Canadian low-rise construction technology

February 2, 2018
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Canadian construction technology, implying the construction of houses on the frame technology, is becoming increasingly popular. These homes combine excellent performance with the affordable cost of building a house.

OSB or OSB cooker in Odessa are used as wall panels for Canadian technology houses. Inside the shields is a heat-insulating material, which is made of expanded polystyrene or other similar heat-insulating materials. In general, it should be noted that OSB stove is widely used in the construction of houses using this technology. This is the main material from which the walls are made, the roof of the house is hemmed. This material is characterized by durability, ease of installation and decoration.

Canadian low-rise construction technology

The most difficult and responsible work in this technology is the foundation device. The foundation for houses built according to this method can be made not as massive as during the construction of brick or reinforced concrete.But all other work on the construction of the main building structures depends on the quality of the foundation. After completion of the foundation work, the construction of the framework and the fixing of the wall panels begin.

Well, the rest of the work is almost identical with similar processes in the construction of houses made of wood. Ie perform the installation of beams and floors, then collect the roof system with crate and cover the roofing material on the roof. One of the advantages of this method is the possibility of completing the construction in the shortest possible time and with excellent quality.

Canadian low-rise construction technology

In total, no more than a month passes from the start of the preparatory work on laying the foundation of the house to the completion of the finishing. Currently it is the fastest construction technology of all used in private low-rise construction. This technology of building houses provides for a modern technological approach when laying internal communications, which significantly speeds up the construction period compared to the construction of single-type houses using domestic technologies.

Living in such Canadian homes is characterized by increased comfort and coziness. The introduction of new technologies contributes to the achievement of excellent insulation performance of the room.

Durable and reliable homes are designed for year-round living in them. Factory processing of wall plates completely eliminates the appearance of gaps and gaps between the plates.

Canadian low-rise construction technology

This technology has an affordable cost, especially when compared with the cost of private houses made of brick and wooden building materials.

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