Children of Asia in 2019

For more than a decade history of the existence of the International Children’s Games of Asia, the organizers decided to organize the first children's winter sports competitions. They will take place on February 8 (arrival day) - February 17 (departure day) 2019 on Sakhalin.

About the choice of venue and dates

The island subject of the Russian Federation, headed by the capital Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, was chosen as the venue for the I Winter International Sports Games “Children of Asia” not by accident. This idea was first voiced by Dmitry Glushko, President of the International Games Committee, at the end of the last summer competitions in Yakutsk.

On a note! The Republic of Yakutia became the mistress of the first Summer Games “Children of Asia” in 1996 in honor of the centenary of the Olympic movement. They are held every 4 years and are the only event on the territory of Russia, which takes place under the auspices of UNESCO and the IOC. The venue for the summer games in 2020 will be Ulan Bator, and in 2024 - again, native Yakutia.

A snowy, but not very cold winter season, suitable infrastructure with a convenient location and an active air connection with major cities in Russia and abroad (20 routes in total) are the main factorswhich allowed the island to get around in the struggle for the right to host the competition of its competitors - Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk Territory and Yakutia itself.

Winter Sakhalin

About participants and events

According to preliminary data, participants in the 2019 games will be athletes from 21 Asian countries and subjects of the Russian Federation, but the final list of participants will be formed in March 2018. In total, about 1000 athletes will arrive in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk with a date of birth before February 17, 2002 and younger (before the age of 16). Despite the fact that the number of athletes is almost 2 times less than the number of participants in the summer games, the organizers consider these figures to be an excellent result as for the debut winter competition “Children of Asia”.

For servicing the competition, 600 qualified representatives of the judiciary will be involved, which meet the standards of international federations representing relevant sporting disciplines.

One hundred days before the start of the I ZMSI "Children of Asia" will take place the torch relay. The fire will be lit on Mount Kysilyakh in Yakutia, after which he will proceed to the cities of the Far East and complete his journey at the grand opening of the Sakhalin games.

Program and infrastructure

During the I ZMSI "Children of Asia" young athletes will have to demonstrate their skills in 8 sports:

  • ski racing;
  • alpine skiing;
  • ski jumping;
  • short track;
  • snowboarding;
  • biathlon;
  • hockey;
  • figure skating.

Girl figure skater

For the organization of winter competitions, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk has the necessary sports facilities, which are represented by:

  • STK "Mountain Air";
  • Ice Palace "Crystal";
  • sports complex "Arena City".

Interesting! It was the “Mountain Air” complex that was the site for the preparation of the Russian national team for the 2018 Olympics.

In addition to the existing infrastructure, the organizers will have to increase the length of the ski slopes from 30 to 50 m on the territory of the Mountain Air complex and open new areas for athletes:

  • in the city of Red, where they equip two cableways of 1.9 and 2 km.
  • on the Bolshevik, a snowmaking system will be set up for the slopes, snow machines and snow guns will be added.

At the foot of the mountains it is planned to build a sports village with 20 chalets of 130-200 square meters. m., which will accommodate up to 170 people. Near the Dynamo base, it is planned to build another village with 22 houses built using the technologies of prefabricated structures.

Winter chalets

In addition to 2019in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, it is planned to open 2 ice arenas, a sports center for flying skiers and a complex for biathlon.

Volunteer Attraction

Volunteers are important in carrying out any large-scale events, with the help of which it is easier for participants and guests to navigate in an unfamiliar place. Winter children's games in 2019 are no exception. The recruitment of volunteers started in February 2018, when everyone had the opportunity to fill out a form on the official website of the International Committee of the Children of Asia

The organizers plan to attract a thousand young Sakhalin residents to help with the competition, of whom 100 will be chosen as team leaders. The remaining volunteers will be divided into groups that will work in 16 areas:

  • meeting and seeing off;
  • accompanying;
  • guide assistants;
  • accreditation group;
  • volunteers accommodation and food facilities;
  • sports facilities volunteers;
  • award group;
  • hydrometeorological service;
  • press center;
  • transport logistics, etc.

Games volunteers Children of Asia

Volunteers will have to make a serious selection: preliminary training and passing tests after graduation.After all, to be involved in the first winter games “Children of Asia” is a very honorable mission.

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