"Cadillac Escalade": reviews of car owners, specifications and features

In 2013, the world was presented with a modelthe fourth generation of Cadillac Escalade SUV. It was an expected novelty, so the rapidly growing sales were predictable. Many people became owners of this car, and some of them later some time after the purchase began to leave the "Cadillac Escalade" reviews. They can tell about the car much better than the official description. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully study the most informative of them.

Cadillac escalade reviews

Third generation model

First I would like to pay attention to the Cadillac Escalade 3. The owners' comments, left on the model, which was issued from 2007 to 2014, are able to tell a lot.

Often people point out the incredibly comfortablegear lever. It is located on the steering wheel, but every person feels the comfort of using it, having moved from the car, where the handle of the check point is at the bottom, according to the standard. The very lever in the car is very neat and small. So you can manage it without even tearing your right hand off the steering wheel.

Much more important than the convenience of the checkpoint handle is such a factor,as reliability. It's really a quality car. For 50,000 kilometers passed, only the brake pads change. And accessories, by the way, very cheap, as for the American luxury SUV. This is noted by many people who leave feedback.

Cadillac Escalade 3 is also verypractical machine. Despite the external chic and presentable, he can easily carry 3.5 tons of trailer, without losing any dynamics. And inside is very spacious, as well as the trunk.

Cadillac escalade owner reviews

About shortcomings

About them, too, can learn a lot, if you turnattention to the left about the third generation of "Cadillac Escalade" reviews. Owners almost everything suits in this machine, but there are disadvantages to it. Which, by the way, were corrected in the development of the fourth generation, which will be discussed later.

Many noted the formation of ice pieces betweenseal and doors during heavy frosts and snowfalls. Because of them, the material slightly bent. As a result, water from the rear and front doors dripped into the interior during washing. In newer models, the developers used a stronger and more rigid seal, so the flaw disappeared. Also, the owners criticized the weak power of heating the nozzles of the washer. In severe frost, he did not help. And the janitors did not react at all to the snow.

Failures in electronics

Many observed and frivolous behaviorindicator of fuel level, as well as the distance to the next refueling. On the models of the third generation, it was possible at one point to show an almost empty tank, and in the next - almost half full.

The air temperature sensor also worked doubtfully,periodically giving out failures and errors. The same goes for the on-board computer. On models produced before 2014, he could issue a warning about checking the serviceability of the suspension, while the pump is working and the shock absorbers are intact. And even on off-road cars of those years there was no steering wheel in depth and USB / CD-connectors in the audio system.

 reviews Cadillac escalade 3


Well, now you can proceed to a review of the latestversions. 6.2-liter "Eight", producing 409 horsepower - that's what the unit is under the hood of the fourth generation of Cadillac Escalade SUV. Reviews left on this machine by the real owners, are able to tell what this motor actually is.

The engine is special, equipped with a functiondisconnection of 4 cylinders. This option, according to the owners, works when the car is going downhill. In the city, there is not much use for it, but when driving along the highway, the expense actually decreases.

It is impossible to name an economical motor. In urban mode, the consumption is about 24-25 liters of 95th gasoline (taking into account traffic jams, working climate control, fast driving style, etc.). On the highway, the unit consumes half as much.

But the cost of gasoline, as owners assure,worth the impression that the car gives. "Hundreds" it reaches 6.5 seconds after the start, and when squeezing the gas pedal you feel just a furious acceleration. And this despite the fact that the curb weight of the car is more than 2.5 tons. The maximum speed, by the way, is 180 km / h.

HBO installation

It is not uncommon for the Cadillac Escalade togas. The reviews mentioned above make it clear that this machine is not the most economical. Of course, for such a mass, status and off-road class 25 liters of gasoline - the norm. But many are eager to reduce the flow and install gas-cylinder equipment.

This idea justifies itself. Installation costs about 35 000 rubles, and you can keep within one day. All costs pay off in about 25,000 kilometers. That's only on gasoline once a month is worth to travel 20-30 kilometers. This is recommended by both specialists and real owners.

And so the consumption in the mixed cycle is 20liters. When driving on a route for 100 kilometers, about 15 liters leave. So from the installation of HBO can only be won. One minus is - a spare tire, when traveling long distances (when it can come in handy) you have to carry in the cabin.

Cadillac escalade hybrid reviews


This version of the SUV also exists. What is the "Cadillac Escalade" Hybrid? Reviews of the owners give an opportunity to understand this.

So, this model is equipped with an installation of337-strong gasoline 8-cyanide unit and two electric motors. The speed limit of such a car is 170 km / h. Up to "hundreds" it accelerates in 8.4 seconds, and consumes about 11 liters in a mixed cycle.

