Certification of teachers in 2019

One of the leading directions in 2018-2019 for the Government of the Russian Federation is the reform of the education system, the purpose of which is to increase the social status of the teacher, the prestige of the profession and the general level of teaching. Along with the increasing requirements for graduates of schools, gymnasiums and lyceums, the requirements for teaching staff are also growing. What will be the teacher in 2019, and what new mechanisms for professional growth is the state preparing for future teachers already working in the specialty? We propose to understand in more detail the intricacies of the new legislation.

Certification of a young teacher 2018-2019 year

Profession "teacher"

Coming from the walls of a higher education institution with a new diploma and big ambitions, young teachers face a number of problems:

  • Difficulties with employment, because most educational institutions want to get an experienced and already reputable specialist.
  • Low wages, because “starting from zero” the young specialist is deprived of a large number of allowances, which form the salary of an experienced teacher with impressive experience.
  • The inability to quickly improve their professional level, having passed the next certification (often this issue depends not on the professionalism of the young specialist, but on the desire of the administration).

As a result, a fairly large percentage of promising young professionals who had previously dreamed of working with children are looking for opportunities for self-realization and decent earnings in other areas, which leads to a shortage of high-quality teaching staff, which is especially noticeable in small cities, towns and villages.

Certification of a young teacher

The reform launched by the Government, as well as the new certification of pedagogical workers, which will replace the old order of advanced training as early as 2019, should radically change the situation of young teachers, opening them with tremendous opportunities for personal and career growth.

Why do you need certification?

The teacher attestation system is a kind of career in education. A higher category opens up new opportunities for teachers, namely:

  1. growth of wages and related payments in accordance with the established tariff schedule;
  2. the ability to additionally take "classroom management";
  3. the right to head the cabinet, etc.

Experienced teachers know that for many years a young specialist who graduated from university, waited a long and difficult path to the top, taking into account such norms:

  • The first certification of the teacher in 5 years after the start of work.
  • Extraordinary certification (if there is serious merit) no earlier than 2 years after the previous one.
  • Phased growth, which did not allow young professionals to qualify for the “higher” category earlier than the subordinate levels will be conquered (second and first).
  • It was possible to be certified for compliance with the level already achieved, or to upgrade the category.
  • The work of the teacher and its effectiveness was evaluated, but there were no tests for knowledge of the subject as such.

Innovations in certification of teaching staff in 2019

Preparing for certification, the teacher was to undertake a large-scale work on preparing a portfolio, in which it was necessary to describe in detail the work during the reporting period, providing the commission with tangible evidence that the teacher is actively working in all major areas:

  • subject teaching;
  • organization of extracurricular activities of students;
  • interaction with parents;
  • participation in general school life;
  • methodical work;
  • self-education, causing personal and professional growth.

At the same time, having reached certain peaks, many lost the desire to continue working on themselves, which was most clearly manifested against the background of the introduction of new norms and teaching methods. That is why the country needs a new form of teacher certification, which is planned to be introduced in 2019.

In 2019, certification expects those teachers who need to confirm their qualifications after the expiration of the 5 year term and those who wish to upgrade their category. According to the Ministry of Education and Science, teachers will increase the gap between the minimum and maximum rates in the tariff schedule, which next year should increase from an average of 16,000 rubles a year. up to 50 000 rubles

The main innovation in 2019 will be NKT (National Qualification Test), which will be mandatory for all teachers undergoing certification and will consist of 70% of the questions on the subject and 30% on teaching methods and psychology.

Also, recent changes have touched the very essence of assessing the effectiveness of a teacher’s activity, and in 2019, a new in terms of format, certification of teachers will allow active young professionals to quickly achieve success and recognition.

The main innovations will be:

  • The ability to "jump" through the category.
  • An opportunity to “go out” earlier for certification in the presence of a certain number of merits and achievements.
  • The basis will be taken not only the achievements of students, but also a comparison of the level of the teacher himself in the dynamics of "yesterday" and "today".
  • The activity and effectiveness of the teacher’s work during the inter-attestation period will show the rating calculated by a special method.
  • Teachers are expected to demonstrate conceptual methodical approaches to the implementation of new norms and standards of the GEF.

Young teacher in 2019

Of course, many experts of the “old school” look at innovations with some fear, because they have to not only show the effectiveness of their work, but also to confirm the knowledge of the subject, which can cause some difficulties for those who read a certain period in certain parallels and managed to forget some subtleties of some topics.

What will happen to those who do not pass certification?

Most of the fears arising from teachers are related to the question - what will happen to those who cannot pass the tubing or will not pass certification for any other reasons.

The Ministry of Education and Science clearly stated that nobody would dismiss the teacher who failed to pass the "aptitude test" in the new format.

Not enough high test results - a signal that a person needs to pay a little more attention to their professional level. "Tighten" the qualifications will help in special courses at the respective regional Teacher Training Institutes. It is worth noting that attendance at such courses was obligatory for all accredited teachers before. Simply by the new rules, the “failed” test will have to return to self-education once again and take the issue of its professional training more seriously.

Advanced training courses for teachers in 2019

New positions for successful teachers

Teachers who are young or have worked in education for a long time will have a real opportunity for career growth. New Profstandart 2019 implies the introduction of such posts as:

  • Senior teacher (a specialist of 1 category can apply for the title).
  • Leading teacher (for teachers with the highest qualification category).

Naturally, the work of the older and leading teachers will be paid for a higher category.

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