city Sochi

The successful location of the sanatorium, in two hundredmeters from the beach, a unique combination of such natural factors as the abundance of green spaces, the sea and sun, as well as clean air, have caused children from all regions of Russia to come here.

The therapeutic base, which has a sanatorium"Youth" (the city of Sochi), consists of three pediatric departments and one treatment and diagnostic. The state employs the most experienced doctors, most of whom received the highest qualification.

Here there is a clinical-biochemicala laboratory in which modern equipment is installed. Children are examined in the office of ultrasound, functional diagnostics, consultations of such specialists as an orthopedist, a neurologist and a cardiologist are also conducted. In the sanatorium with the guys working psychologist, conducts both individual and group classes.


The sanatorium "Youth" (Sochi) accepts children from seven to fourteen years old. They are placed in four-, five- and six-place wards. Facilities are located on the floor.FGBU sanatorium Yunost Sochi

When applying for treatment,permit, spa card according to form 076 / y-04, birth certificate of the child, medical insurance policy, copy of the parent's passport, results of the enterobiosis analysis, dermatologist's report and epidemiologist's report, and information about the vaccinations received.

Rules of the sanatorium

If the child is accompanied not by his parents, thenit is necessary to provide a notarized power of attorney confirming the powers of this person. According to the rules on which the sanatorium "Yunost" (Sochi) operates, reception is possible with a delay of up to five days, but only for a good reason and with the provision of a document that justifies it. Days of late arrival or early departure are not carried over or compensated.

The administration of the sanatorium "Youth"the right not to be accepted for treatment if any of the required documents are missing or it is not properly executed, and if the child has contraindications to sanatorium treatment.

Check in

Admission of children to the sanatorium "Youth" (Sochi)is carried out at the reception from eight in the morning. All the guys coming to the treatment are immediately examined by the doctors working here and immediately distributed to the departments and detachments. Formation of the latter is carried out on the basis of age.

Sanatorium Yunost Sochi prices

In the sanatorium there are junior, senior and middledetachments. Behind each of them are attached two teacher-educators, who are always close to the children. During the school hours, consultative lessons are organized in three main subjects - mathematics, Russian language and literature. Every day, with the exception of Sunday, two lessons are held with the guys for thirty-five minutes each.


Children's sanatorium "Youth" (Sochi) is designed for300 tourists. The administration pays much attention to the nutrition of its small customers. Sanatorium sanatorium is equipped with the most modern equipment. Children eat five times a day in a large and beautiful dining room, designed for three hundred and forty seats. If necessary, doctors appoint a dietary table. In the diet, a lot of vegetables and fruits, meat on the menu is included daily.


Rehabilitation of children is carried out in accordance withstandards of sanatorium care. For all small holidaymakers, doctors working in a sanatorium make up an individual program based on the diagnosis of the child's illness and his condition. This is done to achieve the most effective results. In the course of treatment, balneotherapy is used. Children, if necessary, take iodine-bromine or bischofite, salt or coniferous, as well as pearl, phytopene and dry carbonic baths. Hydrotherapy with hydro massage, therapeutic or underwater shower is also widely represented.

Children's sanatorium Yunost Sochi

What else can you say about such an establishment, assanatorium "Youth" (Sochi)? Reviews about the techniques used in it, only positive. This institution has all the necessary equipment for electrotherapy and light therapy. If necessary, children can be prescribed inhalation or paraffin therapy. It is widely practiced climatic or hypoxic therapy. In the mornings, children are engaged in gymnastics and physiotherapy exercises.


Sanatorium "Youth" (Sochi) consists of a five-storyhousing, which houses a bedroom block with chambers. In the halls there is soft furniture, TV sets are installed. The medical and diagnostic building and a dining room with an eating room are located in separate buildings. In addition, the territory has a library, training classes, game rooms with vending machines, as well as cinema and concert halls.

Children's sanatorium "Youth" (Sochi) is located inthe central area of ​​the city, right on the beach in the forest park zone. It has its own sandy beach. For bathing children are sure to be watched not only by rescuers, but also by a doctor.


In addition to sanatorium treatment with childrenconducted and educational work in the form of talks and events. Children can participate in competitive-game programs, such as "Mind Games" and "I want to know everything", as well as in the "Happy Case" or "Field of Miracles" quizzes.Sanatorium Yunost Sochi reviews

With great success there are evenings devoted tointernational education, under the motto "We will know each other". Each of the children tells where he came from, the history of his city or region, introduces the customs and legends of his people.

The guys will be happy to participate in theorganized for them events, among which you can note "Birthday Day" and "Merry Starts", the contest "Guess-ka", as well as the costume festival of Neptune, which is held annually on the beach of the sanatorium. And musical shows "Miss sanatorium" or "Miss star", as well as "The coolest guy" allow you to identify talents in children. In addition, children participate in competitions of drawings and posters for the holidays, produce a satirical newspaper, make crafts from natural materials, origami, etc.

In their free time, children can visit the library. Here they are introduced to the periodical press, discussions of interesting articles in newspapers and magazines are held. In the evenings, those wishing to watch telecasts or video films. In each game room there are numerous board games.

The most active holidaymakers participate incompetitions in tennis, volleyball and pioneerball, they play chess and checkers. In the sanatorium there are various mugs, where children master air and ship modeling, burning, sawing and much more.


A special success for the guys, having a rest in FGBU"Youth", enjoy the excursion. They are necessarily transported to the Sochi arboretum, to the garden museum called "The Tree of Friendship". A visit to the marine terrarium aquarium where you can see exotic animals, the Riviera Park, circus and dolphinarium is provided at an additional cost.Sanatorium youth Sochi price list

Much attention is paid to local history. There are organized walking tours along the hiking trails, various informative talks on the development of the resort city of Sochi, the inhabitants of the Black Sea, the history of the sanatorium "Youth", the vegetable world of Matsesta and so on. This is necessary in order to create a vision for the children of the city where they came to be treated. According to psychologists, this not only broadens the horizon, but also contributes to the effectiveness of the health process, for which the children come to the sanatorium "Youth" (Sochi).

Price list

To receive the vouchers that are provided fromof the federal budget, parents need to collect a package of required documents and submit them to the local department of health. If the answer is positive, the application is sent to the sanatorium, and not earlier than six months before arrival. Here it is considered by specialists, after which, in the absence of contraindications, the child is invited in turn to be treated.

You can buy a ticket directly insanatoriums, writing an application addressed to the head physician and providing all the necessary medical assistance. The cost of the tour varies from 1300 to 1700 rubles per day. This amount includes accommodation, meals, medical treatment and some entertainment programs that are provided free of charge by the sanatorium "Youth" (Sochi).


Prices for tours vary depending onseason. Parents, whose children came here to be treated, in their responses note the excellent conditions that the sanatorium "Youth" (Sochi) offers its guests. Excellent territory, lots of entertainment, healthy atmosphere, modern equipment. But the main thing - amazing nature and the sea - all this contributes to health improvement.

In some reviews adults express dissatisfaction with the lack of a pool, but the administration has decided this issue, and soon it will appear in the new building.

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