Business with minimal investment: the most interesting and profitable ideas for starting a business with a small initial capital for women

on 02.05.2017

Only a hardworking and purposeful person will be able to open his business, having broken out of the shackles of social stereotypes. Today, both men and women have equal chances to open a successful and prosperous business. This article deals with how realistic a woman can become independent by doing what she likes, while investing a minimum of material resources.

The main thing in the article

Business from scratch with minimal investment: fiction or reality?

If advertising is the main engine of progress, then the fear of failure in every possible way pushes away any possibility of a woman’s financial independence.Fear of collapse already at the stage of making the idea a reality prevents its further progress. Another thing - a business with minimal investment. After all, a well-thought-out idea and detailed miscalculations will give a good impetus for more courageous steps in the implementation of the plan.


What business with the minimum investment will suit a woman?

Some women discover an entrepreneurial attitude during the period of parental leave.

  1. It was at this time that the idea of ​​opening a commission online store selling children's things may appear.
  2. No less interesting hobby that can turn into a profitable occupation, will be selling handmade products.
  3. The cultivation of flowers will appeal to lovers of beauty, who with great pleasure can realize exotic plants both in real life and online.
  4. Culinary path suitable for those who find their inspiration in the kitchen. Cooking a variety of food to order is a great way to develop in this direction and earn decently.

How to open a business with minimal investment: instructions for a successful start

  1. Choosing an idea is a fundamental part of a successful start and business development. The prospect of an idea and its realization in reality depends on how much the idea is in demand by the environment.
  2. A plan is a prerequisite for achieving the necessary goals. A detailed description of each item of activity, including suppliers, points of sale, methods of attracting customers, possible risks, and goals.
  3. Originality and benefits should be the main engines of creative activities.
  4. Consumer market research will show how the target audience is ready to accept this service or product. For this purpose, it is advisable to conduct a survey among the local population.
  5. Advertising goods or services by all possible means will do its job. After all, the key to successful business is demand and popularity.3

Online business with minimal investment

The World Wide Web is a parallel life in virtuality, where you can do business with great success, earning on the ability to competently present information or provide other services.


The level of earnings of a freelancer depends on the level of knowledge, literacy and ability to clearly perform the task.

The most sought-after freelance workers:

  • translators;
  • business consultants;
  • accountants;
  • copywriters;
  • web designers;
  • programmers.

Read more about making money on the Internet without investments in our publication: Earnings on the Internet without investments: how to make money on the Internet to a woman on maternity leave?

Copywriting agency

For the opening of a copywriting agency, apart from professionalism in writing, organizational and managerial skills are very important. The head of this project should be guided in any field and write any kinds of texts, as well as possess accounting skills.

The idea of ​​organizing the agency is to attract professional copywriters who pass a certain selection. Payment for the tasks performed is carried out on the fact of work performed.


Website design and development

Website creation and web design is one of the most promising and profitable freelancing directions. The level of income directly depends on the complexity of the order, which means that, in order to increase professionalism, special training is indispensable. Everyone knows that the most profitable investment is self-education.

Creating the simplest business cards with regular work per month can bring about 300-400 USD.

Web design


Creativity and literacy can do a good job of creating another kind of income -blogging. There are many free platforms for creating a blog, such asWordPress, Blogger, Ghost. As visitors increase, it is just in time to place advertisements, which guarantees at first a small and stable income.

The most significant costs that a blogger is worth spending on are buying a domain and hosting, and of course a high-quality platform template.

Online trading

Virtual trading has confidently taken a strong place in the network. If in real life for opening a store you need impressive capital investments (goods, rent, etc.), then to trade in the network it is enough to spend money on creating a website and attracting customers.


One of the suitable options for conducting electronic trading activity is dropshipping. This is an intermediary activity between the supplier of goods and the buyer, the income from which depends on the number of attracted customers.To create this type of business, it’s enough to create an online store by spending a website, or create a group for free in one of the social networks.dropshipping

Auction organization

The fundamental idea of ​​conducting online auctions is to purchase goods at the same price and sale, taking into account the mark-up. Find a very profitable option is not difficult, only it is necessary to carefully study the characteristics of the product, as well as take into account the cost of delivery.

The most popular platform for this type of activity is the online auction Ebay. Before you start bidding, you need to carefully study the rules of payment and delivery of the purchased goods.

Affiliate marketing

Internet marketing is a type of activity, as a result of which additional income can be earned for attracting potential customers through the impact of advertising. One of its varieties is affiliate marketing, which can be dealt with by any advanced user of the world wide web, receiving a reward for distributing ads, links, etc.

Hand made products for sale

Handmade products at all times highly valued lovers of original gizmos.This is a huge field for creative activity, and no less attractive for obtaining a decent income.7

The main profitable areas:

  • soap making;
  • products in the decoupage technique;
  • jewelry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces);
  • handmade bags;
  • embroidery;
  • hand-made toys;
  • flowers in the technique of "cold china";
  • products from beads;
  • articles of felt;
  • leather accessories.

For the sale of handmade products on the Internet there are a number of special trading platforms. The largest of them - Etsy, Fair Masters, DaWanda.

