Charm of ornaments from rose quartz

Ornaments from rose quartz were popular a lotcenturies ago and are still in demand. They differ surprising appearance, ease of care, as well as magical properties, which, according to popular belief, the mineral possesses.

pink quartz decoration

Short introduction

Despite the fact that this gentle stone to the numberprecious does not apply, it is very in demand in the modern jewelry market due to its amazing appearance. He belongs to the rock crystal, is considered semi-precious, can have a different degree of transparency, on which the cut will depend. According to its crystal structure, quartz is a silicon oxide, which includes manganese, titanium and iron. In nature, the most common milk-pink minerals with the effect of a cat's eye. Occasionally, due to the inclusion of phosphorus, the stone acquires a rich pink color.

Its hardness is amazing - in the world of minerals pink quartz is inferior in strength only to diamond.

For the first time this unique natural treasure wasIt is found on the territory of the present Far East, where many centuries ago there was Mesopotamia. Researchers believe that it was in this ancient country that the first ornaments made of rose quartz were made.

ornaments of rose quartz in silver


Jewelry with pink quartz enjoywide popularity not only because of its magnificent appearance. This stone also has a number of unique properties. Many centuries ago the mineral began to be used as a talisman, our distant ancestors were protected from evil forces. It was believed that it was this gift of nature that could ignite love in the heart of a man, bring harmony back to the family and save oneself from anguish. Therefore, often a mysterious quartz called a stone of love.

In the modern world, ornaments made of rose quartz have found wide application in folk medicine. So healers recommend them for various problems:

  • Healing of nervous disorders.
  • Help to get rid of extra pounds.
  • Favorably affect the work of the heart and blood vessels.
  • As a psychological help. From constant interaction with the mineral people become more sociable and good-natured.
  • Quartz powder was added to cosmetics, because it was believed that it slows down the aging process, allowing the skin to remain flawlessly tender and smooth longer.

That's why pink quartz is so popular now. In Moscow, jewelry from this exquisite stone can be purchased in virtually any jewelry store: in the "Mineral Markets", "Kamneveds", in the "World of Beauty", at the "Caucasian craftsmen". The abundance of similar products is presented on the site of Avito.

pink quartz in Moscow

World of Jewelry

First of all, a stone of pink quartz in ornamentsfound a large number of female fans. Amazingly, products with natural minerals of unusual coloring look at those representatives of the beautiful half that were born in the summer or spring. Especially winning rock crystal will shade natural blonde hair and blue eyes.

Often in the jewelry business to create exquisiteThis mineral is combined with jade jewelry. Romantic and very gentle look jewelry made of rose quartz in silver: rings, graceful bracelets, chains with pendants. They favorably shade the beauty of platinum blondes with blue eyes. For single women in the search for a chosen one, it is recommended to wear rings or bracelets with this delicate mineral, it is believed that quartz is able to attract a loving relationship and help find an honest and decent man. Those wishing to be married can wear earrings with a magical stone.

Silver pendants with a quartz rose will help to make true and reliable friends. A bracelet made of pink beads will help restore peace and harmony to the family.

jewelery with pink quartz

How to wear

It is very important to remember that ornaments from pinkquartz can not be worn on a permanent basis, without removing. It is believed that the mineral improves the mood, so it can become dangerous, because its carrier, being in an elevated state of mind, can make the wrong decision. That's why it is recommended to wear products with this stone from time to time, preferably on certain specific days and hours of the month.

How to care for the adornment

It must be remembered that direct sunlightnegatively affect the state of the decoration, discoloring the mineral, why it eventually acquires a gray tinge, which is why it is recommended to store the products in a dark place. Clean the stone in a warm soapy solution with a soft brush.

stone pink quartz decoration

Who should wear it?

Ornaments with pink quartz without fear canwear representatives of all the signs of the zodiac, but more magical properties of the mineral will unfold for Aquarius, bringing them good luck in love, harmony in the family and attraction for the opposite sex. Also, the products are useful for Libra, Capricorn, Taurus and Crayfish, but for the representatives of the fire element this rock crystal will become an exceptionally beautiful decoration, its magical properties will be suppressed by the strong will and the frantic temper of Lviv, Streltsov and Aries.

However, do not rely solely onZodiac sign. So, healers and healers from the people assure us that it is pink quartz that helps to remove spoilage and protect its owner from evil eye or patrimonial curse, that's why jewelry with this stone should be worn by those who are unlucky in life. It is better to choose a pair of mineral and silver, because they enhance the magical power of each other.

Ornaments made of rose quartz, thanks to theiramazing appearance, unusual shade and an amazing game of light on the edges of the stone are widely popular, especially for women. They will help not only to emphasize the natural beauty, but also to give self-confidence and return to the family and good relations, and peace and harmony.

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