Left about the "Cadillac Escalade Hybrid" reviewsallow to understand the principle of work. In city mode, the machine is moved by electric traction. Two motors ensure quiet and quiet movement at low speeds. But if the driver decides to squeeze gas into the floor, then the work of V8 is activated. When braking, the electric motors will act as generators.

Chip tuning

Many people who bought the CadillacEscalade ". Chip-tuning (reviews can be seen in this) significantly increases engine power and technical characteristics of the machine. If experts work, then it will be possible to bring the engine to 445 "horses". This will increase the maximum speed to 191 km / h, and acceleration to "hundreds" will take 0.6 seconds less. And this is not the limit. You can invest more and get an even more impressive result.

People who ordered chip tuning, are satisfied - the car becomes even more frisky and dynamic. This is especially important for those who do not think of life without high speeds.

reviews new Cadillac escalade

Behavior on the road

It is noted by people who leave theCadillac Escalade reviews. This machine is stable and unshakable both in the city and on the highway. With such phenomena as rut ​​and staggering because of the hurricane, the owners do not collide. In turns, the SUV literally "screwed in". And both at speed along the highway, and in urban conditions, in yards.

True, as noted by motorists, thisSUV "does not like" speed bumps. They will not be able to slip by, just slowing down. On the "Cadillac" unevenness must pass slowly, at minimum speed. Otherwise, the rack will quickly beat in the opposite direction. Although, there is one interesting nuance. Racks on an off-road car are not ordinary, but with electromagnetic filling. The road situation is calculated every second, and on the basis of such analyzes the racks themselves are adjusted to the most acceptable rigidity.

And the ride is quite comfortable. According to the city's good asphalt the car does fly at all, like an airplane. Even a quiet rustling of the wheels is not audible.


It is also noted by many people, leaving feedback. The new Cadillac Escalade is equipped with everything that can only be needed. Even the most experienced motorists are satisfied.

The basic equipment is called Luxury.It includes an electronic instrument panel with a 12-inch display, a projection screen that displays the main information (navigation commands, speed, etc.) on the glass in front of the driver, Bose acoustics with 16 speakers and surround sound settings, as well as brand entertainment and information system Cadillac User Experience with the navigator (modern maps of Russia and Europe are available).

However, CUE has many more functions.There is FM / AM stereo, an information color 8-inch display with a sensor, a tactile feedback function, connectors for SD-cards, USB and external sound source, voice recognition, Bluetooth and much more.

Information deserves special mentioncenter of the driver with a 14.5-centimeter screen. Owners are delighted with it. This system displays important information messages on the bright display, the car's daily mileage, odometer readings, power reserve data, flow, and even the timing of the engine oil. It also displays notifications about low level of antifreeze, not fastened belts, oil pressure drop and much more. Thanks to all of the above, and other unnamed functions, drivers have a feeling that this is not a machine, but a real artificial intelligence.

Cadillac escalade 3 reviews of the owners


Available on the car "Cadillac Escalade" reviews can understand that this machine has a lot of advantages. Some of them are mentioned especially often.

Armchairs, for example. They are incredibly comfortable, equipped with countless options and side support, and the lumbar cushion is not just inflated, but also moves up and down.

The sound of the engine also applies to manyadvantages. You can listen to it for hours, both on the outside and inside. In the normal mode of operation, the driver is not audible, but during acceleration, a pleasant muffled sound is heard, which turns into a wild roar, if you lower the glasses. Motorists know how important such a seemingly insignificant nuance is.

Also this model has a high landing. And this means that the driver receives maximum visual information and has the ability to calculate the road situation in advance.

In addition, many are pleased with the illumination of the instrument panel, which is activated with the onset of darkness. The torpedo lights up with a nice, non-cutting eye blue-blue fire, and the brightness can be adjusted at will.

 Cadillac escalade hybrid owners reviews


People who own this car, they say - shein the Cadillac at the highest level. Security is provided by the presence of all kinds of systems and options, not to mention the usual ABS, ESP, cushions / curtains of safety and so on.

There is a package "Aware driver"warning about leaving the occupied lane, about a possible collision in front, about the appearance of objects in the "blind" zones and left / right. Also there is a memory package settings, designed for two drivers.

In addition, there are parktronics (rear andfront), laminated windshield, absorbing ultraviolet rays, anti-theft system with alarm and protection against burglary. Premium equipment adds radar cruise control, an option for a circular view with four cameras, an emergency braking function, active seat belts with retractors and much more. However, and this is enough to understand how this car is reliable and safe.

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