Cooking with minimal investment

No less creative skills and lovers of culinary art. After all, the sale of delicious meals or original sweets can significantly improve the financial situation.

Copyright sweets


Popular destinations in the pastry business are:

  • author cakes,
  • hand-painted gingerbread,
  • marshmallows
  • caramel,
  • handmade chocolates.

You can sell products both via the Internet, creating a group in social networks, and using local cafes or pastry shops that could take sweets for sale.

Mobile Snacks


Low investment and quick payback are the main features of the opening of the diner "on wheels". The success of this business depends on the location of the van and the quality of food sold.

The range can be as universal - donuts, pancakes, hot dogs, and one directionality - pies or shawarma. The main cost items are buying or renting a van, paying taxes, buying groceries.

Hot lunch delivery

In drawing up a detailed plan of action of this culinary direction, it is necessary to think through each step. First, to build up a customer base. In small towns, it is advisable to offer their services, meeting in person with employees of offices and other institutions. In more cities, the engine of this business will be website creation and online ordering service.

Home Business with a small capital

Home-based businesses are most often organized by mothers on maternity leave, or those who can combine the main activity with additional income. The main advantages of this type of activity are the lack of rent and the ability to work at any time.


9Having re-equipped your own apartment in accordance with certain standards, as well as having obtained permits, you can start implementing your plans - creating a commercial kindergarten. The main costs of this business idea are appropriate furniture, playroom and bedroom equipment, as well as the purchase of fresh products for cooking for babies.

Creative studio


Conducting classes for the development of creative skills in children is a great way to self-actualize, and even make money on it. Children can be taught modeling, drawing, quilling. And an individual approach and a friendly attitude to each child will attract a large number of new visitors.

Sewing workshop


A sewing business can bring good dividends to those who have at least a little skills in working with a sewing machine. You can start work with the repair of clothes or bags, gradually moving to a more serious activity - tailoring clothes to order. To do this, you will have to fork out for cutting and sewing courses and high-quality equipment. But soon this business idea will pay off and start generating a good income.

Creative business ideas with minimal investment

A great choice of opportunities to replenish your wallet is among creative women with extraordinary thinking. To attract the necessary number of people, a person must have excellent organizational skills.

Quest development

1474Quest rooms - one of the areas in the modern entertainment field, which is gaining great popularity. This is a kind of computer game in reality. An interesting scenario - the main component of this exciting game. Writing story scenes is quite a profitable business, especially if they are based on exciting and intriguing events.

Event design

10The organization of weddings and other events requires a sufficient number of connections, sociability, non-standard worldview and self-organization.

Reliable suppliers of flowers and festive decorations are the key to successfully creating a festive atmosphere.

An especially valuable quality of the organizer of such events is an individual approach to each client.

Interior Design


An interesting hobby that can grow into a business of its own, can be interior design.This is a fairly profitable area, subject to a thorough study of all the nuances. Therefore, design courses will be most welcome to replenish the baggage of knowledge. Equally important is studying the competitive environment and building your own portfolio.

Pedagogical or psychological practice, master classes


Graduated psychologists and teachers have a great chance to become financially independent, and at the same time to do their favorite thing. To do this, you need to rent a room and declare yourself as a specialist who solves psychological problems. In order to open a “non-medical” institution in the case of a psychologist, it is sufficient to design an IP. But for teachers, a separate contingent is needed, which can be attracted by means of advertisements in the mass media.

For those who have decided on the type of activity and are fluent in it in practice, master classes can be held for a fee.

What are the lessons:

  • sports;
  • culinary;
  • hand-made;
  • The Art of Photography.

The provision of beauty and health services

12Starting a business in the provision of services, you must have the appropriate certificates and permits.A wide range of services and professionalism of the massage therapist, as well as the manicurist, guarantees the flow of regular customers. An important role is played by advertising and the choice of a place, on which the attendance of the target audience depends. In most cases - this is the territory of hairdressers, which are also a good source of income.

Animation and holiday organization


For the organization of the festive service agency, you will need artistry, patience and the ability to find a common language with the little fidgets. The ability to keep the attention of the children's audience depends on an interesting program and the creativity of actors whose prices for services can vary from tens to several hundred dollars per performance.

Purely female business - training courses for women's tricks

 13Another interesting way to apply your women's abilities is to open a women's school, the purpose of which is to systematize interesting ideas and methods in order to find your calling and do your favorite business. It is enough to become a source of inspiration, to return faith in yourself and find the right advice for those who have lost hope, and with time the audience will expand.

An important factor for success will be the presence of your instincts and skills of a psychologist. Think about something interesting and useful you could train a female audience, pick up valuable advice, regarding the “personal front” or careers, that would really help women make their lives happier and brighter.

Business with a small investment: a collection of the most creative ideas

  1. Breeding of purebred or exotic animals.
  2. Organization of excursions.
  3. Growing flowers.
  4. Commission shop.
  5. Hire of things (toys, books).
  6. Furniture artist.
  7. Hairdresser for animals.
  8. Cleaning services.
  9. Fitness club.
  10. Dancing school.

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