Black Lightning - TV series 2018

  • Premiere: during 2018 (on The CW channel)
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: fantasy, action
  • Producer: Salim Akil
  • Cast: Kress Williams, China Ann McClain, Nafisa Williams, Christine Adams, Dabier, Quadjeline Brown, T. Joel Smith, Hal Whiteside, Jason Elwood Hanna, Cody Taylor, etc.

In 2018, the series will be released "Black Lightning." He has nothing to do with the eponymous film by Alexander Voitinsky and Dmitry Kiselev, which came to taste to Nikita Mikhalkov himself. This will be the next DC movie.

Black bomber

Black Lightning is a project based on DC comics. If you think that the United States has plagiarized history invented in Russia, then you are deeply mistaken.

It turns out that Timur Bekmambetov himself, quite possibly, once decided to “play around” with a story heard somewhere in the West, after which he handed the whole “case” into the hands of Dmitry Aleinikov. It turned out for everyone who “took part in it”, “gain” in the amount of about $ 20 million.

In general, once again: the Russian “Black Lightning” has nothing to do with the upcoming show of the same name.Agreed?

While the full-fledged trailer for the TV series “Black Lightning” has not come out, since its appearance is expected either on the eve or during 2018, we will delve into the history a little bit. And at the end introduce you to the preliminary trailer.

Black Lightning

A character named Black Lightning is in fact one of the first black superheroes. 1977 is considered its “birth”; his “parents” are Tony Isabella and Trevor von Eeden.

Initially, the first black DC superhero was the Black Bomber, also known as the Black Bomber (originally Black Bomber). But he encouraged the so-called "white racism", which led to the fact that this character was severely criticized.

The situation was saved by Tony Isabella, who previously collaborated with Marvel, the main competitor of DC Comics. There he created a large number of comic stories: for the "Ghost Rider", and for "Luke Cage", and for the "Avengers", etc.

Tony isabella

Tony Isabella turned the Black Lightning into a full member of the Justice League, putting him on a par with Batman and Superman. He was also part of the Outsiders team.

The story of the character Black Lightning went into publication with some interruptions, however, as you can see, at some point this led to the fact that Warner’s studio decided to film his adventures as a series.

It was originally planned that Fox will take over the project, but in the process of creation the management of this television company abandoned the idea that they had never seen so attractive. But why?

Anyway, the TV show will take place on The CW channel, which is part of WB, and in the past successfully began to broadcast “Arrows”, “Flash”, “Supernatural”, “Vampire Diaries”, “Supergirl”, “ Legends of Tomorrow ", etc.

Oh yeah, if anyone is interested, Superman Black Lightning is actually called Jefferson Pierce.

Director and Scriptwriters of the project

Salim Akil is going to direct the whole series about the metaman.

Salim Akil

Up to this point, he had the opportunity to produce episodes for several TV series, including “Be Mary Jane”, as well as the production of the musical drama “Sparkle” and the comedy “The Trial by Wedding”.

He mainly works with black actors and actresses, so Salim Akil is not going to change his “habits” this time, since he himself is an African American.

For the television series, the story of the comic book, invented by Tony Isabella and Trevor von Eeden, was decided by Salim Akil personally, taking his wife to help Maru Brock Akil.

Mara Brock Akil has more than once worked with her husband on a number of his projects, and still managed to gain experience in the process of composing a story for the “City of Predators”.

Staplers: Iron Man and Man Who Knew Everything

At the moment, it is known that Kurt Farquhar will help to accompany the adventures of the black superhero Jefferson Pierce with pleasing musical motifs.

He had previously worked with Salim Akil, and also had a hand in the series “Staplers” and in the films “Ideal choice”, “96 minutes”, “Take off”, “It is easy not to give up”, etc.

There will be two costume designers on the project: Rebecca Bentien and Laura Jean Shannon.

Both of them had previously developed “apparel” films like “Iron Man”, “Requiem for a Dream” and “Kid”. Agree, such a track record already says a lot.

Rebecca Benthen separately engaged in her direct duties during the shooting of the drama “Speak” with Kristen Stewart and the melodrama “The Man Who Knew Everything” with Jeff Daniels.

As for Laura Jean Shannon, she at one time was busy with “decorating” Edgar Wright’s kinokomix “Scott Pilgrim Against All” and the Disney fantasy directed by John Favreau “The Jungle Book”.

The cast of the superhero series

Kress Williams

Among the actors and actresses of the project are mainly black artists, and this is not surprising.

So, in the casting of the series there was a place for:

  • Kressa Williams ("Zoe Hart from the southern state", "Dr. House", "Escape"),
  • Chinas Ann McClain (“Hurricane Season”, “How to create the perfect guy”, “Bones”, “Odnoklassniki”),
  • Nafisa Williams (Twin Peaks, Reanimation),
  • Christine Adams (“Terra Nova”, “Ultimate Depth”, “Doctor Who”, “Fool Me”),
  • Dabira ("Dr. House", "Everyone hates Chris", "Losers"),
  • Kvadzhelin Brown ("House of Cards", "Beautiful to the death", "Insulation", "Under the dome"),
  • T. Joel Smith (“Snitch”, “Jeff living at home”, “Super”, “Straw dogs”, “Ultra-Americans”),
  • Hal Whiteside ("Baby on the Drive"),
  • Jason Elwood Hannah ("Children of God"),
  • Cody Taylor ("Outcast") and others.

Kress Williams agreed to reincarnate in the Black Lightning.

How many seasons do you think the show will last?

The plot of the series about the black superhero

The plot of "Black Lightning", as it became known at this point, focuses on how things are in the life of Jefferson Pierce at a time when he was away from his superhero affairs.For nearly 10 years, he did not put on a superhero costume, but suddenly, in the first place, the situation that arose for him made him do it again.

It turns out that it seemed that an ordinary school principal could easily be someone who easily controls electricity. He is again on the path of the war on crime in his hometown, attracting members of his own family to this cause.

Interestingly, the main goal for him is to fight against the local gang, which calls itself “Hundreds” (or “100” if you wish). On the way to its implementation, Jefferson Pierce learns a lot from what will literally turn his life upside down.

Release date

Release date of the TV series "Black Lightning" - during 2018. Stay tuned for updates on the site to be the first to find out the exact number of premieres of the pilot episode of Black Lightning, a television project starring a black superhero.

Note that, according to rumors, "Black Lightning" will not be associated with the "Arrow".

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