Calendar of holidays in January 2019 in Russia

Compared to other months, January is traditionally characterized by the largest number of weekends. The reason for this is the whole range of both church and state holidays falling out for this winter period.

For many of our compatriots, such a coincidence is very beneficial, because busy people get a long vacation, which can be spent on vacation, traveling, or devoting time to free to solving personal problems.

This is a unique opportunity to forget about the boring routine of working days and gain strength for new achievements in the professional field.

Often, in an effort to organize their leisure time for the winter holidays, people wonder in advance how many days off in January of the coming year the state will provide to its citizens.

The answer to this question can be found by looking at the production calendar, developed and approved by the government of the Russian Federation for the coming year.

It is in this document that the work schedule is written in detail, both for private and state-owned enterprises, and the number of working hours is regulated.

The production calendar is developed annually by a special commission of the relevant ministry, taking into account all the subtleties of the next year. It specifies the exact terms of work and rest, as well as reduced days and the time that working people are required to work out.

How to rest in January 2019

The weekend period during the winter holidays is constantly changing. Every year, officials, trying to give people enough rest and at the same time not harm the working processes at the enterprises, try to form the New Year holiday in such a way as to maximize the loss of production.

Holidays in January 2019 in Russia

To this end, calendar holidays are combined with holidays, and some working days are postponed to other periods.

As for the future of 2019, here state officials did not stint and laid down a rather long winter vacation in the production calendar plan.

Holidays in January 2019:

  • January 1 New Year;
  • January 2-6, New Year's Eve weekend;
  • January 7 Christmas;
  • January 8 New Year's weekend.

Based on the data of the production calendar, you can see that the population’s winter vacation will be really impressive.

holy days in january

All the January 2019 holidays and even weekdays between them, people will spend at home. Workflow will begin only from the 9th.

As you can see, in addition to the holidays and calendar days off, in the period from January 1 to 9, there are also full-time working days that the population will have to work. So, all business hours will be rescheduled.

If in the near future there will not be significant changes in the production calendar by the government bodies of the Russian Federation, then in January 2019 there will be only 17 working numbers, while the remaining 14 will be in celebration and calendar weekends.

It is not yet known how high the likelihood of unforeseen innovations will be; after all, officials have been discussing how to transfer working hours and when.

Who works seven days a week?

According to the current legislation, all heads of enterprises are obliged to provide their employees with days off for the period approved by the government in the production calendar.

what holidays are in january

However, there are areas in which even during solemn days people will perform their professional duties.

During the holidays, people will go to work: emergency medical care, entertainment, security, law enforcement, food processing and commerce.

Despite the established norms and recommendations from the state, in practice, many heads of private enterprises neglect the generally accepted rules and ask their employees to go to work even on holidays.

Thus, they try not to lose their positions in the market for goods or services and to gain additional income at the expense of the hype often observed during celebrations.

For example, the doors of private dental clinics, kindergartens and clearing firms can be opened even on January 1st. At the same time, people working on holidays can very well count on a substantial wage supplement or premium for the month.

The importance of the January holidays

January 2019 holiday calendar

Winter holidays are the most long-awaited period of the year, both for adults and for children of any age. This is the time when you can completely relax, put off all your worries and have a good rest from the duties of everyday life.

Many in this period have the opportunity to go on a long-awaited trip or visit relatives who have not been seen for a long time. The importance of the January holidays is hard to overestimate.

They are often compared to non-leisure vacations, when people get several days off of a full weekend and can plan their leisure time on a much larger scale than the simple weekend allows.

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