Blouse with a frill - dress for real queens

In the life of every woman from time to time there isneed to attend any evening receptions. Of course, I want to look elegant to all the fair sex. At any holiday, a beautiful blouse with a frill will look spectacular. Coming to the modern world of fashion from the Middle Ages, this element of the wardrobe very quickly won the recognition of many women. A blouse with a toad looks great on ladies of different ages. And most importantly, they allow them to feel like real queens.blouse with jabots

Blouse with a jabo - feminine and romantic

This clothing is a chic option for creatinga luxurious image in the original style. The blouse is always very attractive looks on its own. Well, models decorated with jabots give their owners special celebration and solemnity. This decorative element makes a woman very elegant and elegant. A satin blouse with a frill made of the same material or lace will never lose its relevance. For many years, this wardrobe remains at the peak of popularity.blouse satin

A bit of history

Blouse with a jabot - fashionable and stylish. Merit in this belongs to just such an original collar. Blouse with a toad goes back to the XVII century. At this time in Europe there was such a collar as an additional accessory for a man's suit. After another two centuries, it was also used in women's and children's clothing.

Karl Lagerfeld made every effort tosuch blouses took a strong position in the wardrobes of these women of fashion. Famous models represented on the podium these magnificent outfits, made in a wide variety of colors and styles. To date, the famous Fashion Houses annually present new collections of these elegant luxury blouses. Among them - "Christian Lacroix", "Gucci", "Chanel", "Roberto Cavalli" and many others.

Usually used for making blousesatlas. Although other materials are used - light satin, guipure, viscose, silk. Models can be finished with lace, decorative elements, embroidery. Especially original look combined blouses from various materials, decorated with bows, ribbons or beads.evening blouses

Variety of models

Exquisite blouses with jabots can not help but attractattention of women, after all, putting on such a thing, each lady feels herself a beautiful queen, a bright and stylish lady. A variety of models allows you to choose options for a variety of events. Among them, and evening blouses, and business options. With a belt and a smell, with sleeves and without them - you can easily find the right model for yourself. A lot of popularity was won today by sexy blouses with an open back or shoulder, with transparent long sleeves. Unbelievably beautiful look toad, made of lace, guipure or chiffon.

Wanting to give your figure elegance, womenprefer to dwell on silk blouses. Products made of chiffon add a silhouette of lightness. Characterize the status and luxury of guipure models. In short, you can put a lot of experiments here. Combining various details, you can easily transform a simple thing into a chic festive outfit. Looks great, for example, a white blouse with a black toad or vice versa. Change the shape and size of the collar also allows you to achieve interesting new images.white blouse with frill

How to wear?

And finally. When choosing a blouse with a frill, do not forget not only about your preferences, but also about the features of your physique. This is a very important point in creating a holistic image. For example, the full girls do not use bulk toads. They will only emphasize the presence of excess weight. It would be much more profitable to look a blouse with a medium-length frill, sleeves and belt. Completeness of hands will be hidden, the waist will visually decrease, and from too large a breast attention will be distracted. Thin girls should choose blouses with voluminous sleeves and a long flowing jabot. It is recommended to the high fair sex representatives to supplement the models with ruches as well.

Thus, each woman will be able to choose what she needs. A variety of models makes it easy and easy to purchase the perfect option.

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