Can I change the color of my eyes?

Each of us is born into the world, havingspecific color of eyes. But over the years, some of us begin to believe that they are not perfect. Many ask and wonder if it is possible to change the color of the eyes? To date, science and medicine can satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated lovers of experiments on their appearance.

There are several ways in which thisprocedures, both costly operations, having a permanent nature, and lenses that have a temporary effect. Naturally, all these procedures are not free and can cause huge and irreversible damage to human health. But about all the details. And before you list these ways - think about whether it's worth your health!

Why are all eyes different?

Our iris of the eye (directlythe color part of the eye) consists of certain cells that are responsible for the pigmentation. The amount and distribution of melanin in these cells determines the color of the eye. In addition to melanin in cells, an important role in eye color is influenced by the fibers and vessels of the iris.

There are several basic colors of the eye: blue, blue, gray, green, amber, marsh, brown and black. And there are several ways to change the color of your eyes:

  1. Colored contact lenses. Depending on the color of your eye, there are tinted and colored contact lenses. There are no special indications for use, they are sold freely available at a relatively reasonable price, but they are of a temporary nature.
  2. Correctly matched makeup and clothes. Sometimes correctly selected make-up and clothes give the eyes of light and not pronounced colors a certain shade. Shades of green, give a light-green eyes the depth of the shade, and if you dress with a luscious grass dress, even if you are the owner of blue eyes, it will all seem that they have changed their color. This, by the way, also depends on the lighting.
  3. Special drops for the eyes. Such drops help make the eyes darker. But prolonged use of such drops without consulting a doctor can seriously affect the health of your eyes.
  4. Meditation and autosuggestion. No one needs to explain the principle of this method, with the help of which you will help to change the eye color for self-hypnosis free of charge. Self-expression is a formidable force. Make yourself think that instead of brown you have green or gray eyes - it's not difficult, but it's hardly possible to change your eye color with such an unusual method.
  5. Color change by laser operation. This is a fairly new and experimental method. It is worth a lot of money (about 5000 thousand dollars), but it allows you to change the color from black to blue. The author of the technique is Dr. Gregg Homer, USA, California.
  6. The implantation of a colored implant in the eye(about 8,000 thousand US dollars). The only thing I want to say here is that it's very dangerous. A large percentage of people who have problems with vision after this operation, including blindness.

To summarize, I would like to wish everyone to have good eyesight and healthy eyes, and color is the costs of our society. If a person was born with such color - then it was so necessary! Be healthy!

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