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Fashion House Chanel has always been at the forefront of global trends. The French brand belongs to a small number of those companies that define the style of the era. That is why no fashionable overview of world trends can do without an analysis of new collections presented by Chanel.

At this time, under our fashionable microscope was each2017 Chanel Collection. A comprehensive analysis of the work of this brand will allow us to identify the key trends of the year, which will rule the fashion world and find their place in any wardrobe. So, what does the cult Fashion House offer us this year?

Chic 60s

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The basis of style in this season, Chanel took the chic of the 60s of the last century. As usual, Chanel is guided by serious, self-confident and uniquely elegant women, so the relaxed and even deliberately casual image of the queen of the 90s can hardly be compared with their corporate identity.

Fortunately, the grandees of world fashion did not even try to draw the ideal of the 90s into their characteristic image. Too they are different, these types.Therefore, in Chanel decided to focus on what they can do best: elegant and elegant outfits. The masters chose the style of the 60s as the main channel of their inspiration.


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Of course, the creative arsenal of Chanel is impossible to imagine without tweed things. This year, the designers did their best, giving their clients a large selection of tweeds. Here and traditional "crow's feet", and the cell, and strip.

In the collections there are invariable cropped jackets and classic coats: straight and trapezoidal cut. We can confidently say that each of these things will be a great investment in your wardrobe and will serve you for many more years. Chanel is eternal.


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The French House stubbornly continues to show us the elegance of the culottes. These unusual short pants are the quintessence of Parisian charm. They can replace the usual pipes in a business suit or play the role of a skirt, complete with a neutral turtleneck. They are combined with a sweater or a romantic blouse. They can add a clutch and sandals, or simple loafers and a large bag-shopper.

Many women in our area are afraid of such unusual things, they consider them provocative.But in fact, it is quite simple to tame culottes, and they seem to be made for conservative girls who find it difficult to fit flashy trends into their wardrobe. We highly recommend that you stop being shy and try on culottes when you find this model in stores. Well, very much a stylish thing!

Cage and Strip

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Checkered and striped things are the main line of 2017 Chanel's things. Striped trousers and jackets, checkered coats and dresses can be the basis of your wardrobe, especially its business part. At the same time, geometric patterns perfectly model the figure and bring very clear notes of rigor and professionalism into the image. Awesome choice for the office!


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Oxfords shoes on a small stable heel - a new classic in the performance of Chanel. Such a pair can compete with even the ubiquitous boats. Oxfords can be worn with fashionable wide trousers, with culottes, dresses and skirts. Phenomenal compatibility!

Separately, it should be emphasized that Chanel still clearly holds in the leaders of world trends and feels social trends very subtly. In recent years, women have won back more freedom in appearance, so the declaration of love for shoes without a heel from Chanel is a very timely move.Even such fashion-business monsters support the idea of ​​a comfortable female attire, continuing the work of the great Koko. Thank you, Chanel!


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Chanel leather clothing is not what we used to see. Leather dresses, skirts and sundresses are more likely to be associated with the Westwood hooligan or the outrageous McQueen. But this season, the great House of Chanel volunteered to reconcile the skin with elegance. Chanel's leather dress or skirt can be worn even in the office. And at a party, such a thing will instantly make you a star. And at the same time, we recall, you can even do without heels.

Transparent fabrics

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Another interesting solution from Chanel is the use of transparent fabrics. Lightweight blouses are perfectly combined with free-cut pants, the same leather skirts, culottes and tweed suits. It looks, of course, stunning.

Berets and hats

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As for accessories, the unique elegance in the guise of Chanel is suggested to be supported with the help of berets and hats. Berets can be woolen or even velvet, for summer you can choose straw hats, and for spring and autumn - felt. In this case, Chanel, as usual, prefers rigid forms such as boaters.As for the fields, choose any.

Eternal classic - Fedor with middle fields. This hat will make any of your outfit refined. We recommend to purchase two models: dark for a cool season and amazingly spectacular white for the summer.


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Trapezoid cut is perhaps the pinnacle of elegance in tailor art. With this cut of things, any outfit looks feminine, but without underlined aggressive sexuality. To embody the eternal charm of Chanel in your ensembles, be sure to pay attention to A-silhouette dresses, skirts and coats. All these things for a long time will settle in your wardrobe and more than once will help you out in responsible situations.

Loose fit

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And, finally, we single out Chanel's nod to the free cut. If before, the designers of the House only slightly hinted that they were not against such decisions, now the free cut has moved into the category of the main techniques that Chanel uses in new collections. At the same time, free cutting and even some overseas are the most conservative.

The house of the world skillfully combines with rigid elements: thick jackets, shoes of contrasting colors, straight-brimmed hats, ties and traditional pearl jewelery.If you have not yet entered free cut into your wardrobe, try using the Chanel hints and create such careful bows.

Stay elegant!

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