Blue Light 2019: New Year Concert on Shabolovka

Since 1962, every year the country has been looking forward to New Year's Eve for many reasons, and among them, of course, in a prominent place was the desire to see the “Blue Light”. At first, television was generally entertainment, far from being accessible to everyone, there were only two channels of broadcasting, and people didn’t indulge in it with frequent concerts, good films and cartoons.

Therefore, programs like “Spark ...” were for people one of the few ways to get news about the cultural sphere of the country, details of the personal and creative life of pop stars and movies. In short, the New Year turned into the brightest and most significant media event of those years.

Although, of course, in the spirit of that time, it was not only an entertaining, but also a report-ideological program, with obligatory speeches of the best workers of the production, party functionaries and others.

Years passed, and the prototype of the first live talk show became increasingly free in spirit, began to include a kind of summing up over the year in popular music, art and cinema,bold humorous numbers.

The script began to consist not only of performances of the type of concert, but also of informal communication with the participants, their staged congratulations to the country. Scenery became more and more expensive and bright, and the festive atmosphere was emphasized by explosions of clappers, circling tinsel and serpentine.

During Perestroika and in the 90s, a television was searching for other formats of New Year's live entertainment for the people, but in 1997 the Blue Light was revived, adding the toponym “on Shabolovka” to its name. Such a Soviet and Russian pop star, Alla Pugacheva, took him under his personal patronage, and since those issues the programs have been released annually with enviable regularity.

New traditions

new year blue light 2019

Very soon, in just a few months, preparations will begin for the traditional shooting of the next “Blue Light”.

And here it should be noted that since its rebirth 12 years ago, the grumbling of the public intensified every year, that the main New Year program of the country was “occupied” by monopolists, such as mastodons like Primadonna and all members of her family, as well as close to her person , Nikolai Baskov and all those supported by the Meladze brand.

In fact, the show turned into their benefit performance, a story about them and, sadly enough, for them, because the people have long become boring and have ceased to make at least some impression.

No, of course, no one even thinks to detract from the talent of these stars, but too much they barred all the on-screen horizons, and if in the 90s an inexperienced viewer quite enthusiastically accepted all this, now it requires a completely different ...

blue light telecast 2019

Therefore, in recent years, a new tradition has emerged to allow people to choose for themselves who they want to see on the Blue Light. True, the list of nominees is made by the producers of the show themselves, and the voting is carried out at all in Odnoklassniki - social networks, which, as usual, are a platform for the older generation and do not take into account the interests of the young at all.

But, compared with the dominance of pop "mafia", as they called this phenomenon among the masses, this is already a real breath of fresh air, which made the program much more lively and more interesting for the viewer.

“Your mom is both there and transferred here ...”

Another interesting know-how was the invitation to record the program of extras from ordinary citizens who managed to submit applications on time, and their profiles were selected and approved by the party organizers.

If you want to take part in all this, it is better to start tracking news on the topic already from the end of summer - beginning of autumn, both on the sites related to the event and in thematic groups in social networks.

blue light on shabolovka

Of course, there are many who seek to try their luck not only because of a purely symbolic payment for participating in the shooting and being able to stay close to their idols, but also to light up on the screen, wave, and if you're lucky, congratulate their relatives on a television program - just like mom Uncle Feodor from Prostokvashino.

Shooting will traditionally take place on Mosfilm, the appropriate dress code is required, a sufficient amount of free time, as well as full adherence to instructions from the instructors of the extras.

By the way, if you could not get through to the studio itself, you can try to get to the camera in another place - on the skating rink on Red Square. Where, as usual, are made mini-inclusion in the festive broadcast. True, during the filming and there the number of entrance tickets to the event is limited and they are distributed, by analogy, through certain channels.

concert blue light

As usual, it is much easier to get the cherished right to light up on the screen from the rink,if you are actively involved in the life of the city, in discussing initiatives for its improvement and are not indifferent to violations (there is a special system of enrollment for all of these points), you are an employee of the mayor's office and other related institutions - some of the tickets are always allocated to them. Or have time to buy a ticket on the free market.

How will it be in 2019?

As for the celebration program itself, most likely, they will try again, apart from the “old guard”, to diversify the performances by popular performers and groups now popular among the people. So, it is worth waiting for the start of voting for the participants and by national efforts to try to influence the casting.

According to rumors, the humorous component of the show should become more saturated - besides the traditional endemics of Krivoy Mirror and Anshlag, the Comedy Show stars should also be like. As always, the personalities of the couple leading to the very moment of the start of filming remain a mystery to the general public, but here, in theory, it is also worth waiting for fresh faces.

As for the rest, as always, there will be a lot of fun, bubbles of champagne, confetti and Bengal lights, as well as an incendiary entertainment program and breathtaking ballroom toilets and fancy dresses in their sophistication.

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