Characteristics and meaning of the name Sarah

Sarah is a beautiful female name, and also very old. This name is worn by many celebrities - S. Connor, S. Bernard, S. Parker and others. Where does it come from and what does it mean?

First name Sarah: origin and meaning

The origin of this name is Jewish. In any case, it is now considered, and so all the bearers of this name say. But if you believe the legends, Sarah was called the wife of Abraham, who was the forefather of the Jewish people. This means that this name existed before the Jews even appeared on Earth. Since Abraham and Sarah came from the same gender (the Bible says they were the children of one father, but of different mothers), and this family was Chaldean, the name can also be called Chaldean. It will be even more correct to characterize it as Semitic, and on this to complete the examination, since for certain we do not know when and where it first appeared.

As for what the meaning of the name Sarah is,there are many versions. This is due to the fact that this name is extremely popular not only in Jewish circles, but all over the world among Christians, Muslims, and also in secular society. Therefore, it is worth talking about it in more detail.

the meaning of the name Sarah

In Judaism, as already mentioned, the name Sarahis connected with the wife of Abraham, the forefather of all Jews. There are two biblical forms of this name: Sarah and Sarah. According to the story of the book of Genesis, God himself renamed it, commanding to double the "p" when he predicted Abraham, which would give him through Sara (at that time already elderly and barren) offspring, numbered like sand in the sea. The literal meaning of the name Sarah is Mrs.. In this case, the form with one "p" is understood as "My Lady", and with doubled - as "Mrs. set". By set means the people.

As for Christianity, in OrthodoxyRussian and Greek traditions use only the second form of this name - Sarah. However, it needs to be clarified that changing the name by doubling the consonant is just an attempt by the authors of the Septuagint (the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible) to convey in Greek the very fact of distinguishing names. In the original Hebrew text, both names sound somewhat different. Thus, the form "Sarah" corresponds to "Saray", and the form "Sarah" - "Sarah".

In the Catholic Church, which did notThe Septuagint, and the Vulgate, that is, the Latin, and not the Greek translation, the name of Sarra is completely absent. Therefore, in Western Christian, both Catholic and Protestant countries, only one adapted form with one "p" is known. The meaning of the name Sarah is most often interpreted in accordance with the second form - "Mrs. Set". Secular people, however, do not delve into these nuances, and often translate the name simply as "lady".

The meaning of the name Sarah in Islam in generalcorresponds to the Jewish tradition because of the proximity of the Jewish and Arabic languages, and because of the similarity of religious giving. The Arabs, among whom Islam originated, also consider themselves to be the children of Abraham, but from another woman. Nevertheless, the name Sarah, in memory of the progenitor of the Jews, is quite popular in Muslim circles. There is, however, also a specificity in the field of interpretation of this name. The Arabic language offers two close-by-sounding words that are considered variations of the name Sarah. The meaning of the name for Muslims is therefore double. The first - Sarah - means "remnant". The second - Sarah - is translated as "pleasing". The doubling of the "p", which is already familiar to us, does not at all pertain to the Greek Bible. It's just a coincidence.

the meaning of the sara name for a girl

Other variants of the name Sarah

Transliteration into different languages ​​often distorts the original sound of words and gives rise to many options. So the name Sarah can sound like Sarah, Sayra, Shar, Sarai or Sir.

Diminutive and affectionate options

Turning to Sarah by name, you can makea diminutive and caressing shade, calling it Sarrushka, Ara, Sasa, Sarita, or Zara. In addition, some diminutive forms can be used as a separate independent name, for example, Zara.

name sara origin and meaning

The meaning of the name Sarah for a girl

As a child, Sarah shows great leanings towardweighted solutions. Intellectual abilities and memory are what possessors of a given name always have. Morally, Sarah is often good and kind-hearted. She will never refuse help to those who need it, provided that a person deserves it.

The meaning of the name Sarah is that she is inclined toindependence from others, and sometimes to a heightened sense of self-worth. This is reflected in the fact that Sarah is very nervous when someone tries to impose their opinions on her. As a real mistress, she loves everything to assess and independently form her opinion about the environment - people, events, surroundings and so on.

If in the childhood Sara spoil and let herselfishness to establish itself, then later it faces enormous difficulties in mutual understanding with others. In the rest, Sarah - a good-natured sociable misanthrope, prone to frequent emotional changes. If you do not hurt her self-esteem, she will become a wonderful friend and an excellent intimate interlocutor.

the meaning of the name Sarah in Islam


As for work, Sarah always triesto achieve his. It is pragmatic in business. The meaning of the name Sarah causes that in the matter of self-realization, she methodically tries to get to the top. It is advisable at the same time that Sarah does not take financial issues, as this is fraught with loss of oneself. Women with the given name are inclined to creativity, science, but not to business. Most successfully, Sarah will be able to realize herself as an artist, actress, musician or scientist. But entrepreneurship is not its end.

sarah meaning of a name among Muslims

A family

In partner Sarah appreciates, above all, spiritual harmony and depth of relationships. Emotional intimacy and mutual understanding for her are always higher than material prosperity.

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